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Families covered: Abercromby of Aboukir, Abercromby of Birkenbog, Abercromby of Forglen House, Abercromby of Glassaugh, Abercromby of Tullibody

Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Bart of Birkenbog, Banffshire (b c1603, a 1645)
m1. Jean Urquhart (dsp, dau of Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty by Christian Elphinstone)
m2. Jean Sutherland (dsp, dau of _ Sutherland of Kinminity)
m3. (22.08.1668) Elizabeth Baird (dau of Sir James Baird of Auchmedden, m2. Col. Patrick Ogilvie of Inchmartin)
1. Sir James Abercromby, 2nd Bart of Birkenbog (d 20.09.1734, MP)
  m. (1645) Mary Gordon (dau of Arthur Gordon of Straloch)
  A. Sir Robert Abercromby, 3rd Bart of Birkenbog (d 11.03.1787, 3rd son)
  m. (1739) Helen Abercromby (dau of Alexander Abercromby of Tullibody) @1@ below
  i. Sir George Abercromby, later of Forglen House, 4th Bart of Birkenbog (b 1750, d 18.07.1831)
  m. (1778) Jane Ogilvy (dau of Alexander Ogilvy, 7th Lord Banff, by Jane Nisbet)
  a. Sir Robert Abercromby of Forglen House, 5th Bart of Birkenbog (b 04.02.1784, d 06.07.1855) had issue
  m. (22.10.1816) Elizabeth Stephenson Douglas (d 28.12.1863, dau/heir of Samuel Douglas of Netherlaw)
  b. Jane Abercromby (d unm 1845)
c. Helen Abercromby (d 06.09.1859)
  m. (30.04.1811) William Gowan, later Mauleverer of Arncliffe Hall
  d. Maria Sophia Abercromby (d 15.06.1846)
  m. (1810) David Monypenny (b 1769, dsp 1850, Lord of Session as Lord Pitmilly)
  e. Janet Elizabeth Abercromby (d 1837)
  f. Charlotte Abercromby
g. Grace Abercromby (d 25.07.1876)
  m. (1823) Joseph Murray of Ayton (b 25.04.1786, d 17.06.1876)
  ii. Mary Abercromby
  m. (1767) William Abercromby (b 1739, dsp) @2@ below
  B. Anne Abercromby
  m. George Steuart, 8th of Tanachie (d 12.1748)
  C. Grizel Abercromby probably of this generation
  m. Alexander Fraser, 4th of Culduthel (b 1665, d 08.10.1736)
  Possibly of this generation , but (if so) presumably not dau of Mary Gordon, was ...
D. Isabel Abercrombie (b 1703)
  m. James Dunbar of Kincorth
2. Alexander Abercromby of Tullibody, Clackmannanshire (b 1675)
  m. (1699) Mary Duff (dau of Alexander Duff of Braco)
  A. George Abercromby of Tullibody (d 08.06.1800)
  m. Mary Dundas (dau of Ralph Dundas of Manour)
  i. Sir Ralph Abercromby of Tullibody (b 25.10.1735, d 28.03.1801, Major General, CIC West Indies, etc)
  m. (17.11.1767) Mary Anne Menzies, Baroness Abercromby of Aboukir and Tullibody (b 04.04.1747, d 11.02.1821, dau of John Menzies of Ferntower)
  a. George Abercromby, 2nd Lord Abercromby of Aboukir and Tullibody (b 17.10.1770, d 14.02.1843) had issue
  m. (25.01.1799) Montagu Dundas (d 10.03.1837, dau of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville)
  b. James Abercromby, 1st Lord Dunfermline (b 07.11.1776, d 17.04.1858, Speaker of House of Commons) had issue
  m. (14.06.1802) Marianne Leigh (d 02.08.1874, dau of Egerton Leigh of West Hall)
  c. Anne Abercromby (d 17.09.1844)
  m. (1795) Donald Cameron of Lochiel (d 1832)
  d. Catherine Abercromby (d 07.05.1841)
  m. (12.1811) Thomas Buchanan
