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Families covered: Arundell of Bideford, Arundell of Camborne, Arundell of Ley, Arundell of Menadarva, Arundel of Stoke Park (Stoke Bruers), Arundel of Trengwaiton

Nicholas Arundell
1. Walter Arundell
  A. Gregory Arundell (a 1657, rector of Sheviocke)
  m. Edith Crane (a 1657, sister of Sir Francis & Sir Richard (not Thomas) Crane)
  i. John Arundell (a 1638-9)
  m. Ursula
  a. John Arundell (bpt 1688)
  m. (1700) Mary Cole (widow)
  (1)+ issue - Mary (bpt 08.04.1701, bur 09.04.1701), Elizabeth (bpt 02.08.1702, bur 04.02.1703), Elizabeth (bpt 25.06.1704)
b. Gregory Arundell
  ii. Richard Arundell of Carslake (d before 23.03.1658)
  m. _ Hoblyn (dau of Thomas Hoblyn)
  a.+ issue - Francis (dsp 1687), Edith
  iii. Francis Arundel of Stoke Park, Hartwell & St. Andrew's, Northamptonshire (d 16.04.1654)
  m. Anne Crane (dau of John Crane of Loughton)
  a. Francis Arundel of Stoke Park, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (bur 03.02.1736, 4th son)
m. Felicia Wilmer (dau of William Wilmer of Sywell)
  (1) Francis Arundel of Stoke Park (Stoke Bruers) (bpt 03.05.1676, dvp bur 05.12.1712, MP)
  m. Isabella Wentworth (bur 18.01.1723-4, dau of Sir William Wentworth, sister of Thomas, Earl of Strafford)
  (A) Thomas Arundel of Stoke Park (dsp 27.09.1733)
  m. Harriet Wentworth (bur 14.12.1776, au of Peter Wentworth, brother of Thomas, Earl of Strafford)
  (B) Elizabeth Arundel (b 1709-10, dsp 27.06.1779)
  m1. (1729) William Pickering of Woodend in Blakesley (bur 30.01.1764)
  m2. (21.06.1764) Joseph Tordiffe (b c1730, d 18.12.1775, vicar of Horton & Piddington)
  (2) Thomas Arundel of Loughton (bpt 24.08.1688, 5th son)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 06.04.1754)
  (A) Felicia Arundel (dsp bur 22.06.1746)
  m. (22.06.1746) Robert Harding (b 1705-6, d 15.04.1767, rector of Ashton, vicar of Potterspury, m1. Mary Constantine, dau of Henry Huddleston of Sawson)
  (B) Anna Maria Arundel (b c1714, dsp 04.01.1805)
  m. (1759) Walter Griffiths (d 20.04.1792, rector of Grayton)
  (C)+ other issue - Francis of St. Andrew's (Northamptonshire) (dsp 16.03.1748-9, of the Inner Temple), Mary (d unm bur 26.08.1768)
  (3)+ other issue - John (bpt/bur 12.08.1678), William (bpt 31.12.1679, bur 01.08.1718), John (bpt 11.02.1680, bur 22.12.1707, rector of Great Hoguhton), Charles (bpt 14.03.1685-6, bur 17.11.1722), Edward (bpt 29.04.1689, bur 19.03.1730-1, rector of Great Hoghuton), Richard (bpt 18.12.1691, bur 27.07.1716), Felicia (bpt 18.06.1677, bur 04.01.1744-5), Anne (bpt 14.10.1684, bur 15.03.1684-5), Elizabeth (bpt 28.10.1687, bur 15.02.1730-1), Mary (bpt 08.09.1690, d 12.08.1692(
  b.+ other issue - John (a 1644-5, d infant?), John (bpt 17.04.1647, d by 1654), Francis (bur 28.05.1645), Dorothy (bpt 16.05.1648, bur 14.05.1649), Mary (bpt 12.04.1649, bur 03.04.1654), Dorothy (bpt 30.08.1650, d by 1654), Amme (bpt 10.10.1651, d 25.09.1661), Mary (bpt 06.04.0654, d unm 27.07.1676)
  v. David Arundell (a 1638-9)
  v. Dorothy Arundell
  m. Trebane Scawen
  iv. Mary Arundell
  m. Francis Reynolds
  B. Emanuel Arundel (bur 20.07.1649, rector of Stoke Bruere)
  m. Elizabeth (d 17.04.1638)
  i. Francis Arundel of Roade (bpt 06.12.1629)
  m. (30.12.1650) Elizabeth Hickes of London
