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Families covered: Bagot of Blithfield, Bagod of Bramshall, Bagot (Bagod) of Bromley, Bagot of Pipe Hall

There is some uncertainty on the early generations of this family. There may be a generation missing out on either of the initial branches of the family whose exact relationship is not clear although their progenitors are believed to have been closely connected.
Wago or Bagod de Arras, later of Bromley (a 1086)
1. ?? (Radbert?) FitzBagod of Bramshall (a 1129)
A. Hervey Bagod or Bagot of Bramshall
  i. Hervey Bagot of Stafford (b c1140, d before 25.08.1214)
  m. (c1171) Millicent de Stafford (b c1150, dau of Robert, Lord of Stafford)
  ii. Agnes Bagot (dau of William Bagot of the Hide, sister of Hervey of the Hide "progenitor of the Barons of Stafford") fitting somewhere around here
  m. Simon de Vernai or Verney (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  Possibly fitting here was ...
  B. William (Fitz)Bagod or Bagot of Bromley (a 1166)
  i. Simon Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d before 1203)
  a. Sir Hugh Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d 1256)
  m. Alice
  (1) Sir Richard Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d before 06.1271)
  m. Christiana Mauvesein (dau of Sir William Mauvesein of Rydeware)
  (A) Sir William Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d 1290)
  m. Hawyse or Avice
(i) John Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d c1333)
  m. Lucy
  (a) Sir John Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d c1376)
  m. Elizabeth de Blithfield (dau of John or Richard de Blithfield)
  ((1)) Sir John Bagot of Blithfield & Littlehay (d 1437, Lieutenant of Calais)
  m. Beatrice Villiers (dau of Sir John Villiers)
  ((A)) Richard Bagot of Blithfield, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b before 1388, d after 1475)
((i)) Richard Bagot of Blithfield, Sheriff of Staffordshire (d Bosworth 1485)
  m. Isabella or Elizabeth Aston (d 1477, dau of Sir Robert Aston of Tixall)
  ((a)) John Bagot of Blithfield (a 10.1489) - continued below
  m1. Isabella Curzon (dau of John Curzon of Essex)
  m2. Agnes Kniveton
  ((B)) Joan Bagot possibly of this generation
  m. John Curzon of Kedleston, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (a 1440)
  ((C)) Margaret Bagot possibly of this generation
  m1. Henry Bradborne of Bradborne
  m2. John Davenport of Bromhall
  ((2)) Sir William Bagot



John Bagot of Blithfield (a 10.1489) - continued above
m1. Isabella Curzon (dau of John Curzon of Essex)
1. Sir Lewis Bagot of Blithfield (d 1534)
  m1. Emma or Lucy Kniveton
  A. John Bagot (dvpsp)
  m. _ Boteler (dau of Sir Thomas Boteler)
  B.+ 4 daughters
m(3). Anna Montgomery (dau of Sir Nicholas Montgomery)
  F. Thomas Bagot of Blithfield (d 13.05.1541)
  m. Jane Astley (d 31.03.1557, dau of Richard Astley of Patshull)
  i. Richard Bagot of Blithfield (d 02.02.1596-7)
  m. Mary Saunders (bur 22.03.1608, dau of William Saunders of Welford)
a. Walter Bagot of Blithfield (b 24.10.1577, d 17.05.1623)
  m. (before 06.1584) Elizabeth Cave (bur 03.12.1638, dau of Roger Cave of Stanford)
  (1) Sir Hervey Bagot, 1st Bart of Blithfield, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b 08.02.1590/1, d 27.12.1660, MP)
  m1. Katherine Adderley (dau of Humphrey Adderley of Weddington)
  (A) Sir Edward Bagot, 2nd Bart of Blithfield (b 23.05.1616, d 30.05.1673)
  m. (09.05.1641) Mary Lambard (d 22.10.1686, dau/heir of William Lambard, widow of John Crawley of Someries)
