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Families covered: Alen (Allen) of St. Wolstans

Commoners reports that "Few families can show a more ancient lineage than that of Alen, of St. Wolstans, deriving in direct and unbroken male descent from one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror, whose name is enrolled at Battle Abbey, and still fewer have allied with more distinguished and ennobled houses." However, we find some of the early marriages reported for this line as being suspect, reporting connections to people who have not been identified in the pedigrees of their own families, and this leads us to recommend that much of the upper section should be viewed with caution. Consequently, we show the top section in italics.
Sir John Alen (a 1066)
m. Dorothy Budgell (dau/heir of Sir John Budgell of Devonshire)
1. Francis Alen
  m. Elizabeth Browne (dau of Sir John Browne "of the house of Montagu") not on Brown01
  A. Sir Charles Alen
  m. Juliana Dalston (dau/coheir of Sir Richard Dalston of Acorn Bank) not on Dalston1
  i. Francis Alen
  m. Marianne Crackenthorp (dau of Sir John Crackenthorp of Acorn Bank) not on Crackenthorpe1
  a. Sir John Alen (d c1192)
  m. _ Trevor (dau of Sir John Trevor "of the line of Tudor Trevor, Earl of Hereford") few of the descendants of Tudor Trevor took the name Trevor until much later
  (1) Sir Richard Alen
  m. Anne Harley (dau of Sir Henry Harley of Ormuch, "ancestor of the Earls of Oxford") not on Harley01
  (A) Sir Henry Alen
  m. Mabella Maunsell (dau of Sir Henry Maunsell)
  (i) Sir John Alen
  m. Alice Rice (dau of Sir Henry Rice of Castle Rice) few used Rice as a family name at this time
(a) Sir Charles Alen
  m. Dorothy Seymour (dau of Sir Edward Seymour of Maiden Bradley, "ancestor of the Duke of Somerset") not on Seymour01
  ((1)) Sir John Alen
  m. Arabella Levison (dau of Sir Richard Levison of Staffordshire, "of the family of the Duke of Sutherland")
  ((A)) Sir Philip Alen
  m. Isabela Middleton (dau of Sir Thomas Middleton)
  ((i)) Sir William Alen
  m. Anne Osburn (dau of Sir John Osburn of Kent)
  ((a)) Sir Robert Alen
  m. Anne Browne (dau of Sir Charles Browne "of the noble house of Montagu")
  (((1))) Sir Richard Alen - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Neille (dau of Sir Henry Neville)
2.+ other issue



The fact that we do not show all of the following section in italics should not be viewed as indicating our full support for it. We had to split the page somewhere!
Sir Richard Alen - continued above
m. Elizabeth Neille (dau of Sir Henry Neville, "lineally descended from Neville, Earl of Westmorland")
1. Richard Alen
  m. Judith Savage (dau of Sir John Savage of Rock Savage) we think that Rock Savage did not become a seat of the Savage family until later
  A. Edward Alen
  m. Catherine St. Leger (dau of Sir John St. Leger, "a scion of the historical family of St. Leger, settled at Ulcomb")
  i. Thomas Alen of St. Wolstans in Kilbride, Ireland (dsp, to Ireland)
  ii. Francis Alen, later of St. Wolstans
  m. Cordelia Eustace (dau of Sir Maurice Eustace of Castle Martin, "ancestor of the Earls of Baltinglass") not on Eustace01
a. John Alen of St. Wolstans
Commoners identifies the wife of John (son of Francis & nephew of the Archbishop) as Catherine, dau of Richard Nugent, baron of Delvin, by Catherine Fitzgerald, dau of Earl of Kildare. There was a Richard Nugent, baron of Delvin who around this time married a member of the Kildare family though his wife was Isabel, dau of Thomas Fitzgerald, son of an Earl of Kildare. Commoners goes on to show that John's successor (by Catherine) was another John Alen of St. Wolstans who was father, by "a daughter of the Lord Slane", of (inter alia) the Thomas who became a baronet. That showed the baronet as great-great-nephew of the Archbishop. However, TCB (vol I, Alen or Allen of St. Wolstons) identifies the baronet as great-nephew of the Archbishop, suggesting that Commoners inserted a generation too many. Following TCB, even though the dates suggest that there could have been another generation, we presume that it was this John who, according to TCB, died on 29.09.1616 having been father of the baronet by ...
  m. Anne Dillon (dau of Thomas Dillon of Riverstown) mother of Thomas, presumed also of the younger sons
  (1) Sir Thomas Alen or Allen, Bart of St. Wolstans (b c1566, dsp 07.03.1626-7)
m1. (after 1616) Mary Fleming (dsp 18.11.1623, sister of Christopher Fleming, Lord Slane)
  m2. Mary Preston (d before 18.06.1666, dau of Jenico Preston, 5th Viscount Gormanston (by Margaret St. Lawrence), m2. Simon Luttrell of Luttrellstown)
  (2) Robert Alen of St. Wolstans (dspms 25.10.1641)
  m. Jane Sarsfield (dau of John Sarsfield of Lucan)
  (3) William Alen of St. Wolstans
  (A) John Alen of St. Wolstans (d young)
  (4) Nicholas Alen of St. Wolstans
  m. Aminet Barnewall (dau of Patrick Barnewall of Crickstown)
(A) James Alen of St. Wolstans
  Commoners identifies James's wife as Anne, dau of Thomas Dillon of Riverston (by Anne, dau of Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown), sister of Sir Robert Dillon of Riverston, Lord Chief Justice, "of the family of the Earls of Roscommon". However, the dates support TCB's showing such a lady as being 2 generations earlier.
  (i) Patrick Alen of St. Wolstans (a 1691, General)
m1. Mary Browne (dau of John Browne of Castle Browne)
  (a) Francis Alen 'of St. Wolstans' (MP)
  m. Frances Whyte (dau of Charles Whyte of Leixlip)
  ((1)) Mary Alen
  m. (1734) Edward (Plunkett), 12th Lord Dunsany
  ((2))+ other issue - Catherine, Jane
  (b) James Alen
  (c) Teresa Alen
  m1. James Donalan of co. Meath
  m2. Standish O'Grady of Elton
  (d) Honora Alen
  m. (John) O''Grady of Kilballyowen
  (e) Dorothy Alen
  m. Adam Loftus, Viscount Lisburne ??
  m2. ?? Dowdall (dau/heir of Sir Luke Dowdall, Bart, by Mary, dau of Daniel Byrne of Cabinteely)
  (f) Matthew Alen 'of St. Wolstans' (d unm)
  (g) Anthony Alen 'of St. Wolstans'
  m. Mary Wall (dau of Ulick Wall of Pollardstown)
  ((1)) Ulick Wall Alen 'of St. Wolstans' (dsp)
  (h) Michael Alen (d unm)
  (i) Luke Alen (Major General)
  m. (05.10.1762) Marie Charlotte Adelaide de Behague (sister of General Count de Behague)
  ((1)) Luke John Patrick Alen 'of St. Wolstans' (Lt. Colonel)
  m. Hannah Marguerite Creaghe (dau of John Creaghe, sister of Richard of Castle Park)
  ((A)) Anna Maria Alen
  m. (22.06.1829) Thomas John Wybault Swettenham of Swettenham Hall
  ((B))+ other issue- Luke John Henry (dsp?, Captain), Augusta Georgiana
  iii. John Alen, Archbishop of Dublin, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b 1475-6, d 28.07.1534)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, Alen of St. Wolstans)
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