06 – Changes to the site

As forewarned in News Item 04, I have started work on simplifying the site, replacing Stirnet Histories with a section that is more supportive of what is the main purpose of the site: the support of Genealogical Research. I am sad to do so, for it means that I am giving-up my dreams of making a contribution to the study of Social History, but for a while it has been inevitable that I should do so That is because I have simply not had the time (or energy) to work on it in the way that was needed to do it justice. The good news to get from this is that it improves the already strong probability that I will be able to keep working on the Families Database for many years to come. It also means that it will be more ‘commercial’ and less ‘personal’ than if I had diluted its focus on Genealogy and so it should be easier (than it would have been) to ensure that someone else will take over the work on the Families Database when I eventually retire from it. This exercise may take a little while to complete but I see no reason why it should not be done before the end of this year (2015).

Written by on the 19th August 2015.

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