  ii.+ other issue - Ricahrd (bpt 31.03.1633), John (bpt 25.01.1634), Dorothy (bpt 12.10.1628), Hester (bpt 0910.1631, bur 05.03.1635), Elizabeth (bpt 1637), Mary (bur 28.06.1649)



Sir Robert Arundell of Menadarva (Menedarva) in Camborne, Cornwall (d 1580)
m. Elizabeth Clopton (dau of William Clopton of Warwick
1. Christopher Arundell of Menadarva 'of Camborne'
m. (1583) Katharine Chiverton (bur 01.03.1617, dau of William Chiverton of Powle or Paul)
  A. William Arundell of Menadarva (d 1631)
  m. (1608) Dorcas Grosse (bur 06.01.1645, dau of Zeakiell (Ezekiel) Grosse of Camborne)
  i. Zeakiell / Ezekiel Arundell of Menadarva (b c1608, bur 11.05.1682)
  m. Margery or Margaret Bossaverne ## see here ##
  a. William Arundell of Menadarva (bpt 11.08.1639, a 1682)
  Commoners suggests that William dsp 1692 but Vivian shows that he had the following family.
  m. Katherine (bur 09.12.1699)
  (1) William Arundell of Menadarva (bur 10.12.1708)
  (A) William Arundell of Menadarva (bpt 26.01.1703)
(B)+ other issue - John (bpt 14.05.1705), Elizabeth (bpt 24.03.1704), Anna (bpt 05.02.1707)
  b. Margery Arundell (bpt 07/27.04.1641, bur 20.02.1642)
  ii. Robert Arundell (bpt 03.08.1617, bur 05.04.1654, 4th son)
  The following is supported by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Arundell of Menadarva and Trengwainton', p632).
  m. Elizabeth Pendarves of Roscrawe
  a. Robert Arundell (bpt 28.12.1650, bur 11.02.1651)
b. Nicholas Arundel (d 1683, in Malaga)
  (1) William Arundel of Menadarva & Trengwaiton (b 1683, bur 10.12.1708)
  m. (08.08.1701) Elizabeth Tremenheare (dau of John Tremenheere of Penzance)
  (A) William Arundel of Menadarva & Trengwaiton (bpt 26.01.1703-4, d 1748)
  m1. (1724) Jane Harris (dau of John Harris of Hayne)
  (i) William Arundel, later Arundel-Harris, of Menadarva & Trengwaiton (b 1725, d 1792)
  m1. Wilmot Daniell of Crane
  (a) William Arundel-Harris (d 1798, cleric)
  m. (1793) Mary Beard (d 1841, dau of John Beard of Hall Whyddon)
  ((1)) William Arundel-Harris of Lifton Park, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 17/18.09.1794, d 02.04.1865) had issue
  m. (19.09.1815) Mary Lucinda Webber (d 18.10.1871, dau of William Webber or Webbe of Exmouth)
  (b) John Arundel-Harris (cleric)
  m. Maria Sanders
  ((1))+ issue - William, Anna, Maria, Lydia, Laura (dsp 1820)
  (c) Arthur Arundel-Harris
  (d) Jane Arundel-Harris
  m. George John of Rosemorran
  (e) Elizabeth Arundel-Harris
  m. James Mackenzie
  (f) Wilmot Arundel-Harris
  m. Theophilus Daubuz
  (g) Lydia Arundel-Harris
  m. Rev. John Hole
  (h) Anne Arundel-Harris
  m. Rev. John Passmore
  m2. (sp) Frances Nicholls
  (ii) Jane Arundel
  m. _ Sterner
  m2. (sp) _ Pendarves (Mrs. Williams)
  (B) John Arundell (bpt 1.05.1705, rector of Cheriton FitzPayne) had issue
  m. Maria Sanders
  (C)+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 24.03.1704-5), Anne (bpt 05.02.1707-8)
(2) daughter
  iii. Francis Arundell of Trengwainton in Madron (b 1619-20, d 10.08.1697)
  m. Dorothy Saffin (b 17.12.1684, dau of John Saffin of Sutton)
  a. William Arundell
  This is the William who is shown by Vivian as married to Jane, sister of John Harris of Hayne & Kenegie, and fater of the WIlliam who m. Wilmott Daniell. Provisionaly, we are following Commoners and show that William above.
