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Feniusa Forsa
1. Nenual
2. Niul
  m. Scota (dau of Cingeros, Pharaoh of Egypt)
  A. Gadelas (b 1571BC)
  i. Easru
a. Eubher (or Heber Sat) went from Egypt to Crete then Scythia
  (1) Beagamon
  (A) Agnamon
  (i) Tait
  (a) Adnoin
  ((1)) Lanfhion
  ((A)) Heber Gluanfionn, lord of Gothland
  ((i)) Faobhar Glass (or Eibach), lord of Gothland
  ((a)) Nenuaill, lord of Gothland
  (((1))) Nungatt, lord of Gothland - continued just below



Nungatt, lord of Gothland - continued just above
1. Ealloid, lord of Gothland
  A. Oiga
  B. Earchada, lord of Gothland
  i. Deaghatha, lord of Gothland
  a. Breatha or Bracheus went to Spain
  (1) Briggon or Breagan
  (A) Bille
(i) Milesius, 'Prince of Biscay' went to Ireland
  m1. Sanga (dau of Rafficor, King of Scythia)
  m2. Scota (dau of Nectanebas, Pharaoh of Egypt)
  (a) Heber Fiona born in Egypt, monarch in Ireland
  ((1)) Conmaol (d 1221BC, 5th son)
  ((A)) Eochaidh Faobharglas (or Eoghaigh Teurglass) (d 1107BC)
  ((i)) Nuaghat
  ((a)) Glass
  (((1))) Rosa
  ((2))+ other issue - Er, Orbha, Fearra, Feargan
  (b) Heremon, King of Ireland (d 1285BC)
  m. Tea (dau of Luighaidh) @@ below
  ((1)) Irial (d 1271BC)
  ((A)) Eithrial (d 1251BC)
((i)) Follain
  ((a)) Tighermas (d 1171BC)
  (((1))) Eanbhethath, prince of Ireland
  (c) Higginus possibly of this generation, identified as ancestor of the Higgins family
  (d)+ other issue - Anbergis, Ir, Colpa, Arneus, Dila
  (ii) Luighaidh
  (a) Tea
  m. Heremon, King of Ireland (d 1285BC) @@ above

Main source(s): 'Royal Geneaolgies'. NB. The above information was recorded from notes taken. The font used in the book 'Royal Genealogies' was not always easy to read so it is very likely that there are several spelling mistakes and other transcription errors.
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