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Families covered: Arnot of Balcormo, Arnot of Fernie (Fairnie or Fairney), Arnott of Friarton, Arnot of Woodmylne (Woodmiln)

Robert Arnot of Woodmylne (d 09.09.1513 Flodden, Comptroller of Scotland, Captain of Stirling Castle)
m. Janet Balvaird ("daughter of the Guidman of Glentarkie")
1. Robert Arnot of Woodmylne (d 05.1558)
  m. Elizabeth Balcomy (sister/coheir of Thomas Balcomy of Pinkerton)
  A. John Arnot (dvp)
  i. John Arnot of Woodmylne
m. Christian Fairnie (dau of Andrew Fairnie (Ferny) of that ilk)
  a. John Arnot of Woodmylne, Pitcruvie & Pittollie (Pitlowie) (3rd son?)
  'The House of Arnot' shows this John, who sold Woodmylne to Sir John Arnot of Berswick, as married to Catherine Murray (dau of David of Kyppo, sister of Andrew, 1st Lord Balvaird) and finishes this line (p61) by showing them as father of another John. 'RedBookScot', which shows the sale of Woodmylne being done by agreement between this John and his son, shows Catherine as his son's wife and shows this John as married to ...
  m. (by 26.01.1599) Elizabeth Aytoun (dau of Andrew Aytoun of Dunmure)
  (1) John Arnott of Friarton
  m. Katherine Murray (dau of David Murray, 2nd of Letterbannochy)
  (A) David Arnott of Friarton then Auchtermuchty (a 1671)
  m. Eupham Fernie
  (i) William Arnot (a 1671)
  (2) James Arnott
  b. Margaret Arnot
  m. (mcrt 14.05.1590) William Blair (son of Alexander of Balthayock)
c.+ other issue - William (dsp?), Andrew of Kilquhiss
  B. Andrew Arnot (a 1553, tutor of Woodmylne)
  'The Book of Arnot' (p162) shows Andrew as m. Christian, dau/heir of Andrew Fernie of that ilk, but 'The Book of Arnot' (p60) shws her as wife of his nephew, John of Woodmylne (above). 'The Book of Arnot' (p162) then shows Andrew & Christina as father of the following Robert. Provisionally, we follow 'RedBookScot' in showing Robert as Andrew's younger brother.
  C. Robert Arnot of Kilquhis, Newton & Fearnie (a 1616, Chamberlain of Fife)
  m. Margaret Averie (dau of John Averie (or Cahoun), Bailie of Falkland)
  i. Robert Arnot, younger of Newton, later Balfour, Lord of Burleigh (d 10.08.1663)
  m. (1606) Margaret Balfour, Baroness Balfour of Burleigh (d 06.1639)
  ii. Sir James Arnot of Fairnie (Fernie)
'The Book of Arnot' shows Sir James's 2nd wife as Anne Bruce but then mentions a possible 3rd marriage (reported in TSP (vol 8, p495)) to Elizabeth Wemyss (mcrt 16.089.1638). However, TSP (vol 3, p485) shows the mcrt date for Anne Bruce as April 1641. 'The Book of Arnot' shows Helen Richardson as mother of all the children but 'RedBookScot', which does not mention Elizabeth Wemyss but does provide various christening dates, shows Anne Bruce as mother of the later children. Provisionally we follow 'The Book of Arnot' in showing all the children as by ...
  m1. (mcrt 11.1619) Helen Richardson (dau/coheir of Robert Richardson of East Barnes (Barnsmuir) by Christian Arnot)
  a. Sir Robert Arnot of Fairney (bpt 20.12.1620, dsp 07.1642)
  m. (mcrt 06.04.1641) Grissel Bruce (dau of George Bruce of Carnock)
  b. James Arnot of Fairnie
m. Jane/Jean Balfour (dau of Robert Arnot, later Balfour of Burleigh, cousin)
  (1) James Arnot of Fairnie (a 1682)
  (2)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 05.02.1662), Barbara (bpt 03.08.1660), Margaret (Bpt 24.02.1669)
  c. George Arnot, later of Grange (Major, Lt. Governor of Dumbarton Castle, 4th son)
m. Susan Leslie (dau of Robert Leslie, son of 1st Lord Lindores)
  (1) Anna Arnot
  m. James Ogilvie of Boyne (son of Lord Boyne)
  d. Margaret Arnot (b c1628, d 15.12.1653)
  m. Sir James Balfour of Denmiln, 1st Bart (Lord Lyon)
  e.+ other issue - William (Major), Mungo (d unm)
  m2. (mcrt 16.08.1638) Elizabeth Wemyss (dau of Sir James Wemyss of Bogie)
  m3. (04.1641) Anne Bruce (dau of Sir George Bruce of Carnock)
  iii. Henry (Harrie ) Arnot of Conland
  m. Margaret Broun (dau of Robert Broun of Pitkenzie)
  a.+ issue - Robert, James
  iv. Mungo Arnot (Captain)
  v. Barbara Arnot
  m. Patrick Seytoun (Seaton) of Lathrisk
  vi. Margaret Arnot ("Lady Bothwellhaugh") mentioned by 'The Book of Arnot' but not by 'RedBookScot'
vii. Helen Arnot mentioned by 'RedBookScot' but not by 'The Book of Arnot'
  m. John Bonar of Lumquat (m2. Christine, dau of Sir James Melville of Halhill)
  D. Elizabeth Arnot
2. Peter Arnot
  m. Helen Abercromby (dau/heir of William Abercromby of Balcormo (by Janet Scrymgeour) son of Sir Robert son of Thomas)
  The following is supported by 'The House of Arnot' (p147+) with some support from 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p256).