  b. Ann Arundell
  m. (29.04.1690) Francis St. Aubyn of Crowan
c. Dorothy Arundell
  iv. Katherine Arundell (b c1616)
  m. (13.04.1629) Richard Pendarves of Pendarves (b 1596, d 1674)
  v.+ other issue - William (b c1609), John (bpt 14.08.1614), Thomas (bur 15.09.1621), James (bpt 16.11.1622), Christopher (bpt 17.06.1627), Margery (bpt 27.04.1641, bur 20.02.1642)
  B. Thomas Arundell (dsp)
  C. John Arundell 'of Camborne'
  m. (29.10.1617) Anne Pendarves (dau of Alexander Pendarves)
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 20.09.1622/ 07.09.1623), Elizabeth (bpt 02/23.05.1626)
  D. Margery Arundell
  m. John Bosavarne
  E. Elizabeth Arundell
  m. David Grosse
2. John Arundell
  m. (1583) Elizabeth Trenwith
3. Robert Arundell
  m. (16.04.1583) Elizabeth Myllyton (dau/coheir of William Myllyton of Pengersick, widow of Thomas Treunwith alias Trenwith, m3. Thomas Hearle)
4. Julian(a) Arundell
  Commoners suggests that Julian married a Carew of Antonie but Viivan reports that she married ...
  m. Richard Antorne
5. Jacquetta Arundell
  m. _ Bosawsack of Bosawsack
6.+ other issue - William, Richard, Mary, Blanche



Alexander Arundell of Lappford, Devon (a 1480?)
m. Jane Lanyon (dau of William Lanyon)
1. Thomas Arundell 'of Clifton' of Ley (d 03.03.1574)
  m. Thomasine Cole (bur 12.1586, dau of Thomas Cole of Slade, widow of Roger Grenville)
  A. Alexander Arundell 'of Ley' of Clifton (b c1549)
  m. Katherine Hill (dau of Robert Hill of Helligan)
  B. John Arundell of Bliston
i. John Arundell
  C. Robert Arundell 'of Bideford' (bur 08.07.1600)
  m. (27.06.1580) Anne Salterne
  i. Alexander Arundell 'of Bideford' (bpt 08.05.1582, d 05.10.1627)
  a. Richard Arundell of Northam (bpt 17.03.1604)
  (1)+ kissue - John (bur 29.12.1637), Alexander (bpt 10.11.1639, bur 06.04.1641), Sarah (bpt 15.08.1637), Honour (bpt 27.01.1640)
  b.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 28.05.1606), Robert (bpt 14.06.1607), John (bpt 02.10.1608), William (bpt 10.06.1610), Tristram (bpt 25.03.1613), Thomas (bpt 19.03.1616), Epenetus (bpt 15.11.1615), Ursula (bpt 06.12.1718), Tamozin (bpt 20.07.1614, bur 15.01.1678), Mary (bpt 05.01.1611)
  ii. Anthony Arundell, Mayor of Bideford (bpt 05.05.1585, d 05.10.1627)
  a.+ issue - Anthony (bpt 07.05.1620, bur 29.10.1620), Ann (bpt 05.07.1618)
  iii. Jane Arundell (bpt 07.06.1583)
  D. Katherine Arundell
  m. Stephen Hitchins
  E. Elizabeth Arundell
  m. John Copplestone
  F.+ other issue - Thomas, Digory, Mary, Jane

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