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Families covered: Ainslie of Blackhills, Ainslie of Dolphinstone, Ainslie of Falla, Ainslie of Jedburgh
[We were close to releasing this page only as 'Draft' as there are some concerns about some of the generations. We decided to release it 'properly' into the database as there appear to be enough secure parts in the page to justify doing so but we note that we hope to clear up various uncertainties in due course.]

This family is reputed to have descended from a Saxon lord of Annesley in Nottinghamshire who fled to Scotland after the Norman Conquest. Betham names their early seat as at Dolphinton or Dolphington. We follow the family site (and other sources) in spelling it 'Dolphinstone'. Betham starts with ...
Thomas de Ainslie (a 1214, 1221)
1. Robert de Ainslie (a 1231)
A. John de Ainslie 'of Dolphinstone' (d c1290)
  The family site shows John as son of Sir Aylmer (d c1260) son of Sir William (d c1225) son of John son of Radulphus (Ralph).
  i. John de Ainslie ('de Annesley') of Dolphinstone, Roxburghshire (a 1296)
  m. _ Riddle (dau of Galfird de Riddle) named by the family web site
a. John de Ainslie of Dolphinstone (d 1375/6)
  Betham identifies John's wife as Jean Scot of the family of Buckleugh. The family site identifies her as ...
  m. Jean Scot (dau of Sir Michael Scott of Marthocston or Mathecston (i.e. Murthockston))
  (1) William Ainslie of Dolphinstone (d c1430)
The family site identifies William's as Helen, dau of Richard Ker of Auldtownburn. Betham identifies her as daughter of the ancestor of Roxburgh, being ...
  m. ?? Ker (dau of Robert Ker of Auldtounburn)
  (A) William Ainslie (dvp c1430)
  m. Margaret Pringle (of Galashiels)
  (i) John Ainslie of Dolphinstone (d 1480/1)
m. Janet Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Cavers) Betham does not give her Christian name
  It appears that there has been some confusion over the next few generations. Betham shows this John as father of William of Fala who, by Jane Holme, was father of the William (d temp Mary who r. 1542-1567) who was father of the David (of Falla & Jedburgh) who m. Mary Rutherford. Provisionally, we follow the family site as we suspect that Betham confused some Williams and/or Davids and omitted some generations.
(a) John Ainslie of Dolphinstone (d 1488/9)
  m. Jean Ramsay (dau of Alexander Ramsay of Darnchester)
  ((1)) Marjorie Ainslie
  m. Mark Ker of Little Dene (d 1549, son of Sir Walter of Cessford)
  (b) William Ainslie of Falla & Bludelawis (d 1482)
  m. Jean Holme
  (c) David Ainslie of Falla, Bludelawis & Templelands (a 1501)
  ((1)) William Ainslie (d before 1549)
  ((A)) David Ainslie of Falla & Jedburgh
  m. Mary Rutherford
  The following connection is wholly speculative. The family site does not connect the undermentioned John to the main family line. It is unlikely that he was the same person as the John who is shown on the continuation as son of the above-mentioned David of Falla & Jedburgh & Mary Rutherford. This is because that would lead to a double-generation difference between the undermentioned Margaret Crombie & John Ainslie which would be very unlikely had they both been descended from John's son William.
  ((2)) ?? Ainslie possibly of this generation, possibly grandfather rather than father of ...
((A)) John Ainslie, Provost of Jedburgh (b c1574, d c1630) this line provided by the family site
  ((i)) William Ainslie of Jedburgh (b c1610, a 1675)
  m. Elizabeth Rutherford of Bankend
  ((a)) Andrew Ainslie of Blackhills (b 1635/6, d 06.06.1688)
m. Christian Rutherford (dau of John Rutherford of Bankend)
  (((1))) William Ainslie of Blackhills (b 21.04.1667, a 1732)
  m. (11.07.1687) Cecilia Scott (dau of Sir John Scott, 1st Bart of Ancrum)
  (((A))) Christian Ainslie
  m. Sir Francis Scott
  (((B))) Elizabeth Ainslie
Elizabeth's husband is identified as Sir Francis Scott of Horselie Hill but this looks like confusion with her sister. The Scott records suggest she married ...
  m. William Scott (dsp)
  (((C)))+ other issue - Cecilia, Isabel
  (((2))) John Ainslie (b 09.09.1683)
  m. (18.08.1696) Mary Pringle
  (((3))) Elizabeth Ainslie
  m. (17.11.1686) Andrew Crombie (son of William)
  (((A))) Margaret Crombie
  m. John Ainslie
  (((4))) Isabel Ainslie
  (((5))) Janet Ainslie
  m. John Rutherford of Cape Hope
  (((6))) Anne Ainslie
m. William Elliot of Aukleton
  ((b)) Robert Ainslie
  (((1))) Thomas Ainslie (b 1673/4)
  ((ii))+ other issue - John, Robert
  The following are not mentioned by Betham but are given by the family site.
  (ii) Richard Ainslie
  (B) James Ainslie of Cleithaugh
  (i) John Ainslie of Cleithaugh
  (2) John de Ainslie of Sylwynsands
  b. Adam de Ainslie
  ii. Annabella de Ainslie (= Amabilia of Anesley)
  m. John Wemyss

Main source(s):
(1) William Betham's 'The Baronetage of England', vol 5 (1805), 'Ainslie of Great Torrington, Lincolnshire'
(2) the family web site at www.ainslie.org.uk
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