The following Notices were compiled mainly from original sources to which reference is made from time to time.


The Compiler at the outset disregarded all statements which had come to his hands relating to the Rev. Nicholas Hamilton and his ancestors other than those borne out by documentary evidence, and proceeded to construct the genealogical tree upon the information derived from such documents; he has been careful to verify from more than one source every important statement whenever possible to do so, and to test the accuracy of his conclusions by comparison of dates and other particulars; wherever any reasonable doubt appeared to exist for such conclusions, he has given the data upon which he relied so that the reader may judge for himself.


The documents to which reference is made consist principally of Chancery Bills, Equity Exchequer Bills, and testamentary papers such as wills and letters of administration deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin. The number of litigious proceedings in which different members of the family were engaged in the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth centuries, no doubt arose from the complications caused by the Irish Rebellion of 1641, the Great Rebellion, and the Williamite Wars of 1689-91.


The documents relating to the Chancery and Equity Exchequer Bills contain a mine of information for the genealogical enquirer, and it is to be regretted that the indices to them do not give more particulars, so as to avoid the necessity of referring to many documents in search for a few.


The military particulars were supplied by Lieut-Colonel Charles Hamilton, late of "The Buffs", to whom the compiler is indebted for his kind assistance.


Everard Hamilton




The first edition of this little work is out of print, and was too limited to supply copies to many persons who desired to possess it.


This, taken in conjunction with the fact that many interesting details bearing upon the earlier history of the family have come to light since the issue of the former edition, and that the names and particulars of many members of the family not included in that edition have now been added, must be taken to justify the issue of a new edition.


Several of the notes in the first edition relate to legal documents and official entries of various kinds which are not considered to be of general interest, and are therefore omitted.


The compiler takes this opportunity of acknowledging his indebtedness to Mr. Tenison Groves for the many particulars he has supplied from time to time from the records in the Public Record Office, Dublin; also to Miss Catherine Jane Hamilton, for examining and extracting MSS. In the British Museum; also to Dr. Charles H Thompson, for much interesting information obtained at Somerset House and the British Museum and elsewhere.


Everard Hamilton






Having been left but one copy of this splendid book by my father, I have retyped it with a view to making it available to further generations.  In this electronic age, I also plan to place a copy on the World Wide Web to enable access for research and feedback.


I have taken the liberty of updating it with respect to my immediate line and adding a continuation of the pedigree tables for that line at Appendix 1. 


As far as I am able, I have reproduced Everard Hamilton's work verbatim with a very small number of obvious corrections and some additions in Chapter I that I have derived from information found on the World Wide Web at:





Where I have added any text to his Chapters, it is either in italics or marked as a footnote.



Colin Fendall Butler Hamilton


March 2003