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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 91

Oakeley1 (11KB)Uploaded: 29.09.07 / Updated: 29.09.07
Oakeley of Oakeley (Ockley of Ockley, Okeley of Okeley)
[Oakes (Baronets) - see OZmisc02 below]
Oates1 (21KB)Uploaded: 28.07.09 / Updated: 30.01.16
Oates of Carr House, Oates of Nether Denby, Oates of Rawmarsh, Oates of Wakefield
Oates2 (14KB)Uploaded: 30.01.16 / Updated: 30.01.16
Oates of Calverton Hall, Oates of Leeds, Oates of Meanwoodside
OBrien01 (14KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
O'Brien Kings of Ireland, Munster and Thomond
OBrien02 (18KB)Uploaded: 28.11.02 / Updated: 23.12.02
O'Brien Kings of Thomond
OBrien03 (19KB)Uploaded: 25.11.02 / Updated: 05.07.03
O'Brien of Clare, O'Brien Earls of Thomond
OBrien04 (31KB)Uploaded: 28.11.02 / Updated: 11.07.09
O'Brien of Blatherwycke (Blatherwick), O'Brien of Dromoland, O'Brien of Inchiquin, O'Brien of Lemeneagh, O'Brien Marquess of Thomond
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OCallaghan1 (34KB)Uploaded: 18.02.13 / Updated: 18.02.13
O'Callaghan of Clonmeen, O'Callaghan of Dromaneen, O'Callaghan of Kilgorey, O'Callaghan of Leatharden, O'Callaghan of Liscullane, O'Callaghan of Maryfort (Lismehane), O'Callaghan of Mountallon, O'Callaghan of Pobul-I-Callaghan
[O'Callaghan of Bantyre, Lismore, Shanbally - see Temp04]
[Ockley - see Oakeley above]
OConnell1 (37KB)Uploaded: 21.06.14 / Updated: 21.06.14
O'Connell of Aghgore, O'Connell of Ballinabloun, Connell of Ballycarbery, O'Connell of Brentree, O'Connell of Derrynane, O'Connell of Dunmaniheen, O'Connell of Knockeaghna, O'Connell of Tarmons
OConor1 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.03.13 / Updated: 24.03.13
O'Conor Don of Ballintober, O'Conor of Connaught, O'Conor Roe
OConor2 (21KB)Uploaded: 24.03.13 / Updated: 24.03.13
O'Conor Don of Ballintober, O'Conor of Beagh, O'Conor of Belanagare, O'Conor of Clonalis, O'Conor of Cloonycarney, O'Conor of Milton, Browne of Mount Hazel
OConor3 (21KB)Uploaded: 25.03.13 / Updated: 31.03.13
O'Connor of Ballintubber, O'Conor of Castleruby, O'Connor of Gortnamona, O'Connor of Mount Pleasant, O'Conor (O'Connor) of Sylan, O'Conor of Tobermackey Castle, O'Connor of Tuomona
[O'Conor & O'Connor - see also under Conner]
[Oddy of Darnall & Rotherham - see OZmisc01 below]
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Odingsells1 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.12.08 / Updated: 18.12.08
Odingsells of Epperstone, Odingselles of Maxstoke, Odingselles of Odingselles
[O'Doinn or O'Doyne - see Dunne1]
ODonnell1 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.05.15 / Updated: 30.05.15
O'Donnel of Larkfield, O'Donnell of Newport, O'Donnell of Tyrconnel
Offley1 (20KB)Uploaded: 27.09.08 / Updated: 12.03.11
Offley of Chester, Offley of London, Offley of Madeley, Offley of Norton Hall
[Ogard of Rye - see within Haggard01]
[Ogden of Liverpool - see OZmisc01 below]
Ogilvy01 (27KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 26.06.07
Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, Ogilvy of Clova, Ogilvy of Inverquharity, Ogilvy of Lintrathen, Ogilvy of Ogilvy, Ogilvy of Powrie, Ogilvy of Wester Powrie
Ogilvy02 (26KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 11.10.04
Ogilvy of Deskford, Ogilvy of Findlater, Ogilvy of Inchmartine, Ogilvy of Murie, Ogilvy of Seafield
Ogilvy03 (30KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 25.09.03
Ogilvy of Airlie, Ogilvy of Clova, Ogilvy of Cluny, Ogilvy of Inverkeilor, Ogilvy of Muirtown, Ogilvy of Newgrange