  (i) Sir Walter Bagot, 3rd Bart of Blithfield (b 21.03.1644, d 15.02.1704)
  m. (25.06.1670) Jane Salusbury (d 20.07.1695, dau of Charles Salusbury of Bachymbydd)
(a) Sir Edward Bagot, 4th Bart of Blithfield (b 21.01.1673-4, d 05.1712)
  m. (15.04.1697) Frances Wagstaffe (d 1714, dau of Sir Thomas Wagstaffe of Tachbrooke)
  ((1)) Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot, 5th Bart of Blithfield (b 03.08.1702, d 28.01.1768)
  m. (27.07.1724) Barbara Legge (d 29.10.1765, dau of William Legge, 1st Earl of Dartmouth)
  ((A)) William Bagot, 1st Lord (b 28.02.1728, d 22.10.1798)
m. (20.08.1760) Elizabeth St. John (d 04.02.21820, dau of John St. John, 2nd Viscount)
  ((i)) William Bagot, 2nd Lord (b 11.09.1773, d 12.02.1856) had issue
  m1. (30.05.1799) Emily Fitzroy (dsps 08.06.1800, dau of Charles Fitzroy, 1st Lord Southampton)
  m2. (17.02.1807) Louisa Legge (d 13.08.1816, dau of George Legge, 3rd Earl of Dartmouth)
  ((ii)) Sir Charles Bagot (b 23.09.1781, d 19.05.1843, ambassador) had issue
  m. (22.07.1806) Mary Charlotte Anne Pole-Wellesley (d 02.02.1845, dau of William Pole-Wellesley, 3rd Earl of Mornington)
((iii)) Richard Bagot, Bishop of Bath and Wells (b 22.11.1782, d 15.05.1854) had issue
  m. (22.12.1806) Harriet Villiers (d 18.10.1870, dau of George Bussey Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey)
  ((iv)) Louisa Bagot (d 07.5.1834)
  m. (09.05.1786) Walter Sneyd of Keele (d 23.06.1829)
  ((v)) Henrietta Bagot (d unm before 02.11.1807)
((vi)) Frances Bagot (d 30.05.1806)
  m. (22.05.1805) Sir Edward Paget (b 03.11.1775, d 13.05.1849, General)
  ((B)) Charles Bagot, later Chester (b 01.09.1730, d 02.04.1793)
  m. (05.10.1765) Catherine Legge (d 31.05.1819, dau of Hon. Heneage Legge)
  ((i)) Anthony Chester (b 05.05.1773, d 1801, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1799) Anne Eliza Obins (d 04.01.1867, dau of Hamlet Obins of Castle Obins)
  ((ii)) William Chester (b 27.05.1775, d 22.11.1838, rector of Denton) had issue
  m. (08.01.1810) Elizabeth Wilson (d 10.02.1865, dau of Henry Wilson, Lord Berners)
  ((iii)) John Chester of Ashtead (b 03.08.1779, d 19.05.1857, Lt. General) had issue
m. (17.05.1821) Sophia Elizabeth Stuart (d 19.05.1879, dau of Charles Stuart of Airdroch)
  ((iv)) George Chester (b 08.07.1781, d 10.11.1833) had issue
  m. (15.05.1806) Anne Butter (dau of Thomas Butter of Craigbea)
  ((v)) Barbara Chester (b 28.02.1769, d 09.08.1832)
  m. (01.05.1806) John Drummond (d 28.05.1833)
  ((vi)) Frances Chester (b 25.10.1770, d 1848)
  m. (06.08.1803) Thomas Richmond Gale Braddyll of Conishead Priory (d 1862, Lt. Colonel)
  ((vii)) Mary Chester (b 24.06.1777, d 18.10.1846)
m. (24.09.1822) Robert Bankes Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (b 07.06.1770, dsp 04.12.1828, Prime Minister)
  ((viii)) Harriet Chester (d 29.10.1810)
  m. (31.01.1804) Anthony Butler St. Leger of Park Hill
  ((ix))+ other issue (d unm) - Charles of Chicheley (b 25.10.1770, d 11.06.1838), Henry (b 28.10.1780, d young), Catherine (b 16.09.1766), Louisa (b 18.11.1767, d 13.03.1830), Anne (b 21.06.1776, d 05.11.1846), Elizabeth (b 19.07.1778, d 1851)
  ((C)) Walter Bagot of Pipe Hall (b 02.11.1731, d 1806, rector of Blithfield and Leigh)
  m1. (07.09.1773) Anne Swinnerton (dau of Thomas Swinnerton of Butterton)
  ((i)) Egerton Arden Bagot of Pipe Hall (b 1777, dsp)
m. (22.10.1822) Elizabeth Isabella Bridgeman (dsp 11.11.1824, dau of Hon. Rev. George Bridgeman)
  ((ii)) William Bagot (dsp)
  m. (1823) Martha Swinnerton (dau of Thomas Swinnerton of Butterton)
