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Families covered: Alston of Assington, Alston of Bradwell Abbey, Alston of Chelsea, Alston of Edwardston, Alston of Marlesford, Alston of Newton, Alston of Odell

John Alston of Newton
1. William Alston of Newton
  m. Ann Symons (dau of Thomas Symons)
  A. Edward or Edmund Alston of Saxham or Sayham Hall, Newton
  m. Elizabeth Coleman (dau of John Coleman)
  i. William Alston of Saxham or Sayham Hall, Newton
  m. Margaret Holmsted (dau of (Henry?) Holmsted of Maplested)
  a. William Alston
  m. _ Neuce (dau of _ Neuce of Hadham)
  (1) William Alston of Marlesford (d 1641, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Avise Pitman (dau of Jeffrey Pitman of Woodbridge)
  (A) Samuel Alston of Marlesford
  m. Alice Nicholson (dau of Francis Nicholson of Chapelle)
  (i) Samuel Alston of Marlesford
  m. Elizabeth Wescomb (dau of Gregory Wescomb of Eltham)
  (a)+ issue - William (of Gray's Inn), 3 daughters
  (B) Avise Alston
  m. Sir Thomas Foster (son of the Lord Chief Justice)
  (C) Elizabeth Alston
  m. Thomas Mann (Usher of the Rolls)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp, of the Inner Temple), Mary (d unm)
  b. Edward Alston of Boxford
  c. Peter Alston(e) of Bramford
  The following information comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Alston of Ipswich).
  m. Elizabeth Pettow (dau of Robert Pettow of Framisden)
  (1) Edward Alstone of Ipswich (a 1664)
  m. Elizabeth Richardson (dau of William Richardson of Halsted)
  (A) John Alstone (b c1636, a 1664)
  m. Dorothy Reinolds of Ipswich
d. Thomas Alston of Ayson/Alvestone and/or Polstead or Portshead
  m. Frances Blomfield (dau of Simon Blomevill or Blomfield of Monk's Illey)
  (1) William Alston (d unm 1637, of the Inner Temple)
  (2) Sir Thomas Alston, Sheriff, 1st Bart of Odell (d 1678)
  m. Elizabeth St. John (d 08.09.1677, dau of Sir Rowland St. John by Sybella Vaughan)
  (A) Thomas Alston (b c1646, d unm 02.06.1668)
  (B) Sir Rowland Alston, 2nd Bart of Odell (b c1650, bur 24.09.1697)
  The following is partly supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Crewe of Stene and of Newbold Verdun', p839).
  m. Temperance Crewe (d 18.10.1728, dau of Thomas Crewe, 2nd Lord of Stene)
  (i) Sir Thomas Alston, 3rd Bart of Odell (d unm 12.1714)
  (ii) Sir Rowland Alston, 4th Bart of Odell (b c1678, d 02.01.1759)
  m. Elizabeth Raynes (b 1697-8, d 12.08.1742, dau of Captain Thomas Raynes)
  (a) Sir Thomas Alston, 5th Bart of Odell (d 18.07.1774)
  m. Catherine Davis Bovey (dau of Doctor _ Bovey)
  partner unknown
((1)) Thomas Alston of Odell (d 1823)
  The following information comes from BLG1952 ('Lloyd-Jones (formerly Alston) of Harrold Hill, formerly of Odell Castle').
  m. Elizabeth Raynsford of Brixworth Hall
  ((A)) Justinian Alston of Odell Castle had issue
  m. Elizabeth (or Mary) Kerr (dau of General John Manners Kerr)
  (b) Sir Rowland Alston, Sheriff of Bedfordshire, 6th Bart of Odell (b c1726, dsp 29.06.1790 or 19.06.1791, Colonel)
  m. Gertrude Durnford (sister of Stillingfleet Durnford of the Tower)
  (c) Anne Alston
  m. Robert Pye (rector of Odell)
(d)+ other issue - Elizabeth (d unm 05.05.1756), others (d infant - Temperance, Anne, Rachael)
  (iii) Vere John Alston (b c1685, d 1762, rector of Odell)
  m. Sarah (d 02.02.1719-20)
  (a) Temperance Alston (b c1716, d 1742)
  m. Arthur Bedford (vicar of Sharnbrook and Poddington)
  ((1)) Temperance Bedford
  m. Daniel Shipton of Husborn Crawley (rector of Wavendon)
  ((A)) Charlotte Shipton (d 1837)
  m. (1807) Rev. Charles Orlebar
  ((2)) Ann Bedford
  m. John Kent of Wavendon
  (iv) Mary Alston
m. Serjeant James Selby of Wavendon
  (v) Elizabeth Alston
  m1. _ Stuart (General)
  m2. _ Rowe
  (vi) Anne Alston (dsp)
  m. Richard Mead of Harrold
  (vii)+ 5 other sons + 3 other daughters
  (C) Frances Alston
  m. Sir John Pickering of Titchmarsh (b c1640, bur 03.04.1703)
  (D) Elizabeth Alston
  m1. Stavely Stanton of Birchmoor
  m2. Montague Pickering (brother of Sir John)
(3) Sir Edward Alston (of the Inner Temple)
  m. Esther Ashcombe (dau of Sir William Ashcombe of Ascot)
  (A) Catharine Alston
  m. _ Wiseman of Northamptonshire
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, John, Charles (d 1714, archdeacon of Essex)
  (4) John Alston of Pavenham (of the Inner Temple)
  m. Dorothy Temple (dau of Sir John Temple of Stanton)
  (A) William Alston (dsp)
  m. _ Brooks
  (B) John Alston (4th son)
  m. _ Wallis
  (C) Frances Alston
  m. Edward Reynolds
  (D) Elizabeth Alston
m. William Crofts
  (E) Mary Alston
  m. John Leman
  (F) Dorothy Alston
  m. Thomas Wells
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Sarah
  (5) Frances Alston (d 01.1650-1)
  m. (05.1646) William Monson, Viscount Castlemaine (b 1607, d 1673)
  e. John Alston of Stisted 'of Otton Belcham'
  The following information comes from Visitation (Essex, 1634, Alston).
