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This page shows the genie data pages that have been uploaded into the database late last year and so far this year. Pages uploaded in earlier years are shown, in date order, here (2002-2011) and here (2012-2021). The subtotals in bold below, and on the prior-years pages, show the numbers of the pages at various midpoint dates (in order Section I-Section II-Section III = Ancient-Continental-British) which have been used to provide the following graph. This shows the growth of the database from September 2002 to December 2021 (excluding the many draft & temporary pages).

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You may wonder what makes us decide to include some families before others. The answer is that there is often little logic or specific purpose to it. We started off with certain core families related to Stirnet's founder's family (as reported on Sources and acknowledgments) and then gradually expanded the database, trying to cover all parts of the British Isles. We recognised that it would be sensible for us to develop a base of some 'major' familes (such as the Stewarts, Tudors, Howards & FitzGeralds) but at the same time we were keen to include many 'small landowners' and 'townfolk' to evidence that we intend for the database to set a broad target for people who want to find connections to historical figures and not just make it easier for people who already have a clear connection to a well-documented family. From time to time we may focus on a particular area of the British Isles or on a 'theme' (past themes have included the British Prime Ministers shown on the Selected Individuals page). If we are presently working on any theme or series of reviews, there will probably be reference to that in the "PCBG notes" given below.

We welcome suggestions for families to work on PROVIDED THAT you give clear direction as to where the data may be (or has been) sourced (remember that Sources and acknowledgments identifies many of the sources we already have copies of) AND you allow properly for the fact that we operate to the following constraints:
(1) with few exceptions, we do not come more forward in time than generations with at least one person born by 1800 (which at least means that, for many families, there is some overlap with the early censuses which can be found online elsewhere); and
(2) we focus only on British & Irish families so, unless a family comes back into the British Isles by 1800, it is very rare for us to follow a line which has emigrated from the British Isles; and
(3) we shall not include a family in our database until we have found a connection between that family and another family which is already in the database.

Several people have been very helpful with this, not least with suggesting useful sources we had not used previously, and so have obtained Free Membership. For more information on this, see Membership Scheme.

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New pages
1,436 1,393 1,209 905 172 193 306 261 231 214 331 225
Total at 31.12.21 = 64+95+6717 = 6876 (excluding the many Draft & Temporary pages)

New pages uploaded late last year

16.11 Corsellis1      18.11 Floyd1      19.11 Fuller06      24.11 Scott21      26.11 Barnston1, Doddridge1      27.11 Boothby2      28.11 Tristram3      29.11 Henderson04       At 30.11.21 64+95+6698=6857      01.12 Boothby3       02.12 Spittal1      05.12 Binning1       07.12 Drury07, Watson05       09.12 Nisbet3      10.12 Lane05       12.12 Luckyn2       14.12 Bomford1, Hedges1      20.12 Fettiplace4, Fettiplace5      21.12 Coke04, Roberts13       23.12 Bathurst02 (soonafter renamed Bathurst04), Bathurst03      24.12 Morgell2      25.12 Cade1      27.12 Harrison6.

New pages uploaded so far in 2022: 24
02.01 Newport02, Scroggs1       03.01 BZmisc32       04.01 Bendlowes1       05.01 Brand1       07.01 Milborne1, Milborne2, Scudamore5       08.01 [old Bathurst02 renamed Bathurst04] Bathurst02      09.01 Pyefinch1       10.01 CZmisc22, Ricard1       12.01 FZmisc09, Pole10, Weld3      14.01 Mounteney1      15.01 Stacy2      16.01 Rawson3, Tench1      18.01 Thurland1      21.01 Cox2, Frobisher1      22.01 Scargill1      23.01 Mellor2.


PCBG notes (last updated 22.01.22)
(1) I have a large backlog of things to work through at the moment, not least:
* Catching-up with correspondence. I have problems keeping up with the emails I receive and do apologise to those of you who are still waiting for a response from me. For more on this, please see the Contact Us page.
* Trying to upgrade the huge amount of data in Draft & temporary pages: Can you help? so that it may be moved into 'the database proper'.
(2) Provisonal ambitions for the database for 2022 are mainly those left-over from 2021. Apart from work on The Tribes of Wales and various multi-branch families, I am still ploughing through the many volumes of 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica', referred to within the database as "MGH". A note on that most useful source is given on the MGH tab on Sources & Acknowledgements.
(3) Being apparently quiet for a while may mean that I have made only minor changes to the database pages in that period (something that is quite common; sometimes reviewing old pages & making minor changes can take longer than producing new pages) or that I am in the midst of a major project that is taking several days to complete (also quite common) or, of course, that I have simply not worked on the site recently.

A. Only on rare occasions will I work on Sections I & II of the database, the Ancient & Continental sections that cover the early ancestors of various British Royals and others (see Ancestral Lines). Normally I concentrate on expanding & improving Section III of the database ('British Families - Medieval, Renaissance & Modern'). If you wish to suggest a family for me to work on, please see "We welcome suggestions ..." above.

B. The following pages have recently been subjected to significant change/extension and/or review (some involving the insertion of new families): 17.11 Fox03 24.11 Scott12 02.12 Forrester02 05.12 Lowth1 15.12 Fettiplace1 20.12 BZmisc05, Fettiplace2, Fettiplace3, SZmisc21, Wright06 21.12 Passmore1 23.12 Bathurst01, HZmisc20 24.12 Lauder04 02.01 Furneaux1, PZmisc01 04.01 BZmisc32 05.01 Hinde1 07.01 BZmisc32, Herbert06, Madocks02, PZmisc09 08.01 Bathurst01 09.01 JZmisc01 12.01 Pole09 14.01 Tucker03, 16.01 SZmisc21 23.01 Munro05.

C. Latest non-trivial additions/changes to Draft & Temporary pages linked to/from the Can You Help? page: 26.11 Tmp30 30.11 Tmp29 06.12 Tmp30 15.12 Temp43 20.12 Temp42, Temp49 24.12 Temp62 02.01 Temp60 12.01 Tmp30 16.01 Tmp10 23.01 Essington1.

D. See The Stirnet Portal to find out how easy it is to get a free link from this Families Database to your own web site. If you don't have your own site at the moment but would like one, we may be able to help you with that also.

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