Ogilvy04 (33KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 11.08.03
Ogilvy of Baldavy, Ogilvy of Banff, Ogilvy of Boyne, Ogilvy of Carnowseis/Carnousie, Ogilvy of Dunlugus, Ogilvy of Forglen, Ogilvy of Inchmartine, Ogilvy of Knock, Ogilvy of Raggall, Ogilvy of Rothiemay, Ogilvy of Strathearn, Ogilvy of Toux
Ogilvy05 (16KB)Uploaded: 11.01.04 / Updated: 28.02.08
Ogilvy of Clova, Ogilvy of Inverquharity, Ogilvy of Logie
Ogilvy06 (09KB)Uploaded: 30.10.05 / Updated: 01.11.05
Ogilvie of Barras
Ogilvy07 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.11.06 / Updated: 16.11.06
Ogilvie of Auchiries, Ogilvie of Hallyards
[Ogilvie of Balfour - see draft Ogilvy08]
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Oglander1 (15KB)Uploaded: 24.03.08 / Updated: 24.06.13
Oglander of Nunwell, Oglander of Parnham
(12KB)Uploaded: 09.01.04 / Updated: 09.01.04
Ogle of Ogle
Ogle2 (21KB)Uploaded: 09.01.04 / Updated: 10.08.17
Ogle of Cawsey Park, Ogle of Kirkley, Ogle of Ogle
Ogle3 (20KB)Uploaded: 03.06.08 / Updated: 01.04.20
Ogle of Pinchbeck
[Ogle of Bothal - see within Bertram1]
[Ogle of Old Fenton - see within Lisle04]
Oglethorpe1 (27KB)Uploaded: 31.01.08 / Updated: 29.08.16
Oglethorpe of Kellington, Ogerthorpe of Newington, Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe, Oglethorpe of Rawden, Oglethorpe of Roundhay, Oglethorpe of Westbrook
OGrady01 (18KB)Uploaded: 01.02.05 / Updated: 01.02.05
O'Grady of Cahir Guillamore, O'Grady of Kilballyowen
[O'Grady of Elton & Cappercullen - see Temp94]
Ogston1 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.03.14 / Updated: 10.03.14
Ogston of Ardoe, Ogston (Ogstoun) of Auchmacludy, Ogston of Coburty, Ogiston of Craggis, Ogstoun (Ogston) of Fettercairn, Ogston of Ironhill, Ogston of Ogston (Ogiston of Ogiston)
OHara01 (12KB)Uploaded: 08.03.09 / Updated: 08.03.95
O'Hara of Annaghmore, O'Hara of Ballyhara (Cursallagh), O'Hara of Coolany, O'Hara of Lenaboy, O'Hara of Nymphsfield, O'Hara of Raheen, O'Hara Lords Tyrawley
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[O'Kearney - see Kearney1]
[Okeley - see Oakeley above]
(18KB)Uploaded: 05.06.05 / Updated: 05.06.05
Okeover of Okeover, Okeover of Stretton
[O'Kelly - see under Kelly]
[Okey of Bolton - see within Crompton03]
[Oldcastell of Almeley - see Temp80]
Oldfield1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.04.07 / Updated: 19.04.07
Oldfield of Pinchbeck, Oldfield of Saxlingham, Oldfield of Spalding
Oldfield2 (17KB)Uploaded: 08.12.08 / Updated: 17.07.13
Oldfield of Bradwall, Oldfield (Oldfeild) of Knotesford (Knutsford), Oldfield of Leftwich, Oldfield of Middlewich, Oldfield of Somerford
Oliphant1 (14KB)Uploaded: 13.12.02 / Updated: 09.08.17
Oliphant of Aberdaglie (Aberdalgy), Oliphant of Dron, Oliphant of Kellie
Oliphant2 (22KB)Uploaded: 13.12.02 / Updated: 19.10.15
Oliphant (Lords), Oliphant of Berridale (Berrydale/Berriedale), Oliphant of Cary, Oliphant of Gask, Oliphant of Turin
Oliphant3 (22KB)Uploaded: 13.12.02 / Updated: 20.01.06
Oliphant of Condie, Oliphant of Gask, Oliphant of Newton, Oliphant of Rossie Hill
[Oliphant of Bachilton, Newtoun & Williamston - see draft Oliphant4]
Oliver1 (12KB)Uploaded: 05.01.08 / Updated: 05.01.08
Oliver of Castle Oliver (Cloghanodfoy)
Oliver2 (07KB)Uploaded: 06.04.16 / Updated: 06.04.16
Oliver of Pocklington
[Olmius - see OZmisc02 below]
Olney1 (08KB)Uploaded: 04.11.15 / Updated: 04.11.15
Olney of Tachbrook, Olney of Weston
ONeill01 (18KB)Uploaded: 18.07.06 / Updated: 18.07.06
O'Neill of Drommorrie, O'Neill of Dungannon, O'Neill of Tyrone
ONeill02 (22KB)Uploaded: 18.07.06 / Updated: 18.07.06
