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One day only

In 2019 I released 2 posts that had no direct relevance to this web site: (1) ‘Save our democracy!’ (20.08.19). This raged against the way that Prime Minister Johnson tried to prorogue Parliament in order to force through the result of the disgracefully-run Brexit Referendum. I expressed my disgust at his flagrant attempt to bypass Parliament. On 11.09.19, immediately following the ruling by Scotland’s Court of Session that the PM had acted unlawfully, I added a note that made clear that I was seriously displeased by the PM’s behaviour. (2) ‘Time to move on’ (01.10.19) came after the decision on 24.09.19 by the UK Supreme Court to confirm that the PM’s decision to suspend Parliament had been unlawful. At the time it was not clear what would happen with Brexit and it was not known whether or not the PM would put his case to The People in another referendum or a General Election. My post gave some background to the EU and expressed a hope that the issue of Brexit would be resolved through a second but this time properly-held referendum, to be held separately from a General Election.

I made these posts because they related to issues that were important to me and this site was the main way I had to vent my frustrations. A lot has happened since then and I wish to update my comments. I use this post to do so but, to reduce the overall ‘political footprint’ in the site, I have removed those earlier 2...