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Bodilon of Poitiers
m. Sigrade of Alsace (d 677)
1. Warinus, Count of Poitiers (d 677)
  m. Kunza of Maine (dau of Clodulphe, Bishop of Metz, Duke of Austrasia)
  A. St. Leutwinus, Bishop of Treves (d 713)
  i. Gui, Count of Treves
  a. Lambert, Count of Hornbach (d c783)
  (1) Werner, Lord of Hornbach (d 814)
  (A) Widechowe, Lord of Hornbach (d after 823)
  (i) Werner, Lord of Hornbach (d after 847)
  (a) daughter
  m. Walaho, Count in Niddigau
(2) Guido of Hornbach (d 814)
  (A) Lambert I, Count of Nantes (d 01.09.836)
  (i) Guido I, Marquis of Spoleto (d c858)
  (a) Guido II, Duke of Spoleto (d 894)
  m. Judith or Itta or Engeltrude
  ((1)) Rohaut of Spoleto EGHJSWY
  m. Adelbert I, Duke of Lucca (d after 884) EGHJSWY
  (3) Guibour of Hornbach (b c778) EGHJSY
  m. William, Count of Autun and Toulouse (b c776, d 28.05.812) EGHJSY
(4) Waldrat of Hornbach EGHJRSWY
  m1. Hadrian, Count of Orleans EGHJRSWY
  m2. Gorm of Jutland
  ii. Rotrude or Chrotrude (b c690, d c724) EGHJRSWY
  m. Charles Martel, Mayor of Austrasia, Duke of the Franks (b 689, d 22.10.741) EGHJRSWY
  B. Lambert of Hesbaye
  i. Robert or Rupert of Hesbaye (a 750)
  m. Willaswinde (dau of Alleaume)
  a. Guerin, Count of Thurgau (d 20.05.772)
  m. Adelindis
  (1) Milo, Count of Narbonne
  (A) ??
  (i) ??
  (a) Lievin or Levin, Viscount of Narbonne (d c878) - continued below
  (2) Bouchard 'the Constable' had issue



Lievin or Levin, Viscount of Narbonne (d c878) - continued above
1. Mayeul, Viscount of Narbonne (d 15.06.911)
  m. Raimodis
  A. Francon, Viscount of Narbonne
  m. Ersinde de Rousillon
  i. Odo, Viscount of Narbonne (d c933)
  m. Richilde of Barcelona (dau of Wilfried II Borrell, Count of Barcelona)
  a. Matfred, Viscount of Narbonne (d c970)
  m. Adelheid of Toulouse (dau of Raimond III, Count of Toulouse)
(1) Raimond, Count of Narbonne (d after 1023)
  m. Richarda of Rodez
  (A) Berenger, Viscount of Narbonne (d 1066)
  m. Garsinde of Bezalu (dau of Bernard Taillefer of Bezalu)
  (i) Bernard of Narbonne
  m. Foi / Fides de Rouergue (dau of Hugues, Count of Rouergue)
  (a) Aimeri I, Viscount of Narbonne (d 1105)
  m. Mathild de Hauteville (d 1083, dau of Robert Guiscard de Hauteville)
  ((1)) Aimeri II, Viscount of Narbonne (d 07.07.1134)
  m. Hermansinde
  ((A)) Hermansinde of Narbonne
  m. Manrique de Lara (d c1164)
(ii) Rixinde of Narbonne
  m. Richard, Viscount of Rodes
  B. Aubri I, Viscount of Narbonne (d c945)
  m. Tolosone or Attela of Macon (dau of Ranulf, Viscount of Macon)
  i. Lietaud or Letald, Count of Macon (d 17.09.965)
  m. Ermengarde de Chalon (dau of Manasses, Count of Chalon) @@ below
  a. Aubri II, Count of Macon (d c975)
  m. Ermentrude of Rheims (dau of Renaud de Roucy, Count of Rheims)
  (1) Beatrice de Macon (b c974) EGHJSWY
  m. Geoffroy 'Ferreol' I, Count of Gastinois (d c1000) EGHJSWY
  b. Gerberge of Macon (d 986/91) EGHJSWY
  m. Adalbert, Marquis of Ivrea, King of Italy (d after 973) EGHJSWY
  ii. Humbert I, Sn de Salins (d c958) had issue



Thierry I 'the treasurer', Count d'Autunois
1. Thierry II, Count of Chalon (d 880)
  m. ?? of Metz (dau of Budwine, Count of Metz)
  A. Manasses 'the old', Count of Chalon (d 919)
  m. Ermengarde of Provence (dau of Boson, King of Provence, sister of Richard II 'the Justiciar', Duke of Burgundy)
i. Gilbert or Giselbert, Duke of Burgundy (d 04.08.956)
  m. Ermengarde, Countess of Autun (dau of Richard II 'the Justiciar', Duke of Burgundy)
  a. Adelais de Vergy (b 914, d 967) EGHJRSWY
  Some sites show Adelaide (Adelais) as having married Lietaud of Macon before her marriage to Robert de Vermandois but we are (provisionally) following those sites who show Lietaud's wife as Ermengarde, Adelaide's aunt.
  m. Robert de Vermandois, Count of Meaux et Troyes (b c918, d 29.08.968) EGHJRSWY
  b. Liutgarde
  ii. Ermengarde de Chalon EGHJSWY
  m. Lietaud or Letald, Count of Macon (d 17.09.965) @@ above EGHJSWY
2. Ermengarde of Chalon (b 843)
  m. Bernard II 'Hairyfoot' de Macon, Count of Auvergne (b c841, d 18.07.886)

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