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Witelgeltis (or Watholgo)
1. Wage
  A. Wihtlaeg
  'RoyalData' shows Wihtlaeg as son of Woden. We follow 'Royal Genealogies' in including two extra generations.
  i. Weremund or Wermund, King of the Angels (a 350)
  a. Offa
  (1) Engengenthe or Angeltheow
  (A) Eomer
  (i) Ichel
  (a) Cnebba
  ((1)) Cynewald or Kenwald
  ((A)) Creoda (d 593) - continued below EGHJRSWY



Creoda (d 593) - continued above
1. Pybba, King of Mercia (d c606)
  A. Penda, King of Mercia (d 655)
  i. Peada, King of Mercia (d 656)
  ii. Wulfhere, King of Mercia (d 675)
  m. Eormengild of Kent (dau of Earconbert, King of Kent)
  a. Coenred, King of Mercia (d 709)
  iii. Merewald
  iv. Aethelred, King of Mercia (d 704)
  a. Ceolred, King of Mercia (d 716)
  v. Wilburga of Mercia
  m. Frithwold, Sub-King of Surrey
  a. St. Osyth of Mercia
  m. Sigehere, King of Essex (d c683)
  B. Eowa
  i. Alwih
  a. Aethelbald, King of Mercia (d 757)
  ii. Osmod
  a. Eanwulf
  (1) Thingfrith
  (A) Offa, King of Mercia (d 796)
  (i) Ecgferth, King of Mercia
  (ii) Eadburh
  m. Beorhtric of Wessex
  (iii) Aelfflaed
  m. Aethelred I of Northumbria
  C. Coenwalh
  i. Cuthwalh
  a. Centwine
(1) Cynreow
  (A) Bassa
  (i) Cuthbert
  (a) Coenwulf
  ((1)) Eadburh
  m. Aethelred Mucei, Ealderman of the Gainas
  ((A)) Ealdburh or Ealswith (d 905) EGHJRSWY
  m. Alfred 'the Great', King of England (d 899) EGHJRSWY
  (b) Ceolwulf
  D. daughter HJY
  m. Cadwallan, King of Gwynedd (d 634) HJY

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