O'Neill of Ballylisnelarney, O'Neill of Clanaboy (Claneboy), O'Neill of Flowerfield, O'Neill of Killeleagh (Killelagh), O'Neill of Shane's Castle (Edenduffcarrick), Princes of Tyrone
Onslow1 (16KB)Uploaded: 14.03.04 / Updated: 19.09.07
Onslow of Onslow
Onslow2 (21KB)Uploaded: 19.09.07 / Updated: 30.12.07
Onslow of Drungewick, Onslow of Onslow, Onslow of West Clandon
Opy1 (13KB)Uploaded: 10.08.12 / Updated: 10.08.12
Opy of Bodmin, Opy of Penhargard, Opy of Plymouth
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Orange1 (10KB)Uploaded: 22.05.17 / Updated: 22.05.17
Orange of Jersey
[Orby of Burton Pedwardine & Croyland Abbey - see OZmisc091 below]
Orde1 (11KB)Uploaded: 06.02.05 / Updated: 06.02.05
Orde-Powlett of Bolton, Orde of East Orde, Orde of Morpeth, Orde of Nunnykirk, Orde of Weetwood
Orde2 (14KB)Uploaded: 23.04.19 / Updated: 03.05.19
Ord of Fenham, Ord of Fornham, Ord of Newcastle, Ord of Newminster Abbey, Ord of Prudhoe, Ord of Sturton Grange, Ord of Whitfield
[O'Reilly of Ballinlough - see draft OReilly01]
Orfeur1 (09KB)Uploaded: 03.06.14 / Updated: 03.06.14
Orfeur of High Close, Orfeur of Plumland
Orlebar1 (13KB)Uploaded: 07.06.07 / Updated: 07.06.07
Orlebar of Hinwick, Orlebar of London, Orlebar of Poddington
Ormerod1 (12KB)Uploaded: 20.08.09 / Updated: 20.08.09
Ormerod of Bury, Ormerod of Ormerod
Ormsby1 (13KB)Uploaded: 12.05.06 / Updated: 12.05.06
Orsmby of Louth, Ormsby of North Ormsby, Ormsby of Partney
Ormsby2 (16KB)Uploaded: 12.05.06 / Updated: 18.10.09
Ormsby of Ballinamore, Ormsby of Castle Clough, Ormsby of Cummin, Ormsby of Willowbrook (Willy Brooke)
Ormsby3 (15KB)Uploaded: 18.10.09 / Updated: 18.10.09
Ormsby of Cloghans, Ormsby of Gortner Abbey, Ormsby of Grange, Ormsby of Tobervaddy
[Ormston of Healey, Hendersyde & Newcastle - see OZmisc02 below]
[Orpe of Burton Pedwardine - see OZmisc01 below]
Orpen1 (23KB)Uploaded: 09.07.09 / Updated: 09.07.09
Orpen of Ardtully, Orpen of Killowen
Orreby1 (11KB)Uploaded: 02.03.06 / Updated: 03.05.12
Orreby of Alvanley, Orreby of Fulke Stapleford, Orreby of Gawsworth, Orreby of Orreby
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Osbaldeston1 (21KB)Uploaded: 25.03.09 / Updated: 25.03.09
Osbaldeston of Hunmanby, Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston
Osbaldeston2 (13KB)Uploaded: 25.03.09 / Updated: 25.03.09
Osbaldeston of Chadlington, Osbaldeston of Sunderland
Osborne01 (17KB)Uploaded: 05.10.03 / Updated: 05.10.03
Osborne of Kiveton, Osborne of Leeds, Osborne Godolphin of Farnham Royal
Osborne02 (11KB)Uploaded: 28.01.08 / Updated: 28.01.08
Osborne of Ballyntaylor, Osborne of Newtown
Osborne03 (17KB)Uploaded: 16.08.08 / Updated: 04.01.19
Osborn of Chicksands
Osborne04 (13KB)Uploaded: 01.03.10 / Updated: 14.11.16
Osborne of Hartlip Place, Osborne of Nutts, Osborne of Sheppey
Osborne05 (11KB)Uploaded: 09.10.15 / Updated: 09.10.15
Osborne of Doddington, Osborne of Kelmarsh, Osborne of Piddington
[O'Shee - see under Shee]
[Osmond of Exeter & Stagmill - see OZmisc02 below]
[O'Sullivan - see under Sullivan]
Oswald01 (19KB)Uploaded: 22.03.10 / Updated: 05.01.18
Oswald of Auchincruvie, Oswald of Dunnikier, Oswald (Lorimer-Oswald) of Fingalton, Oswald (Lorimer-Oswald) of Preston, Oswald of Scotstoun
[Oswell of Shrewsbury - see OZmisc01 below]
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Oteley1 (18KB)Uploaded: 20.09.07 / Updated: 20.09.07
Oteley of Oteley, Oteley (Ottley) of Pitchford, Oteley of Shrewsbury
Oteley2 (12KB)Uploaded: 18.06.13 / Updated: 18.06.13
Ottley of Antigua, Ottley of London, Ottley of St. Christopher's
[Otes - see under Oates above]
