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This page is by no means complete but will be worked on and added to from time to time. It mainly follows the Greek Myths but some Roman name equivalents have been added. Until the page has 'settled down', we will not number Zeus's issue but instead list them all with a double asterisk (**). The wives/mistresses are presently listed in alphabetical order.

Zeus, Lord of Heaven = Jupiter
m/p*. Aegina (a nymph)
**. Aeacus
  m. Endeis (dau of Sciron or Chariclo)
  p. Psamathe (dau of Nereus)
m/p*. Alcmene (wife of Amphitryon)
**. Heracles or Hercules, the Hero
m/p*. Antiope (dau of Nycteus)
**. issue - Amphion, Zethus
m/p*. Callisto (nymph of the Hunt)
**. Arcas
  m. Meganira (dau of Amyclas)
  p. Erato (a nymph)
m/p/. Danae (dau of Acrisius, King of Argos)
**. Perseus
  m. Andromeda (dau of Cepheus)
m/p*. Demeter (dau of Cronus, his sister)
**. Persephone = Proserpina
m/p*. Dione
**. Aphrodite = Venus (Goddess of love and beauty)
  m. Anchises
  p. Ares
m/p*. Elara (dau of Minyas)
**. Tityus
m/p*. Electra (dau of Atlas)
**. Corythus
  Corythus is said by some to have been father of Dardanus and Iasion whom we show as his brother.
**. Dardanus
**.+ other issue - Iasion, Harmonia
m/p*. Europa
**.+ issue - Minos, Sarpedon, Rhadamanthys
m/p*. Eurynome
**. The Charities = The Graces - Euphrosyne (mirth), Thalia (good cheer), Aglaea (splendour)
m/p*. Hera (dau of Cronus, his sister)
**. Ares = Mars (God of war) had issue
  p1. Aphrodite
  p2+. various mortal women
**.+ other issue - Hebe, Eilithyia, Hephaestus
m/p*. Io
**. Epaphus
  m. Memphis (dau of Nilus)
  A. Lysianassa
  m. Poseidon
  B. Thebe
  C. Libya
  m. Poseidon
m/p*. Laodamia
**. Sarpedon
m/p*. Leda (dau of Thestius, King of Aetolia) (wife of Tyndareus)
**. Helen of Troy
  m1. Menelaus of Alexandria, King of Lacedaemon below
  m2. Paris (Alexander)
  m3. Deiphobus
  m4. Achilles
**. Castor
**. Pollux
m/p*. Leto (dau of Coeus)
**. Apollo
  p1. Thero (dau of Phylas)
  A. Chaeron
  p2. Arsinoe (dau of Leucippus)
  B. Asclepius
**. Artemis = Diana
m/p*. Maia (dau of Atlas)
**. Hermes = Mercury
m/p*. Metis
**. Athena = Minerva (warrior Goddess of wisdom)
m/p*. Mnemosyne
**. The Muses - Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Polyhymnia (mime), Euterpe (flute), Terpsichore (light verse and dance), Erato (lyric choral poetry), Melpomene (tragedy), Thalia (comedy), Urania (astronomy)
m/p*. Niobe (dau of Phoroneus)
**. Argos had issue
  m. Evadne (dau of Strymon)
**. Pelasgus
  m. Meliboea (or Deianeira)
  A. Lycaon
  i. Calliston
  ii.+ 50 sons
m/p*. Themis
**. The Horae = The Seasons - Thallo (budding, = Eunomia), Auxo (growth, = Dile), Carpo (ripening, = Eirene)
**. The Fates = The Moirae - Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (measurer), Atropos (cutter)
m/p*. Pluto (dau of either Cronus or Atlas)
**. Tantalus
  m. Dione, a Pleiad (or Euryanassa, dau of the river-god Pactolus)
  A. Pelops
  m. Hippodamia
  i. Pittheus
  a. Aethra
  m. Aegeus
  (1) Theseus
ii. Alcathus
  a. Perioboca
  m. Telamon
  (1) Ajax
  iii. Atreus
  m. Aerope (dau of Catreus of Crete)
  a. Agamemnon
  m. Clytemnestra (dau of Tyndareus, King of Sparta)
  (1)+ issue - Chrysothemis, Electra (Laodice), Iphianassa, Orestes
  b. Menelaus of Alexandria, King of Lacedaemon
  m. Helen of Troy (dau of Zeus) above
  (1)+ issue - Hermione, Nicostratus
  p. Pieris or Tereis
  (3) Megapenthes
  p. Cnossia
  (4) Xenodamus
  c. Anaxibia
  m. Strophius
  iv.+ other issue - Hippothoe, Astydamia, Chrsippus, Troezen, Sciron, Thyestes, Nicippe
  B.+ other issue - Broteas, Niobe
m/p*. Semele (dau of Cadmus)
**. Dionysus
m/p*. Taygete
**. Lacedaemon
  m. Sparta (dau of Eurotas)
  A. Amyclas
  m. Diomede
  i. Cynortas
  a. Perieres (or Oebalus)
  m1. Batieia
  (1) Hippocoon
  m2. Gorgophone (dau of Perseus)
  Because of the confusion between Perieres and Oebalus, the issue by Gorgophone are shown under her entry.
  ii.+ other issue - Argalus, Hyacinthus, Leanira
  B. Eurydice
  m. Acrisius
  C.+ other issue - Himerus, Asine

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