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Families covered: Astley of Astley, Astley of Hill Morton (Hillmorton), Astley of Maidstone, Astley of Melton Constable, Astley of Patshull, Astley of Writtle

Philip de Estley, '3rd of Estley' (a 1165)
1. Thomas de Astley (a 1216)
  m. Maud (sister of Roger de Camvill of Creeke)
  A. Walter de Astley (a 1234)
  i. Sir Thomas de Astley (d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  m1. Joane (dau of Ernald de Blois)
  a. Andrew de Astley, 1st Lord (d before 18.01.1300/1)
  m. Sibyl
  (1) Nicholas de Astley, 2nd Lord (b c1276, dsp 1325)
(2) Sir Giles de Astley (d before 1316)
  m. Alice Wolvey (a 1344, dau of Sir Thomas Wolvey)
(A) Thomas de Astley, 3rd Lord (a 05.1366)
  m. Elizabeth de Beauchamp (dau of Guy de Beauchamp, 2nd Earl of Warwick)
  (i) William de Astley, 4th Lord (b before 1345)
  m. Joan Willoughby (dau of John Willoughby, Lord of Eresby)
  (a) Joane de Astley (d 1448)
  m1. Thomas Raleigh of Farnborough
  m2. (c1406) Reginald de Grey, 3rd Lord of Ruthyn (b c1362, d 1440)
(ii) Sir Thomas Astley of Nelston (a 1379)
  m. Elizabeth Harcourt (dau of Richard Harcourt)
  (a) Sir Thomas Astley of Patshull
  m. Jane or Joan Griesly or Gresley (dau of Sir Thomas Griesly or Gresley of Colton)
  ((1)) Thomas Astley of Patshull (d 1483)
  m. Margaret Boteler (dau of Sir William Boteler of Warrington)
  ((A)) Richard Astley of Patshull (d 1532)
  m. Joan Oteley (dau of Thomas Oteley of Pitchford)
  (b) Sir John Astley (KG)
The following comes from Visitation (Essex, 1612, Astley). HOWEVER, as mentioned below. it seems that Sir John's descendants, albeit that they were (or may have been) 'of Hilmorton and Melton Constable', were not the people of that place who were ancestors of the Barons Reading and Hastings. We suspect that the following may be spurious at least insomuch as to their estate holdings.
  ((1)) Thomas Astley of Hilmorton & Melton Constable
  ((A)) John Astley of Hilmorton & Melton Constable
  m. Elizabeth Wichingham of Norfolk
  ((i)) Thomas Astley of Hilmorton & Melton Constable
  m. _ Lomner of Manington
((a)) Thomas Astley of Hilmorton & Melton Constable - continued below
  m1. Anne Cruse of Warwickshire
  m2. Ann (dau of _ Wood, sister of Lady Bullen)
((b)) Anna Asteley (a 1473) possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Geddyng of Lackford (d c1465)
  ((ii)) Robert Astley
  (c)+ other issue - William, Richard, Hugh
  (iii) Giles Astley of Wolvey (d 1427)
  m. Catherine
  (iv) Alice Astley
  m. Sir Richard Champernoune of Modbury
  (B) Sibyl Astley probably of this generation
  m. (c1346) Ralph Basset of Sapcote (d 17.07.1378)
b. Isabel Astley
  m. William de Birmingham (d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  m2. Editha Constable (dau of Peter Constable of Melton Constable, sister/coheir of Sir Robert)
  c. Thomas Astley of Hill Morton (dsp)
  d. (Sir) Ralph Astley of Hill Morton
There is some confusion on Ralph's immediate descendants. BE1883 just identifies Ralph as ancestor of the two Baronies of Reading and Hastings, both descended from the below-mentioned Isaac & Mary Waldegrave. BEB1841 (Astley of Melton Constable) jumps from Ralph to John (m. Frances Cheyney), identified as 5th in succession from Ralph and father of that Isaac. Visitation (Essex, 1612, Astley) identifies a John who might be be that John but shows Thomas of Hilmorton & Melton Constable as son of the Sir John (KG) who is shown above as son of Sir Thomas by Elizabeth Harecourte (Harcourt). The Harleian editor of the record we have of that 1612 Visitation includes an additional 'Miscellaneous' pedigree which appears to contradict the 1612 Visitation and, though it supports the descent of the Astleys of Hillmorton from this Ralph, does not confirm that the John it ends with might be the John who was marrried Frances Cheyney and was father of Isaac. VCH (Warwickshire, vol 6, Hill-morton) supports the view that this Ralph, younger brother of Thomas, was father of Thomas (a 1316) who married Margery Charneis but otherwise does not provide much information about their descendants although it does mention such people as Katherine Bacon who is reported within the pedigree provided by that 'Miscellaneous' pedigree which shows as follows.
  m. Rose
  (1) Thomas Astley of Melton Constable, Norfolk
  m. Margery (Margaret) Charnells (dau of Sir George Charnells)
  (A) Thomas Astley of Hillmorton
  m. Katherine Ellenbridge (heir)
  (i) Ralph Astley of Hillmorton
  (a) Philip Astley of Hillmorton
  m. Margaret Grey (dau of Sir Ralph Grey of Suffolk)
  ((1)) Nicholas Astley of Hillmorton
m. Isabel Strelley (dau of Robert Strelley)
  ((A)) John Astley of Melton Constable (Norfolk) & Ufton in Tunstall (Kent)' ## see below ##
  The 'Miscellaneous' pedigree ends with this generation. We presume that this was the John 'of Hill Morton and Melton Constable' who married ...
  m. Frances Cheyney (dau of John Cheyney of Sittingborne)
  ((i)) Isaac Astley of Hill Morton and Melton Constable
  m. Mary Waldegrave (dau of Edward Waldegrave of Borley)
  ((ii)) Anne Astley
  m. Richard Le Strange
  ((iii)) Bridget Astley probably of this generation
m. Walter Harlakenden of Milton then Ufton (d 23.09.1603)
  ((B)) Thomas Astley
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert, John, Rafe, William
  (b)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine
  (ii) John Astley
  The following comes from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p372) which shows John as son of Thomas son of Sir Thomas son of Sir Ralph son of Thomas son ( by Edith Constable) of Thomas.
  (a) Thomas Astley
  m. _ Lanmer
  ((1)) Thomas Astley
  m1/2. Anne Boughton
m2/1. Anne Wood
  ((A)) John Astley 'of Maidstone' ("jest-master, to Queen Elizabeth")
  The following is supported by Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Astley').
m. Margaret Grey (a 1602, dau of Thomas Grey, brother of Lord John)
  ((i)) Sir John Astley of Maidstone & Allington Castle, Kent (Master of the Revells)
  m. Catherine Bridges (dau of Anthony Bridges, brother of Edmond, Lord Chandos)
  ((a))+ issue (a 1619) - John (b c1613), Francis
  ((ii)) Margaret Astley
  m1. Anthony Nevill of Mattersey
  m2. Sir Godfrey Rodes of Great Houghton
  ((iii)) Brigida Astley (d 04.11.1625)
  m. Sir Norton Knatchbull
  ((iv)) Elinora Astley
  m. Thomas Knatchbull (d 1623, brother of Norton)
  (iii) Katherine Astley
  m. _ Peyton of Warwickshire
  (iv) daughter
  m. _ Barenton (Barrington?)
  m2. Katherin Bacon (dau of Sir Richard Bacon)
  (2) John Astley (priest)
  e.+ other issue - Stephen, Agnes