  A. Peter Arnot of Balcormo
m. Helena Traill (b 1563, d 25.02.1606/7, dau of (John) Traill of Blebo)
  i. Robert Arnot of Balcormo
  m. (1593) Sarah Kyninmonth (dau of Patrick Kyninmonth)
  a. John Arnot of Balcormo (a 1658)
  m. (1624) Lilias Spens (dau of ?? Spens of Lathallan)
  (1) John Arnot of Balcormo
  m1. (1649) Marion Lucklaw (dau of Simon Lucklaw in Newton of Rires)
  Wood disagrees with 'The House of Arnot' by suggesting that John & Marion had a son John (b 1649, d young) & Alexander (a 1670, 'of Balcormo') and that John (father of Hugh) was nephew of Alexander. Provisionally, we follow 'The House of Arnot'.
  (A) Simon Arnot (d unm)
  (B) John Arnot of Balcormo (d 1721)
  m. Isobel Brown (dau of Captain David Brown)
  (i) Hugo Arnot of Balcormo (b 28.08.1680, d 29.06.1768, 2nd son?)
  m1. (28.08.1704) Christian Cook (d 12.01.1722, dau/coheir of James Cook of Pittenween by Anne, dau of Captain John Aitchinson of Pittenweem)
  (a) Christian Arnot (b 13.12.1710, d 05.12.1773)
  m. (1745) Duncan Pollock in Leith (b c1714, d 29.06.1765)
  ((1)) Hugh Pollock of Edinburgh, later Arnot of Balcormo (b 19.12.1749, d 28.11.1786)
  m. (07.07.1770) Margaret Bennet (d 1826, dau of William Bennet by Margaret, dau of James MacDuff of Turfachie)
  ((A)) Hugo Robert Arnot of Balcormo (b 18.07.1773, d 1838, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. Margaret Syston
  m2. Marianne Murray
  ((B)) Margaret Arnot (b 12.09.1774)
  m. Samuel Tyler
  ((C)) Lillias Arnot (b 22.09.1779)
  m. Asbury Dickens of Virginia
  ((D))+ issue - Hugo (b 30.07.1772, d 26.08.1772), John (b 30.11.1776), Laurence (b 12.03.1781), Christian (b 03.04.1771), Jean (b 21.03.1784, d young), Bennet (b 09.05.1786, d young)
  (b)+ other issue - John (b 01.09.1705, d 09.05.1706), John (b 13.02.1707, d unm 21.04.14752, doctor), James (b 09.08.1708, d 03.05.1709), Isobel (b 23.07.1709, d 18.03.1771)
  m2. (01.08.1722) Christian Jossy (d 16.01.1741)
  (f) Jean Arnot (b 01.10.1723, d 16.01.1741)
  (ii) Helen Arnot
  m1. James Arbuthnot (shipmaster in Leith)
  (a) daughter (d unm)
  m2. Patrick Hay (shipmaster in Leith)
  (b) Christian Hay
  m. John Jamieson of Leith
  (iii)+ other issue including John (d young)
  (C) Lilias Arnot
  m. Walter Brabener in Largo
  m2. (sp) "a Norwegian lady" of Brenig in Edanger in Brasper, Norway
  (2) Alexander Arnot, later of Balcormo (a 1664, dsp 1676?)
(3) Robert Arnot of East Rhind (Perthshire)
  m. Margaret Moncrieff
  (A)+ issue - Robert, William
  (4) Helen Arnot
  m. James Spens in Letham
  (5)+ other issue - James, Catherine
  ii. Elizabeth Arnot (b 1572-3, d 18.06.1648)
  m1. David Lentrain of New Grange
  a. Elizabeth Lentrain (d 30.09.1687)
  m. John Lindsay, younger of Wormiston (bur 20.02.1666)
  m2. (after 06.1648) Patrick Lindsay of Wormiston (b 1571, d 06.1651)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Steven, George, William, James, Peter, Henry

Main source(s): 'The House of Arnot and some of its branches' (James Arnott, 1918, p58+) with a little input/support from 'RedBookScot' ('Arnold of Woodmiln (1st family)') with other input/support as reported above
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