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As pre-warned (in a News post last year), I am simplifying the site in order to focus it more on Genealogy. I have decided to put aside most of my aspirations for the site to cover Social History in a novel way. Whilst that is very disappointing, it is only realistic and it is necessary to ensure that I can continue with the FAMILIES DATABASE for many more years (and, indeed, set it up so that the database may be taken over by someone else when I am no longer able to keep working on it). It will take a few months for everything to settle down so please excuse it should you find cross-references to pages that have been suspended and other such inconsistencies. Just to confirm: these changes will not affect the FAMILIES DATABASE which is the part of the site that well over 95% of the site’s visitors look at.

PCBG, 19th August 2015

Written by on the 1st January 2014.

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