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Families covered: Arscott of Arscott, Arscott of Dunsland, Arscott of Holsworthy, Bickford of Dunsland
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John Arscott of Arscott (b c1494, d 01.05.1563)
m. Phillipa Battyn (dau/heir of Humphrey Battyn of Dunsland)
1. Humphrey Arscott of (Arscott and) Dunsland (b 1529-30, d 12.04.1580)
  m. Ellin Hatch (dau of Thomas Hatch of Allar)
  A. John Arscott of (Arscott and) Dunsland (b 1557-8, bur 02.07.1623)
  m. Mary Monke (bur 01.01.1630-1, dau of Thomas Monke of Powderidge)
  i. Arthur Arscott of Dunsland (a 1620, bur 21.10.1662)
  m. Ebbott Yeo (bur 12.05.1641, dau of Leonard Yeo of North Petherwin)
a. Mary Arscott (bpt 06.01.1600-1, a 1620, dsp(vp?))
  b. Grace Arscott, heiress of Dunsland (b c1601), bur 13.01.1686-7)
  m. (09.12.1634) William Bickford of Bickford Town in Plympton St. Mary (bur 03.11.1659)
  (1) Arscott Bickford of Dunsland (bur 19.06.1693)
  m1. (27.12.1660) Mary Parker (bur 01.09.1675, dau of Edmund Parker of Boringdon)
(A) Edward Bickford (dvp bur 30.09.1677)
  m2. Honor Prideaux (dau of John Prideaux)
  (B) Honor Bickford (bpt 14.11.1679)
  m. (12.02.1699-70) William Harris
  m3. (08.07.1683) Bridget Prideaux (dau of Edmund Prideaux of Prideaux Place by Bridget Moyle)
  (C) William Bickford of Dunsland (bpt 02.09.1684, bur 26.02.1740-1)
  m1. (12.11.1707) Bridget Tremayne (bpt 21.10.1684, bur 11.02.1708-9, dau of Edmund Tremayne of Sydenham)
  m2. (14.05.1712) Damaris Hoblyn (bur 25.07.1729, dau/heir of Edward Hoblyn of Nanswhyden)
  (i) Arscott Bickford of Okehampton then Dunsland (bpt 05.02.1712-3, d unm bur 26.04.1771)
(ii)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 25.01.1714-5, d 16.01.1715-6), Damaris (bpt 23.05.1716, bur 22.05.1717), William (bpt 12.06.1717, bur 30.05.1745, cleric), Edward (bpt 25.08.1718, bur 12.07.1743)
  m3. (07.11.1733) Elizabeth Richards of Okehampton (dau of Rev. John Richards of Bradford)
  (vi) George Bickford of Dunsland (bur 27.05.1795)
  m. Mary Palfreyman of Molland (bur 10.11.1803)
  (a) Arscott Bickford of Dunsland (bpt 14.10.1773, dsp unm bur 25.07.1817)
  (b) Mary Bickford of Dunsland
  m. (1790) William Holland Coham of Coham (b 1763-4, d 15.03.1825, rector of Halwill)
  (c)+ other issue - Bridget (bpt 09.12.1763), Elizabeth (bpt 14.10.1773, dsp 21.01.1820)
(D)+ other issue - Edmond (bpt 21.10.1685), Nicholas (bpt 23.10.1689, bur 31.07.1690), Arscott (bur 19.02.1695-6), Arscott (bur 22.05.1686), Bridget (bpt 13.02.1690-1, bur 01.01.1693-4)
  (2) Elizabeth Bickford (bpt 26.06.1639, a 1659)
  m. (Henry) Rowland
(3)+ other issue - Mary (bur 29.03.1635-6), Frances (bpt 29.11.1637)
  ii. John Arscott 'of Dunsland' (bpt 22.05.1585-6, bur 14.07.1646)
  m. Jaquet Cottell (bur 21.01.1655-6, dau of Walter Cottell of Yeombridge)
  a. Walter Arscott (bur 22.11.1683)
  m. (12.10.1670) Rose (widow of _ Parnell)
  b. Mary Arscott
  m. (03.08.1654) John Treubody
