Stirnet Limited FAQ

Stirnet Limited is a private company, registered in England, registered number 02384767. For more information on the company, see the ‘Who are you?’ question on the FAQ lead/General page and also the Contact us page. For information about the Terms & Conditions you shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with and be bound by, because of your use of this site, see Terms of use.
The Stirnet Portal is what we call our provision of links from this site to other sites. We intend to build-up this facility over the next few years.

TWITTER – Stirnet has had an account at Twitter since May 2011 in the name of StirnetCom. [Unfortunately somebody else beat us to using ‘Stirnet’ as an account name. It appears that that person derived the name from STI.R.Net so at least it wasn’t somebody pretending to be us.]  I started using the account to record what database pages I had just uploaded but that rather fell away a long time ago. It is very rare for me to access Twitter nowadays not least because it has obtained a reputation for enabling people to spread falsehoods & propaganda. That does not interest me.


FACEBOOK – I opened an account with Facebook in June 2011 (name Peter Barns-Graham; email: Initially I held back to avoid images of my sons at University (and elsewhere). I then started thinking that it might be useful and even quite interesting. However, I came to dislike its ways of encouraging people to live in ‘bubbles’ so, as I never found a significant use for it for Stirnet, it is now rare for me to access Facebook.


LINKEDIN – I have had an account since early December 2011 with LinkedIn (name Peter Barns-Graham; email: but have never learned how to use it properly and may never do so. I have nothing against LinkedIn. It is just that I have not found a need for it.


Is there a common theme with with the above? Yes, I am afraid there is: not one but two. Firstly, I am not good with the technicalities of handling Social Media and, without any major incentive to do so, see little need to become any good with any of them. Secondly (for Twitter and Facebook), I have found that the value of the great potential that they offer has been almost wholly diminished both by themselves (in being so greedy for advertising income that they allow their facilities to be abused) and by those who abuse their facilities. Stirnet can do without them so it does.
[This note was last updated 10th June 2020.]

No. On 1st February 2008, following a suggestion from a correspondent, I submitted the site to Cyndi’s List (, I think Stirnet was registered sometime in 2012) and Stirnet also sponsored a Societies Fair and some brochures that I developed for another venture, but that is all I have done. It is unlikely that, apart from further support of that last-mentioned venture, I will spend much time, effort or money on marketing the site as it is reasonably-easily found by those who are likely to find this site particularly useful. Feel free to contact me/us should you think me wrong on that!
If you operate a commercial business, see Advertising with Stirnet. If you are thinking about drawing attention to a non-commercial web site, see The Stirnet Portal.
One of the reasons why I started using “I” &  “me” instead of “we” & “us” was because a number of people appear to think that Stirnet is a large organisation. It is not. For most of the time, Stirnet is just a one-man-band, me (Peter). It is appreciated when people make allowance for this!