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Families covered: Backhouse of Darlington, Backhouse of Yealand, Backhouse of York

Foster identifies the arms of this family as "Per saltire or and azure, a saltire engrailed ermine between two roses (of Lancaster) in pale gules barbed and seeded proper, and as many crosses (of Durham) in fess of the first". That looks as though it shared a root with the family shown on Backhouse1 albeit not a close one as the arms are significantly differenced.
John Backhouse of Moss-side near Yealand Redman, Lancashire (d before 29.05.1690, yeoman)
m. Sarah Jackson (b c1626, d 1706, dau of William Jackson of Yealand Redmayne by Mabel, sister/heir of John Carr of Ridgend)
1. Thomas Backhouse of Yealand Redman (b 1661, d before 01.10.1729, yeoman)
  m. (1696) Alice Becke (b 1671, d 1700, dau of Richard Becke of Wythmore)
  A. John Backhouse of Hilderstone (b 1698, d 04.05.1779, yeoman)
  B. Sarah Backhouse (b 1700, bur 1731)
  m. (1727) Benjamin Bispham of Yelland Conyers (b 1700, son of Joseph)
2. James Backhouse of Yealand Conyers (b 1668, d 1697)
  m. (1691) Janet Godsalve (dau of John Godsalve of Yealand Conyers, m2. John Robinson of Yealand)
  A. John Backhouse of Hornby (b 1693, d 1739)
  m1. (1715) Mary Thornton (d 1716, dau of Thomas Thornton of Caton, widow of Nathan Hubberstie) ## see below ##
  i. Elizabeth Backhouse (b 1716, d 1720)
  m2. (1720) Margaret Ayrey (b c1694, d 11.07.1772, dau of John Ayrey of Kendal by Ruth (widow of John Arey of Shapp))
  ii. Mary Backhouse (b 1722)
m. (1741) James Metcalfe of Bainbridge (b 1716, son of Alexander of Marset)
  a. James Metcalfe of Wethouse in Thornton-in-Craven (collier, 3rd son)
  m. Ellen
  b.+ other issue - John (porter, of Gray's Inn), Aleaxnder of Countriside (cordwainer), Thomas of Bethnal Green (cotton manufacturer), Francis of Preston (chaise driver)
  iii. Margaret Backhouse (b 1731, d 29.11.1817)
  m. John Braithwaite of Mislet (b 1730, d 11.03.1792, cousin, son of Richard of Mislet by Mary, dau of John Airey of Shap)
iv.+ other issue - James Ayrey b 1715, d young), John (b 1729, d 1753), Ruth (b 1727, d 1733)
  B. William Backhouse of Yealand (b 1696, d 1761, minister)
  m. (1720) Agnes Atkinson (b 1697, d 28.11.1773, dau of William Atkinson of Low Wray (by Sarah, dau of Reginald Walker of Fell Foot), son of Richard of Monk Coniston)
  i. James Backhouse of West Lodge, Darlington (b 1720/1, d 01.04.1798, flax dresser, linen manufacturer & banker)
  m. (1746) Jane Hedley (b 1718, d 127.05.805, dau/heir of Jonathan Hedley of Darlington)
  a. Jonathan Backhouse of Darlington (b 1747, d 11.11.1826, flax dresser, linen manufacturer & banker)
  m. (12.05.1774) Anne Pease (b 1746, d 03.01.1826, dau of Edward Pease of Darlington by Elizabeth Coates)
  (1) Jonathan Backhouse of Darlington (b 19.01.1779, d 07.10.1842, banker, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (23.04.1811) Hannah Chapman Gurney (b 09.02.1787, d 06.05.1850, dau/coheir of Joseph Gurney of Norwich, elder sister of Emma (wife of Joseph Pease))
  (2) William Backhouse of Darlington (b 17.11.1779, d 09.06.1844, banker) had issue
  m. (27.03.1806) Mary Dixon (b 14.11.1783, d 22.03.1874, dau of John Dixon of Cockfield)
  (3) Edward Backhouse of Sunderland (b 09.07.1781, d 07.06.1860, banker) had issue
  m. (05.08.1807) Mary Robson (b 1788-9, d 23.07.1860, dau of Edward Robson of Darlington)
  (4) John Backhouse of Darlington (d 17.08.1747, banker, 6th son) had issue
  m1. (25.08.1809) Eliza Church (d 02.09.1812, dau of Matthew Church of Cork, sister of Lt. Col. Sir Richard (Field Marshal in the Greek Army) & aunt of Dean Church)
  m2. (13.08.1823) Katherine Capper (b 16.10.1792, dsp 16.03.1882, dau of Jasper Capper of Stoke Newington by Anne Fry)
  (5) Elizabeth Backhouse (b 12.09.1777, d 02.03.1843)
  m. (17.10.1799) Thomas Richardson of Sunderland (d 29.10.1835, son of Thomas by Frances)
  (6) Jane Backhouse (b 03.05.1787, d 06.08.1873)
  m. (03.08.1815) Edward Robson of Darlington (b 1780-1, d 26.02.1819, son of Edward by Elizabeth Dearman)
  (7)+ other issue - William (b 15.02.1775, d 19.01.1779), James of Darlington (b 11.11.1782, d unm 26.07.1837, banker), Jane (b 27.03.1776, d 13.03.1786), Ann (b 28.10.1785, d 07.08.1852)