Thomas Astley of Hilmorton & Melton Constable - continued above
m1. Anne Cruse of Warwickshire
1. Thomas Astley of Writtell (Writtle), Essex
  m. Mary Denny (dau of Sir Anthony Denny or Denney of Hertfordshire)
A. Sir Andrew Astley of Writtle
  m1. Alice Daniell (dau/coheir of John Daniell of Messing)
  i. Thomas Astley (a 1634)
  m. Susan Drywood (dau of _ Drywood of Essex by Mary Lettridge)
  a.+ issue (a 1634) - Thomas (b c1624), John, Anthony, Mary, Susan
  ii. Mary Astley
  m. (06.07.1621) Thomas Darcy of Tolshunt
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Danyell (dsp), Edward (dsp), Andrew, John
  m2. Mary Lettredge of London (widow of _ Drywood of Essex)
  B. Thomas Astley
  C. Elizabeth Astley
  m. Edward Darcy "of ye Privie Chamber"
  D. Frances Astley
m. Sir William Harris of Shenfield
2. John Astley
  m. Margaret Grey (dau of Thomas, Lord Grey, brother of Duke of Norfolk)
3. Richard Astley of Jewel House
  m. Margaret Stamford (dau of Judge Sir William Stamford of Hadley)
  A. Mary Astley (a 03.1628-9) apparently of this generation
  m1. _ Baker
  m2. Stephen Pears of Richmond (bur 28.08.1630, Keeper of the Royal Wardrobe)
m2. Ann (dau of _ Wood, sister of Lady Bullen)
4. John Astley of Melton Constable
  Visitation reports that John's issue "remayneth there", i.e. at Melton Constable. This raises the suspicion that he was the John who m. Frances Cheyney (## see above ##) with there being disagreement as to his Ancestry.

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BE1883 (Astley), TCP (Astley or Eastleigh), BEB1844 (Astley of Patshull) with input as noted above
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Essex, 1612 & 1634, Astley)
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