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Solomon (originally called Jedidiah), King of Israel and Judah (b 1015BC, d 933BC)
1. Roboam (Rehoboam)
  A. Abia or Abijah
  i. Asa
  a. Josophat (Jehoshaphat)
  (1) Joram
  (A) Ozias (Uzziah)
(i) Joatham (Jotham)
  (a) Achaz (Ahaz)
  ((1)) Ezekias (Hezekiah)
  ((A)) Manasses (Manasseh)
  ((i)) Amon (Amod)
  ((a)) Josias (Josiah)
  (((1))) Jechonias (Jehoikim)
  (((A))) Jechonias
  (((B))) Salathiel (Shealtiel) - continued below



Salathiel (Shealtiel) - continued above with alternative ancestry provided here
1. Zorobabel (Zerubbabel)
  A. Rhesa
  i. Joanna (Joanan)
  a. Judah
  (1) Joseph
  (A) Semei
  (i) Mattathias
  (a) Maath
  ((1)) Nagge (Naggae)
  ((A)) Esli
  ((i)) Naum (Nahum)
  ((a)) Amos
  (((1))) Mattathias
  (((A))) Joseph - continued just below
  (1) Joseph - continued just above
  (A) Janna (Jannai)
  (i) Melchi (Melki)
(a) Levi
  ((1)) Matthat
  ((A)) Heli
  The Gospel of St. Luke provides the above ancestry and identifies Heli as father of Joseph. However, noting that the Gospel of St. Mathew provides a different ancestry for Joseph (see below), many sources claim that Heli was in fact father of Mary and so was father-in-law of Joseph.
  ((i)) Mary, the mother of Jesus
  m. Joseph @@ below
  ((ii)) Clophas (Cleopas) mentioned in some web sites
  m. Mary
  ((a)) Simeon (d 106)
  ((B)) Joseph of Arimethea
  Some sources suggest that Joseph was uncle rather than grand-uncle of Jesus.
  B. Abiud
i. Eliakim
  a. Azor
  (1) Sadok (Zadok)
  (A) Achim
  (i) Eliud
  (a) Eleazar
  ((1)) Matthan
  ((A)) Jacob
  ((i)) Joseph
  m. Mary @@ above
  ((a)) Joshua (Yeshua) of Nazareth, Jesus Christ (b c4BCE, d 30/33CE)§A
  m. (?) Mary of Magdala (d 63)
  ((b))+ other issue - James ('the Just'), Joses, Simon, Jude

Main source(s): The Bible (in particular Matthew (Chapter 1) & Luke (Chapter 3)) plus various web sites
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