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Families covered: Archbold of Acton, Archbold of Alnwick, Archbold of Cawledge Park, Archbold of Davidstown, Archbold of London

William Archbold of Cawledge Park, Alnwick (b 1617-8, d 14.07.1700)
m1. Joamnna (d 06.04.1651)
1. Ralph Archbold (bpt 04.08.1650)
  m. (1678) Jane Selby
2.+ other issue - Dorothy (d 19.10.14676), Elizabeth (bur 21.10.1659)
m2. Margaret (d 14.02.1675/6)
4. John Archbold of Cawledge Park (b 1653-4, d 31.05.1730)
  m. Isabel (b c1653, bur 01.12.1734)
  A. William Archbold (bpt 16.09.1678, dvp 20.11.1693)
B. Edward Archbold of Cawledge Park, North Acton & Old Felton (bpt 22.05.1685, d 22.09.1764)
  m. (12.10.1719) Dorothy Lisle of Newton-on-the-moot (b 1700-1, bur 30.04.1769)
  i. John Archbold of Acton then Boulmer (bpt 18.04.1722, d 22.06.1805)
  m. (04.1752) Jane Whitehead (b 1732, d 02.10.1803, dau of Joshua Whitehead of Boulmer)
  a. Elizabeth Archbold (bpt 15.11.1753)
  m. (08.01.1778) Edward Cook of Togston
  b.+ other issue - Edward, John (bpt 05.09.1773), Dorothy (bpt 02.08.1756, d 16.03.1770), Jane (bpt 18.04.1758, d 14.10.1766), Margaret (b 1760-1, d 16.06.1780), Harriet (b 1762-3, d 11.05.1782), Jane (b c09.1768, d 25.05.1769), Dorothy (bpt 1770, bur 15.04.1779)
  ii. William Archbold of Acton possibly fits here
  m. (03.06.1765) Eleanor Ancrum of Wooler
  a.+ issue - Edward (bpt 13.08.1766, bur 29.03.1769), William (bpt 12.07.1768), Robert (bpt 08.05.1770)
iii. Ann Archbold (bpt 10.03.1725/6)
  m. ((23.04.1759) Adam Walker of Wooler
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 16.03.1723/4, d before 1752), Edward (a 1757), George (d 01.01.1778), Robert (d before 1752), Jane (bpt 02.08.1720, d 09.12.1727), Elizabeh (bur 10.12.1727), Isabel (bpt 20.03.1727/8, a 1752), Jane (bpt 31.01.1729/30, a 1763)
  C. John Archbold of Cawledge Park (bpt 25.09.1690)
  m. (c02.1714) Barbara Cook of Warkworth
  i.+ issue - George (bpt 12.12.1724, d 14.12.1726?), William (bpt 31.05.1732, d 17.03.1732/3), Elizabeth (bpt 08.09.1722), Jane (bpt 28.05.1729, d 31.10.1732), Margaret (bpt 06.12.1730, bur 16.04.1764)
  D. Ralph Archbold (bpt 29.12.1691, bur 22.04.1767, Captain RN)
  m1. Jane Thompson (d 06.08.1737, dau of Adam Thompson of Alnwick by Barbara Salkeld)
  m2. (c04.1746) Elizabeth Forster of Berwick (bur 24.05.1754)
  E.+ other issue - William (bpt 08.11.1694, d 27.03.1712), Margaret (bpt 29.01.1676/7), Margaret (bpt 29.01.1676/7), Isabella (bpt 03.10.1680), Jane (bpt 03.01.1682/3, d 25.09.1698, Elizabeth (bpt 06.12.1687)
5. Mary Archbold (d 07.09.1675)



?? Archbold of Louth, Lincolnshire
1. William Archbold of London (rector of St. Peter's in Cornhill)
  m. Jane Billingsley (dau of William Billingsley of London)
  A. Sir Henry Archbold of London & Litchfield, 'of Abbot's Bromley' (Staffordshire)
  i. Mary Archbold
  m1. (Arthur) Fleetwood (son/heir of James, Bishop of Worcester)
  m2. Sir John Floyer of Lichfield (b c1652, a 1685)
  ii. Barbara Archbold
  m. George Legge, 1st Baron of Dartmouth (d 25.10.1691)
  B. Bridget Archbold
  m1. John West of London
  m2. Anthony Thaire of London
  C. Jane Archbold
  m. Robert Gardner of London



BLG1886 reports that "The Archbolds were in early times titular Barons of Timolin, co. Kildare" and starts with 2 cousins whom we show as grandsons of ...
?? Archbold
1. ?? Archbold
  A. John Archbold of Blackrath, co. Kildare
2. ?? Archbold
A. James Archbold of Dublin & Davidstown (d c1804)
  m. Eleanor (Helena) Kavanagh (dau of Thomas Kavanagh of Borris by Susan Butler, sister of John, 17th Earl of Ormonde & Ossory)
  i. Robert Archbold of Davidstown (dsp 1855, MP)
  m1. _ Copeland (dsp 1842)
  m2. (06.03.1848) Mary Clare Grace (dau of Oliver D.J. Grace of Mantua Hoiuse)
  ii. James Archbold of Davidstown had issue
  m. (1842) Mary Power (dau of Nicholas Mahon Power of Faithlegg)
  iii. John Archbold
  iv. daughter
  m. Robert Cassidy of Monasterevan
  B Margaret Archbold possibly of this generation
  m. _ Power
  i. Margaret Archibald (or Archbold?) Power
  m1. (1794) William Barron of Carrick Barron then Cadiz (b 1745)
  m2. Le Chev Fitzgerald (Colonel "of the Spanish Service")

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