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Families covered: Ashford of Ashford (Ayshford of Ayshford), Ayshford (Ashford) of Wonwell

Stephen de Ashford of Ashford & Bawnton (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
m. Agnes
1. William de Ashford
  m. Sibill
A. John de Ashford
  m. Agnes le Bell (dau/heir of Humphry le Bell)
  i. Arthur de Ashford
  m. Agnes Peverell (dau of William Peverell of Sandford)
  a. John de Ashford
  m. Sapiencia (niece of Thomas Boteler, archdeacon of Totnes)
  (1) John de Ashford (dsp 1265-6)
m. Alice Walrond (dau of William Walrond of Bradfield)
  (2) Simon de Ashford
  m. Sara Botes (dau/heir of Walter Botes)
(A) John de Ashford of Ashford
  m. Margaret Woodford (dau/heir of John Woodford by dau/heir of Gilbert Crispin)
  (i) John Ashford
  ## Possibly the John of Ayshford who married Constance Worthe. ##
  (a) John Ashford
  ((1)) William Ashford of Ashford
  m. Johanna Wollavington (dau/coheir of Robert Wollavington of Wollavington)
  ((A)) John Ashford of Ashford
  m. _ Ferrars (dau/coheir of William Ferrars of Churston)
  ((i)) William Ashford of Ashford - continued below
  m1. Johanna Cary (dsp, dau of Robert Cary of Cockington)
  m2. Margaret Cotterell (dau of Thomas Cotterell)
  (b)+ other sisue - Simon, Robert, Nicholas, Thomas
  (ii) William Ashford
  (3) Juliana de Ashford
  m. _ Lamprey



William Ashford of Ashford - continued above
m1. Johanna Cary (dsp, dau of Robert Cary of Cockington)
m2. Margaret Cotterell (dau of Thomas Cotterell)
1. John Ashford of Ashford
  m. Florence Pawlett (dau of Sir William Pawlett of Hinton St. George)
  A. William Ashford of Ashford (d 17.06.1508)
  m1. Elizabeth Francis (dau of Nicholas Francis of Comflorie)
  i. Nicholas Ashford (b 1481-2, d 10.06.1557)
  m1. Isabell Wadham (dau/heir of John Wadham of Knap)
a. Nicholas Ashford of Ashford (b c1506)
  m. Isabell Whitinge (dau/coheir of John Whitinge of Woode)
  (1) Roger Ashford of Ashford (d 05.01.1610)
m. Elizabeth Michell (bur 1608, dau of Richard Michell of Pericourte) here?
  (A) Henry Ashford of Ashford (d before 06.02.1649)
  m. (12.08.1599) Amy Blewet (bur 1659, dau of Richard Blewet of Holcombe Rogus)
  (i) Arthur Ayshford of Ayshford (b c1601)
  m1. Elizabeth Wilmot (b 1611-2, d 13.06.1635, dau of Charles Wilmot, Viscount Athlone)
  m2. (c11.1636) Elizabeth Bampfield (dau of John Bampfield of Poltimore, widow of John Willoughby of Payhembury)
  m3. Elizabeth Chudleigh (dau of Sir George Chudleigh, Bart)
  (a) Henry Ayshford of Ayshford (b c1639, d before 07.11.1662)
  m. Margaret Rolle (dau of Dennis Rolle, widow of Sir John Acland)
  (b) Elizabeth Ayshford
  m. Sir William Haselwood of Maidwell (d before 31.05.1682, m2. Cicily Ayshford))
  (ii) John Ayshford (b c1605, bur 1654, 4th son)
  m. Cicilia
  (a) Arthur Ayshford of Ayshford (bpt 1640, dspm before 04.05.1670)
  m. (c02.1661-2) Grace Courteney (dau of John Courteney of Molland)
(b) John Ayshford (bpt 1648, dsp bur 1689)
  m. Susanna Knightley (dau of Lucius Knightley of London)
  (c) Henry Ayshford (bur 1648)
  (d) Frances Ayshford probably the Frances who married ...
  m. William Willys of London (bur 09.08.1706)
  (e) Cicily Ayshford (bpt 31.12.1644)
  m. Sir William Haselwood of Maidwell (d before 31.05.1682, m1. Elizabeth Ayshford)
  (f) Elizabeth Ayshford (bpt 1648)
  m. (1683) John Jones
  (iii) Mary Ashford (b c1607)
  m. (1636) Henry Sanford of Nynehead
  (iv) Amy Ashford (b c1608)
  m. (1628) Hugh Culme
  (v)+ other issue (dsp) - Francis, Roger (b c1604, a 1620)
  (B) Thomas Ashford of the Middle Temple (d by 1669)
  m. Cecila Hill (a 1669, dau of Robert Hill of St. Keverne)
  (i) Elizabeth Ashford (a 1701)
  m. _ Court
(ii) Mary Ashford (bpt 20.05.1620)
  m. _ Mawson
(iii)+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp before 06.12.1701), Robert of Burlescombe (a 1674), John (d before 1669), Christopher (bpt 18.11.1621, d before 1649), Bridget of Burlescombe (d before 10.01.1709-10)
  (C) Blanch Ashford
  m. Sir John Whiddon of Chagford
  (D) Penelope Ashford
  m. (1609) Charles Ford of Ford More
  (E) Elizabeth Ashford
  m. (1613) William Spurway of Tiverton
(2) Amias Ashford (bur 1626, 5th son) had issue
  m. (1581) Agnes Incledon (bur 1634)
  (3)+ other issue - Nicholas, John (bur 1620), Richard (bur 1601)
  b. Mary Ashford probably of this generation
  m. John Sydenham (d 1580)
  c.+ other issue - John, Baldwin
  m2. (sp) Margaret Tregarthian (d 07.07.1558, dau of John Tregarthian of Coombe, widow of George Tanner of Collumpton)
  ii. Robert Ashford of Wonwell, Devon
  m. Agnes Hindeston (sister/coheir of Robert Hindeston son (by Margaret who m2. William Ashford of Ashford) of Robert son of William brother/heir of Hugh son of Richard Hindeston by Jane)
  a. Robert Ashford of Wonwell (d 11.03.1581)
  m. Agnes or Aquila Fortescue (dau of Thomas Fortesecue of Wyneston)
  (1) Arthur Ashford 'of Wonwell' (b c1557, a 1581)
m. Elinor Coppleston
  (A) John Ashford or Ayshford
  m. Margaret Strangways (a 1653)
(i) John Ayshford (a 1653)
  m. Ann
  (a) Arthur Ashford (a 1653)
m. (1670) Joan Savery (dau of Servington Savery)
  ((1)) John Ayshford 'of Wonwell Court' (d 1732)
  m. Joane Furlong
  ((A)) Margaret Ayshford (d 1780)
  m. John Wise
  (b)+ other issue (a 1653) - Maudlin, Ann, Frances, Mary
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1653) - Lewis, Christian, Margaret
  (B) Anne Ashford
m. George Spry of Cutcrew
  (C) Catherine Ashford
  m. Thomas Spry of Bodmin
  (2)+ other issue - William, John, Elizabeth, Catherine
  b. Anne Ashford
  m. _ Brokdon of Listley
  c.+ other issue - Walter, Jane
  iii. Emelyne Ashford (nun)
  iv. Alice Ashford
  m. John Crewes of Crewes Morchard
  m2. Margaret (a 1511, widow of Robert Hindeston or Hengiston)
  B. Florence Ashford
  m. John Francis of Combeflory
2. William Ashford (d before 06.03.1502, cleric)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Ayshford of Ayshford)
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