  b. James Backhouse of Darlington (b 1757, d 18.12.1804, banker)
  m. (08.06.1787) Mary Dearman (b 1764, d 24.05.1838, dau of Nathan Dearman of Thorne then Darfield)
  (1) Thomas Backhouse of York (b 15.06.1792, d 21.03.1845, banker, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (27.04.1826, spm) Hannah Stickney (b 15.02.1796, d 23.12.1827, dau of William Stickney of Beverley, sister of Sarah (authoress))
  m2. (13.04.1837) Abigail Dent (d 07.05.1841, dau of William Dent of Marr by Sarah Wilkins)
  (2) James Backhouse of York (b 08.07.1794, d 20.01.1869, botanist, minister, author) had issue
  m. (05.11.1822) Deborah Lowe (b 29.08.1793, d 10.12.1827, dau of Richard Lowe of Worcester)
  (3) Joseph Backhouse of Gainford (b 19.05.1798, d 18.01.1881) had issue (3 daughters)
  m. (21.04.1825) Mary Ann Holmes (b 25.10.1791, d 28.03.1874, dau of John Holmes of Tivetshall Hall)
  (4) Mary Backhouse (b 13.03.1796, d 18.12.1824)
  m. (20.09.1822) Richard Janson of London (b 1797-8, d 18.07.1830, m2. Ann Foster)
  (5)+ other issue - Nathan (b 28.03.1788, d 09.11.1805), Jane (b 21.01.1790, d unm 23.03.1818), Elizabeth (b 09.02.1800, d 03.12.1882), Saah (b 07.01.1802, d 18.01.1802), Sarah (b 30.03.1803, d 01.07.1877), Ann Dorothy (b 13.05.1805, d 16.04.1829)
  ii. William Backhouse (b 1724, d 25.08.1792 in New York)
m. (1749) Elizabeth Thornton (d 1750, dau of Jonathan Thornton of Caton by Margaret Birket)
  a. Thomas Backhouse of West Lodge, Darlington (b 1750, d 05.10.1824, Chairman of Lloyd's)
  m. (11.09.1792) Sarah Goad (b c1770, d 26.06.1805, dau of John Goad of London by Susannah)
  (1)+ issue - John Goad (b 10.07.1793, d 05.08.1793), William (b 14.09.1794, d 2.10.1794)
  iii. John Backhouse of Lancaster (b 1733, d 31.01.1775 in New York)
  m. (1757) Jane Dodgson (d 1763, dau of George Dodgson of Kendal by Elizabeth)
  a. William Backhouse (b 1758, d 1763)
  b. George Backhouse of Kendal (b 1760, d 23.10.1830, ironmonger & stamp distributor) had issue
  m. (04.01.1804) Hannah Cumming (d 18.09.1842, dau of John Cumming of Hilderstone)
  iv. Agnes Backhouse (b 1730, d 25.03.1797)
m. (1764) John Harrison of Darlington (b 1725, d 1800, son of Richard of Burton by Mary)
  a. Mary Harrison (b 17.07.1765, d 28.01.1805)
  m1. Joseph King of Newcastle (b 1749-50, d 05.03.1790, son of James by Anne Goldsborough)
  m2. (26.09.1804) John Richardson of Sunderland (b 1764-5, d 29.08.1842)
  b.+ other issue - Richard (b/d 1771), Agnes (b c1767, d 1828)
  v.+ other issue - Thomas of Darlington (b 1736, d unm 01.09.1792), James (d young), John (d young), Sarah (b 1726, d unm 1766), Jane (b 1728, d 1742), Dorothy of Lancaster (b 1740, d 27.11.1829), Mary (d young), Margaret (d young), Ruth (d young)
3. Hannah Backhouse (b 1658, d 1729)
  m. (1682) John Cumming of Hilderstone (d 1697, son of Edward)
4. Sarah Backhouse (b 1664, d 1697)
  m. (1688) George Robinson of Yelland Conyers (d 1719), son of George
  A. George Robinson of Yelland Conyers (then Colthouse?) (b 1693, d 1756?)
  m1. (1723/4) Elizabeth Yeats (d 1727, dau of John Yeats of Lancaster)
  m2. (1731) Agnes Hest of Ulverston
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1695/6, d 1696), John (d 1697), Sarah (b 1691, d 1723?)
5.+ other issue - John (b 1656, d 1657), James (d 1657)



Probably nearly related to the above John Backhouse of Moss-side, possibly his brother, was ...
Richard Backhouse of Yelland in Warton (d before 23.12.1696)
m. Mary
1. Robert Backhouse (a 08.1728)
2. Ann Backhouse (bur 1676)
  m. Robert Hubbertsie of Yealand (d 1706, m1. ??)
  A. Nathan Hubbertsie of Yelland (b 1673, d 1709)
  m. (1697) Mary Thornton (d 1716, dau of Thomas Thornton of Deepclough in Littledale, m2. John Backhouse) ## see above ##
  B. Isaac Hubbertsie (b 1676)
  C. Hannah Hubbertsie (b 1675, d 1763)
  m. Joseph Bispham (d 1750, son of John of Bickersteth by Mary Bastwell)
3. Alice Backhouse (a 1707)
  m. (1676) William Hugginson of Yelland (d 1707)

Main source(s): 'The descendants of John Backhouse, Yeoman' by Joseph Foster (1894) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 28.05.13) for bringing that to our attention and apologies for taking almost 7 years to act on it!
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