  m. Anne Crachrood (dau of Thomas Crachrood of Topesffeld)
  (1) Elizabeth Alston
  m. Edmond Drury of Saffam/Swaffham
  (2) Anne Alston
  m. Francis Rowley of Burnt Pelham
  (3)+ other issue - Lestrange (b c1600,a 1634), Mathew, John, Henery (d young?), Henery, Thomas, William, Susan
  ii. Thomas Alston of Edwardston, Newton
  m1. Dorothy Holmsted (dau of Henry Holmsted of Maplested)
a. Edward Alston of Edwardston
  m. Margaret Penning (dau of Arthur Penning of Kettleborough)
  (1) Sir Edward Alston (President of the College of Physicians)
  m. Susan Hudson (dau of Christopher Hudson of Norwich)
  (A) Mary Alston (bur 11.09.1660)
  m. (12.1647) Sir James Langham, 2nd Bart of Cottesbroke (b 1620, d 08.1699)
  (B) Sarah Alston (dsp 02.11.1692)
  m1. George Grimstone (son of Sir Harbottle, Bart)
m2. (1656) John Seymour, 4th Duke of Somerset (dsp 29.04.1675)
  m3. (c07.1682, sep) Henry Hare, 2nd Lord Coleraine (bpt 21.04.1636, d 04.07.1708)
  (2) Sir Joseph Alston, 1st Bart of Chelsea, later of Bradwell Abbey (d 05.1628)
  m. Mary Crookenberg (dau of _ Crookenberg of Bergen-op-zoom)
  (A) Sir Joseph Alston of Bradwell Abbey, 2nd Bart of Chelsea (d 14.03.1688-9)
  m. Elizabeth Thompson (dau of Maurice Thompson of Haversham)
  (i) Sir Joseph Alston, 3rd Bart of Chelsea (bur 29.01.1715-6)
  m. (1690) Penelope Evelyn (dau of Sir Edward Evelyn, Bart of Long Ditton)
  (a) Sir Joseph Alston, 4th Bart of Chelsea (dsp)
  m. Lucy Thursby (dau of Richard Thursby)
  (b) Sir Evelyn Alston, 5th Bart of Chelsea (dsp 1783)
  m. (03.1766) ?? (Mrs. May of Mary la Bonne)
  (c)+ other issue - Penelope (b 1694), Elizabeth (b 1701), Theodosia, Die Patris
  (ii) Edward Alston (rector of Wivenhoe)
  m. Elizabeth (Mrs. Wells)
  (a) daughter
  (B) Edward Alston
  m. Mary Thompson (dau of Captain _ Thompson)
(i) Joseph Alston
  (C) Isaac Alston of Edwardston
  m. Mary Seile (dau of Henry Seile of London)
  (i) Joseph Alston of Edwardston
  m. Laurentia Trumbull (dau of Rev. Charles Trumbull, niece of Sir William, Secretary)
  (a) Margaret Alston
  m. _ Soame
  (b) Anne or Mary Margaret Alston named Anne in BEB1841
  m. Francis Hare, Bishop of Chichester
(c)+ other issue - Joseph, Charlotte
  (D) Clare Alston (d 12.10.1669)
  m. John Wittering (Wittewrong) (son of Sir John, Bart of Rothampstead)
  (E) Mary Alston (dsp)
  m. James Clayton (son of Sir Thomas of La Vache)
  (3) Penning Alston of London presumed father of ...
  (A) Sarah Alston
  m. (by 1679) Sir Edmund Harington, 4th Bart of Ridlington (d 1708)
  m2. ??
  b. Thomas Alston of Newton or Assington
  m. Elizabeth West (dau of Thomas West of London)
  Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Alston of Assington) shows a Thomas Alston of Assington (father of Thomas of Assington by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas West of London) as son of Thomas Alston of Newton by Dorothy (dau of Henry Hempsted). BEB1841 shows him as by his father's second marriage.
  (1) Thomas Alston of Newton or Assington
  Shown in Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Alston of Newton) as son of Thomas Alston of Newton was ...
  c. Edmund Alston of Newton
  m. Rachael Skinner (dau of Richard Skinner of Brayntree)
  (1) Edmund Alston of Newton (a 1664)
  m. Sarah Collard (dau of William Collard of Barniston)
  (A) Judith Alston
  m. Francis Gutteridge
  (B)+ other issue (a 1664) - Edmond (b c1650), Sarah
  (2) Samuel Alston of Newton (a 1664)
  m. Ellinor Fryer (dau of Hamlett Fryer of Stansfield)
  (A) Ellinor Alston
  m. _ Duncombe
  (B)+ other issue (a 1664) - Samuel (b c1643), Edmund, Fryer, Rachaell, Dorothy, Parnell
  (3) Edward Alston (a 1664)
  m. Margaret Barker
  (A)+ issue - Edward, Thomas, Samuel, Edmond, Mary, Susan, Rachell
  (4) Thomas Alston of Newton

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Alston of Odell), BEB1841 (Alston of Chelsea)
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