Selected families

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This page provides (extracts from) books or articles on selected families, covering both individual families and groups of families. At present we offer the following:

1. ‘Hamilton Memoirs’ – ‘Historical and genealogical notices of a family which settled in Ireland in the reign of King James I’
loaded page by page – released 30.09.2003
The Internet is an excellent way of enabling many to share information that previously was available to only a few. Colin Hamilton has kindly permitted us to include his reproduction of this interesting book that was first produced by Everard Hamilton in 1891 and then revised in 1920, never reaching more than a small audience – until now. The name of Hamilton is probably as common in Ireland as it is in Scotland where it originated. It has spread around the world. As shown in this book, the family has produced many who lived interesting lives. Thanks to Colin Hamilton for making it available to many.

2. ‘Wishart of that ilk or Wishart of Logie Wishart’
in PDF format (copy protected, printing protected) – released 07.06.2004
This book focuses on a branch of the Wishart family that was based in Angus, Scotland, for many generations. It was one of many families that, after generations of local and occasionally even national prominence, virtually disappeared from sight, partly because of having fallen on hard times and partly through lack of heirs. Such families are often difficult for genealogists to track down. We are fortunate that Jack Blair has risen to the challenge and has produced a book that covers the family in some depth. Thanks to Jack for his support of Stirnet in general and for this great contribution in particular.