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Families covered: Bacon of Drinkstone, Bacon of Helmingham, Bacon of Hessett, Bacon of Letheringsett, Bacon of Logie, Bacon of Norwich

According to the RootsWeb.com subsite identified below: "It is said that the name Bacon came from the word buchen or beechen, meaning "beech trees". Bacon is also the name of an ancient seigniory in Normandy." That subsite starts with the following Grimbaldus who is "said to be a relation of William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey". As this data appears to have relied largely on data found in other web sites, we warn viewers to be cautious about relying on it too much. Whilst some cross-references from other sources support some of it, there are also some cross-references which contradict it, such as:
(1) An article in www.berkshire.history.com on Margery Poynings who married Edmund Bacon 'of Essex' identifies him as "descended from Sir John Bacon of Ewelme (Oxfordshire)" but the following shows no such ancestor for him.
(2) Visitation (London, 1568, Bacon) starts with the John Bacon of Drinkeston who married Agnes Cockfield and reports that he was"descended of Sr Edmond Bacon of Essex that maried (sic) Margery da. and heyre of Quaplade" but the following shows no such ancestor for him.
Grimbaldus or Grimaldus of Letheringsett, Norfolk (b c1075 in Normandy)
1. Ralph de Beccen Thorpe of Letheringsett
  A. George de Beccen of Letheringsett
  i. Roger de Beccen of Letheringsett
  a. Roger Bacon of Letheringsett (a 1216)
  (1) Robert Bacon of Letheringsett
  (A) Reginald Bacon of Lodie (b c1215)
(i) Richard Bacon of Lodie
  m. Alice Myston
  (a) Robert Bacon
  m. _ de Hingham
((1)) Adam Bacon of Oulton
  m. Margery Felton (dau of Simon Felton)
  ((A)) Sir Edmund Bacon of Ewelme, Oxfordshire
m1. Joan Beaumont (dau of Richard Beaumont of Witnesham (son of John of Drayton), widow of Sir Giles de Braose of Stinton)
  ((i)) Robert Bacon of Baconsthorpe
  m. Isabel Danvillers (dau of Sir Bartholomew Danvillers of Erwarton, son of Sir John son of Sir Bartholomew)
  ((a)) Isabel Bacon (d 1411)
  m. Sir Oliver Calthorpe of Burnham Thorpe
  ((ii)) Margaret Bacon (d 1328)
  m. (c1322) William de Kerdeston, 2nd Lord (b by 1307, d 14.08.1361)
  m2. Margery Poynings (dau of Michael de Poynings by Margery Bardolf)
  ((iii)) Margery Bacon (b 1336, d 01.06.1399)
  m. (before 12.03.1352) William de Moleyns, 2nd Lord (d 14.02.1380/1)
  (b) Sir Henry Bacon
  m. Margaret Ludham
  ((1)) Sir Henry Bacon
  ((A)) Sir Roger Bacon (b c1310)
  m. Felicia Kirton
((i)) Beatrix Bacon
  m. Sir William Thorpe
  B. Roger de Beccen
  i. Robert Bacon of Hessett, Suffolk
  m. Alice Burgate
  a. John Bacon of Hessett (I)
  m. Alice
  (1) John Bacon of Hessett (II)
  m. Cecily Hoo (dau of Sir Robert Hoo of Luton Hoo by Hawise Fitzwarin)
  (A) Sir John Bacon of Hessett (III)
  m. Helena Giddin
  (i) John Bacon of Hessett (IV)
  m. Helen Tillot (dau of Sir George Tillot)
(a) John Bacon of Hessett (V)
  m. Margery Thorpe
  ((1)) Sir Edmund Bacon of Drinkstone
  m. Elizabeth Crofts (d 1470, dau of Thomas Crofts by Susan Polley)
  ((A)) John Bacon of Drinkstone and Helmingham
  m. Agnes Cockfield (dau of Sir Thomas Cockfield)
  ((i)) Robert Bacon of Drinkstone and Hessett (d 1548)
  m. Isabel Cage (dau of John Cage of Pakenham)
  ((ii)) Thomas or John Bacon of Helmingham (d 28.02.1535)
  m. Joan or Johanna Wade
  ((a)) John Bacon of Helmingham (d 19.03.1556/7)
m. Margaret
  (((1))) Michael Bacon (b 1535, bur 25.03.1615)
  m1. (16.08.1565) Elizabeth Wylie
  (((A))) Michael Bacon (b 06.12.1579, d 18.04.1648) had issue in Massachusetts
  m. Alice Blowers (dau of Thomas Blowers)
m2. Grace Blowers
  Possibly fitting here were ...
  (((2))) Margaret Bacon (a 1600) "da. of John Bacon of Hessett"
  m. George Taylor of Lidgate (b c1512, a 1542)
((b)) Thomas Bacon of Hessett (d before 05.06.1546) - continued below
  m. Ann Rous (dau of Henry Rous of Dennington)
  Daughters of John of Hessett, possibly of this generation, were ...
  ((c)) Agnes Bacon
  m. (before 08.1530) John Frere (d 1558)
  ((d)) Margaret Bacon
  m. Thomas Frere of Occold (a 1530)
  ((iii)) William Bacon
  (b) William Bacon
  m. Isabel Shelton
  (ii) Nicholas Bacon
  ii. William Bacon of Monks Brafield



Thomas Bacon of Hessett (d before 05.06.1546) - continued above
m. Ann Rous (dau of Henry Rous of Dennington)
1. Francis Bacon of London (d before 24.10.1595, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Drury (dau of John Drury of Rougham)
  A. John Bacon of the Inner Temple
  m. Elizabeth Paynell (dau of Henry Paynell of Belaugh, she m2. John Bowles of Langley)
i. Francis Bacon of Norwich (b 1586-7, d 22.08.1657, judge)
  m. Elizabeth Robinson (b 1594-5, d 09.10.1651, dau of William Robinson of Norwich)
  a. Francis Bacon of Norwich and Attlebridge (b 1673-4, d 28.09.1692)
  m. Dorothy Bedingfield (bpt 1619, d 12.08.1663, dau of Philip Bedingfield of Ditchingham)
  (1) Anne Bacon
  m. Robert Davy (recorder of Norwich)
  (A) Robert Davy of Ditchingham apparently of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Bedingfeld (dau of Thomas Bedingfeld)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1664) - Francis (b c1655), Barbara
b. Thomas Bacon (b 1626-7, d 18.05.1710)
  m. Jane de Grey (d 27.07.1698, dau of Sir William de Grey of Merton)
  (1) Anne Bacon (b c1660)
  m. Arthur Branthwaite of Hethel
  (2) Mary Bacon
  c. Henry Bacon (d unm 1675)
  d. Barbara Bacon
  m. Thomas Pepys of Impington
  e. Elizabeth Bacon
  m. Robert Longe of Reymerson
  B. Elizabeth Bacon possibly fits here
  m. Sir James (or Francis) Bacon of Friston
  C. Barbara Bacon possibly fits here
  m. Sir James Calthorpe of Cockthorpe

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'Ancestry of Overmire, etc.' at RootsWeb.com (accessible from http://overmirepoetry.home.comcast.net) with support for the Hessett line from other web sites
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Bacon of Norwich)
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