[Ottley - see under Oteley just above]
Otway1 (20KB)Uploaded: 25.07.11 / Updated: 25.07.11
Otway of Castle Otway, Otway of Ingmire Hall, Otway of Middleton
[Otway of Romerden in Smarden - see Tmp11]
[Oughtred - see under Ughtred]
Ouseley1 (10KB)Uploaded: 04.09.07 / Updated: 26.10.15
Ouseley (Osley) of Courteen Hall, Ouseley of Shrewsbury
Overbury1 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.09.13 / Updated: 09.09.13
Overbury of Barton-on-the-Heath, Overbury of Bourton-on-the-Hill
Owen01 (27KB)Uploaded: 10.09.04 / Updated: 28.09.09
Owen of Bodeon (Bodowen), Owen of Orielton
(21KB)Uploaded: 28.09.09 / Updated: 28.09.09
Owen of Llanfaethlu, Owen of Penrhos, Owen of Plas Ucha
(16KB)Uploaded: 28.09.09 / Updated: 28.09.09
Owen of Frondeg, Owen of Parciau, Owen of Treddafydd
Owen04 (30KB)Uploaded: 28.09.09 / Updated: 28.09.09
Owen of Bodsilin, Owen of Brogyntyn, Owen of Clenneney, Owen of Porkington
Owen05 (10KB)Uploaded: 04.11.09 / Updated: 04.11.09
Owen (Wynn) of Ystumcegid
Owen06 (19KB)Uploaded: 06.11.09 / Updated: 05.11.10
Owen (Tudur) of Penmynydd
Owen07 (13KB)Uploaded: 20.11.09 / Updated: 20.11.09
Owen of Marian Deilog, Owen of Marian Heilyn, Peters of Amlwch
Owen08 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.12.09 / Updated: 10.12.09
Owen of Llangristiolus, Owen of Trefeilir
Owen09 (12KB)Uploaded: 04.04.10 / Updated: 04.04.10
Owen of Clorach, Owen of Pencraig
Owen10 (10KB)Uploaded: 04.07.10 / Updated: 04.07.10
Owen of Cefntreflaeth
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Owen11 (34KB)Uploaded: 29.05.05 / Updated: 14.01.07
Owen of Bettws, Owen of Condover, Owen of Llunllo, Owen of Machynlleth, Owen of Shrewsbury, Owen of Whitley, Owen of Woodhouse
Owen12 (09KB)Uploaded: 02.08.10 / Updated: 02.08.10
Owen of Cremlyn, Owen of Plas Llandegfan, Owen of Presaddfed
Owen13 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.09.10 / Updated: 16.09.10
Owen of Ucheldre ucha
Owen14 (13KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 06.10.10
Owen of Bodior
Owen15 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 06.10.10
Owen of Dolserau, Owen of Llwyn
Owen16 (11KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 06.10.10
Owen of Cae'rberllan
Owen17 (08KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 06.10.10
Owen of Peniarth, Owen of Tal y bont
Owen18 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 15.11.10
Owen of Bodsilin, Owen of Ty Gwyn, Owen of Ty Obry
[Owen of Crafnant - see within Lloyd06]
[Owen of Easebourn - see within Tudor01]
[Owen of Gilfach - see within Wales67]
[Owen of London - see Tmp03]
[Owen of Trefan - see within White07]
[Owen - see also Bowen]
[Owrye of Tregiskie - see within Tregonwell1]
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Oxenbridge1 (11KB)Uploaded: 09.07.11 / Updated: 09.07.11
Oxenbridge of Breade, Oxenbridge of Hushborne
Oxenden1 (13KB)Uploaded: 11.01.08 / Updated: 06.01.17
Oxenden of Broome, Oxenden of Dene (Deane), Oxenden of Wingham
Oxenden2 (13KB)Uploaded: 14.10.11 / Updated: 06.01.17
Oxended of Barham, Oxenden of Broome, Oxenden of Dene (Deane), Oxenden of Little Wittenham
OZmisc01 (18KB)Uploaded: 29.08.13 / Updated: 06.01.16
Orby (Orpe) of Burton Pedwardine, Orby of Croyland Abbey, Oddy of Darnall, Oddy of Rotherham, Oswell of Shrewsbury, Woosall of Smethcott, Ogden of Liverpool
OZmisc02 (18KB)Uploaded: 10.05.16 / Updated: 16.05.19
Oakes (Baronets), Osmond of Exeter, Osmond of Stagmill, Olmius of London, Olmius (Lord Waltham), Ormston of Healey, Ormston of Hendersyde, Ormston of Newcastle

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