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Cacer (or Casere)
1. Tytmon
  A. Trygils or Triagil
  i. Hrothmund of Rothimund
  a. Hryp or Hirp
  (1) Wilhelm
  (A) Wehha
  (i) Wuffa, King of East Anglia (d c578)
  (a) Tytila, King of East Anglia (d c593)
  ((1)) Redwald, King of East Anglia (d c617)
  ((A)) Raegenhere (d 616)
((B)) Earpald, King of East Anglia (d 628)
  ((2)) Eni
  ((A)) Anna, King of East Anglia
  m. Saewara
  ((i)) Sexburga of East Anglia EGHJRSWY
  m. Earconbert, King of Kent (d 664) EGHJRSWY
  ((ii)) Ethelreda of Kent, St. Audrey, Abbess (D 679)
  m1. Tondberht, Ealderman of South Gyrwas
  m2. (div) Ecgfirth, King of Northumbria
  ((iii)) Wihtburga (nun)
  ((iv)) Ethelbruga, St. Aubierge, Abbess (d 665)
  ((B)) Ethelhere, King of East Anglia (d 654)
  m. Hereswith of Deira (dau of Hereric of Deira)
  ((i)) Aldwulf, King of East Anglia (d 713)
  ((a)) Elric
  ((b)) Eadberga, Abbess of Repton
  ((c)) Ethelburga, Abbess of Hackness
  ((d)) Hwaerburga, Abbess of Hackness
  ((ii)) Alfwold, King of East Anglia (d 749)
  ((C)) Ethelwald, King of East Anglia (d 664)



Saxonets (or Seasus or Saxnext)
1. Gesecg or Gesach
  A. Antsecg
  i. Sweppa
  a. Sigefugel
  (1) Bedca or Bedican
  (A) Offa
  (i) Aescwine, King of Essex (d c587)
  (a) Sledda, King of Essex (d before 604)
  m. Ricula of Kent (dau of Eormenric, King of Kent)
  ((1)) Saebert, King of Essex (d 617)
((A)) Sexred, King of Essex (d 617)
  ((i)) Sigeberht 'the Little', King of Essex (d 653)
  ((a)) Sigehere, King of Essex (d c683)
  m. St. Osyth of Mercia (dau of Frithwold, Sub-King of Surrey)
  (((1))) Offa, King of Essex (d before 709)
  ((ii)) Sebbi, King of Essex
  ((B)) Saeward, King of Essex (d 617)
  ((2)) Sexbald
  ((A)) Sigeberht 'the Good', King of Essex (d c660)
  ((i)) ?? (generations missing ?)
  ((a)) Saelred (d 746)
  (((1))) Sigeric, King of Essex (d 798)
  (((A))) Sigered, King of Essex (d 825)
  ((B)) Sledda, King of Essex

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