e.+ other issue - Sir John (b 02.04.1772, d unm 14.02.1817, General), Alexander (b 04.03.1784, d 27.08.1853, Lt. Colonel), Mary (d 1825)
  ii. Burnet Abercromby of Brucefield (dsp 24.03.1792, Captain)
  m. _ Barclay (d 11.1795)
  iii. Sir Robert Abercromby (b 21.10.1740, d 03.11.1827, General, CIC India)
  iv. Alexander Abercromby (b 15.10.1745, d unm 17.11.1795, Lord of Session as Lord Abercromby)
  v. Helen Abercromby
  m. (06.06.1754) Robert Bruce (d 08.04.1785, Lord of Session as Lord Kennet)
  vi. Mary Abercromby
  m. Alexander Joass (d 27.11.1794, Major, Governor of Stirling
  B. Alexander Abercromby of Alloa
  m. (1732) Rebecca Colquhoun (dau of Alexander Colquhoun)
  C. Helen Abercromby
  m. (1739) Sir Robert Abercromby, 3rd Bart of Birkenbog (d 11.03.1787) @1@ above
3. Agnes Abercromby probably of this generation
  m. (1681) Robert Bisset of Lessendrum (b 1651)



John Abercromby of Glasshaugh or Glassaugh
m. Catherine Gordon (dau of ?? Gordon of Lesmoir)
1. Alexander Abercromby of Glassaugh
  m. (22.07.1675) Katherine Dunbar (dau of Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill) wife of Alexander, presumed mother of ...
  A. Alexander Abercromby of Glassaugh (b 1677, d 1729, Captain)
m. Helen Meldrum (dau of George Meldrum of Crombie (minister of Glass) by dau of Alexander Duff of Lettach & Keithmore by Helen Grant)
  i. James Abercromby, 4th of Glassaugh (bpt 15.10.1706, d after 27.04.1781, General)
  Much of the information on James is supported by this web page.
  m. (30.11.1731) Mary Duff (bpt 05.08.1714, dau of William Duff of Dipple)
  a. Alexander Abercromby (b 1735, dsp 06.05.1756, Captain)
  b. William Abercromby (b 1739, dsp)
  m. (1767) Mary Abercromby (dau of Sir Robert Abercromby, 3rd Bart of Birkenbog) @2@ above
  c. James Abercromby (b 1740, dsp 1800, Colonel)
  m. Charlotte Gordon (dau of James Gordon of Coclarachie by Jane, dau of Robert Bisset of Lessendrum)
d. Thomas St. Clair Abercromby (dsp minister)
  e. Jean Abercromby of Glassaugh
  m. (30.10.1781) Robert Duff of Logie & Fetteresso, Governor of Newfoundland (b 1721, d 06.06.1787, Vice Admiral)
  f.+ other daughters - Helen (b 1734), Mary (b 1735, d 1761), Margaret Keith (b 1754)
  ii. Katherine Abercromby (b 1708, d 1784)
  m. Alexander Innes of Rosieburn (b 12.1701, d 16.04.1761)
2. Ann Abercromby
  m. Adam Duff, 2nd of Drummuir (d 1682)
  A. Katherine Duff (d 02.1758)
  m. (1684) Alexander Duff, 3rd of Drummuir (b 1667, d 22.08.1726)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 10.07.03) : BP1934 (Abercromby, Bart), BP1934 (Abercromby, Baron) with some support from TCB (vol 2, Abercromby of Birkenbog, p417+)
(2) For lower section (first loaded within draft page ('Abercromby04') on 13.11.03, exanded then uploaded into database 18.02.13) : a schedule kindly provided by a contributor (PK, 14.02.13) reportedly based partly on information obtained from 'The Book of Duffs' (vols 1 & 2) by Alistair & Henrietta Tayler (1914), supported by various cross-references including from 'The House of Gordon' (see 'Gordon10') with further input/support as reported above
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