  c. Ibbote Arscott (bpt 02.03.1623-4)
  iii. Margery Arscott (bpt 17.01.1578-9)
  m. Lewis Stukeley of Aston
  iv. Frances Arscott
m. George Chilcott of Stogumber
  v.+ other issue - Thomas, Humphry, Ellinor (bpt 24.05.1580, bur 27.08.1580), Anne, Mary
  B. Lewis Arscott of Abbots Bickenton (a 1620, 1649)
  m. (04.04.1594) Frances Wood (dau of Thomas Wood of Axworthie)
  i. Dorothy Arscott
  m. (28.04.1640) Rev. Edward Watson
  ii.+ other issue (a 1620) - John (b c1597), Robert, Arthur, Humphrey, Thomas, Emanuel, Phillipa, Margaret (but 15.08.1597)
  C. Dorothy Arscott
  m. William Kellaway of Mawgan
  D. Honor Arscott
  m. William Levelis of Castle Horneck (d 1633)
  E. Anne Arscott
m. John Rouse of Killworthy
  F. Philippa Arscott (a 1620)
2. John Arscott of Egg Buckland (d 10.05.1564)
  m. Marie Savorie (a 1564, dau of Christopher Savorie of Totnes)
  A. Phililipa Arscott (b 02.1564)
3. Thomas Arscott (bur 17.04.1613, 4th son)
  m. (07.04.1567) Mary Fitz (bur 21.05.1608)
4. Halnet Arscott (a 1564, bur 02.12.1619, vicar of Shebbear, 7th son)
m. (18.07.1586) Mary Squire (bur 04.04.1636, dau of Thomas Squire)
  A. George Arscott (bpt 04.05.1587, bur 18.03.1668-9)
  m. (05.11.1612) Frances Collacott (bur 21.03.1672, dau of Cyprian Collacott)
  i.+ issue - Halnet (bpt 31.01.1617-8, bur 09.06.1656), Mary (bpt 26.09.1613), Ann (bpt 02.07.1615)
5. Joane Arscott
  m. Anthony Leigh of Henford
6. Barbara Arscott
  m. Christopher Harris of Radford
7. Margery Arscott (d 1589)
  m. John Stoford
8. Agnes Arscott
  m. John Bligh of Bodmin
9.+ other issue - Nicholas (parson of Bideford), Edmund (d before 13.12.1563), George (a 1564), William



Thomas Arscott of Holsworthy (d 17.09.1562)
m. Agnes Bligh (dau of John Bligh of Bodmin)
1. William Arscott of Hollisworthie (Holsworthy) (b c1544)
  m. Julian Hender (dau of William Hender of Bottreaux Castle)
  A. Humphry Arscott of Holeworthie (Holsworthy) (d before 06.02.1609-10)
  m. (23.08.1596-7) Elizabeth Penkevill (dau of Francis Penkevill of Rossara)
  i. Rossacklea (Rositer) Arscott of Hollisworthie (Holsworthy) (a 1620)
  m. Gertrude Arundell (dau of George Arundell of Lanherne)
  a. Rosiclear Arscott of Hollisworthy (Holsworthy)
  m. Christyan (bur 01.03.1689-90)
(1)+ issue - Charles (bur 23.03.1704-5), Rosaclea (bpt 11.02.16789), William (bpt 10.04.1682, bur 11.10.1682), John (bpt 01.11.1683, bur 14.04.1685), Christian (bpt 03.02.1679-80), Gertrude (bpt 23.02.1680-1)
  b. John Arscott (bpt 07.08.1625)
  ii. Julian Arscott
  B. Anne Arscott
  m. Ralph Kete of St. Columb
  C. Joane Arscott
  m. John Rosuggan of St. Erme
  D. Mary Arscott
  m. (20.12.1590) Robert Treneyr
  i. Jane Treneyr
2. Fauston Arscott (d before 1592, youngest son?)
  A. Fauston Arscott (a 1605)
3.+ other issue - John of Bickington, Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Arscott of Dunsland) with some support for the upper section from Commoners (vol 1, Coham of Coham)
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