  ((iii)) Hervey Bagot (d unm 18.01.1816, captain RN)
  ((iv)) Honora Bagot (d 02.10.1863)
  m. (15.12.1795) Hon. Rev. Augustus Legge (d 21.08.1828)
  ((v)) Elizabeth Bagot (d 05.03.1859)
  m. Joseph Phillimore (d 24.02.1855)
  ((vi)) Louisa Bagot (d 03.1864)
  m. (16.01.1804) Rev. Richard Levett of Milford Hall (d 25.08.1843)
  m2. Mary Ward
((vii)) Ralph Bagot (d 20.07.1866, vicar of Ettlington) had issue
  m. (03.09.1845) Mary Adams (d 08.03.1890)
  ((viii)) Mary Bagot (d unm)
  ((ix)) Caroline Bagot (b c1793, d 05.02.1886)
  m. Edmund R. Daniel
  ((x)) Charlotte Bagot (b c1800, d 24.10.1865)
  m. (05.05.1830) Hon. Rev. William Somerville (d 06.07.1857)
((xi)) Jane Margaret Bagot (d 24.09.1889)
  m. (1826) Sir Edward Vaughan Williams (d 1845, judge)
  ((xii)) Agnes Bagot
  m. (1826) John Farquhar Fraser
  ((D)) Richard Bagot, later Howard (b 13.11.1733, d 18.02.1819)
  m. (25.02.1783) Frances Howard (dau of William Howard, Viscount Andover)
((i)) Mary Howard (d 19.10.1877)
  m. (09.07.1807) Fulke Greville Upton, later Howard (dsp 04.03.1846)
  ((E)) Lewis Bagot, Bishop of Bristol then Norwich then St. Asaph (b 01.01.1740, dsp 06.1802)
  m. Mary Hay (d 17.08.1799, dau of Hon. Edward Hay)
  ((F)) Barbara Bagot (d 1797)
  m. (1749) Ralph Sneyd of Keele (b 1723, d 10.12.1793)
  ((G)) Maria Bagot (d 31.03.1813)
  m. (1764) Rowland Wingfield
((H))+ other issue (d unm) - Anne (d 30.12.1812), Harriet (d 1825)
  ((2)) Frances Bagot
  m. (1718) Sir John Chester, 6th Bart of Chichley (d 1747)
  ((3)) Jane Bagot probably of this generation
  m. Craven Kynnersley of Loxley (b 1710, dsp 1735)
  (b) Elizabeth Bagot (dsp 02.09.1749)
  m. (07.06.1739) Henry Paget, 7th Lord, 1st Earl of Uxbridge (b c1663, d 30.08.1743)
  (c) Anna Bagot (b c1678, d 1767)
  m. Geoffrey Shakerley of Hulme and Gwersyllt (d 02.02.1756)
  (d) Mary Bagot
  m. Sir George Parker, 2nd Bart of Ratton (d 18.06.1726)
  (e) Jane Bagot probably of this generation
  m1. Morys Jones of Llanrhaiadr Hall & Plas Newydd (b c1671, d 10.01.1702)
  m2. John Roberts of Hafod y Bwlch (d 1730-1)
(ii) Mary Bagot (bur 19.09.1692)
  m. Sir Richard Newdigate, 2nd Bart of Arbury (b 04.05.1644, d 04.01.1709-10)
  (iii)+ 11 sons and 4 daughters
  (B) Hervey Bagot of Pipe Hall (Colonel)
  m1. Dorothy Arden (dau of Sir Henry Arden of Park Hall)
  (i) Arden Bagot of Pipe Hall
  m. Mary Leigh (dau of Sir Thomas Leigh, younger of Stoneleigh) presumed parents of ...
  (a) Thomas Arden Bagot of Pipe Hall
  m. Honora Egerton (b 11.08.1685, dau of Hon. William Egerton)
  As Pipe Hall appears to have passed to Walter Bagot (above), it is presumed that Thomas and Honora had no surviving issue.
  (ii) Mary Bagot (b 1645, d 12.09.1679)
  m1. (18.12.1664) Charles Berkeley, 1st Viscount FitzHardinge, Earl of Falmouth (d 03.06.1665)
  m2. (06.1674, sp) Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, Earl of Middlesex (b 24.01.1637, d 29.01.1705/6)
  The following details of Hervey's family were found on a web site.
  (iii) Richard Bagot
m2. Elizabeth Rotherham (dau of Thomas Rotherham)
  (iv) Elizabeth Bagot
  (C) Elizabeth Bagot (a 1680) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John Skrymshire, younger of Norbury (dvp)
  m2. Anne Fisher (dau of Sir Clement Fisher)
  (2) Anne Bagot (eldest dau) apparently of this generation
  m. Thomas Lane of Bentley and Hyde (d 1660)
  (3) Mary Bagot probably of this generation
  m. John Cotes of Woodcote (a 1623)
  (4) Frances Bagot probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Broughton (d 24.07.1648)
  b. Anthony Bagot of Colton (2nd son) probably of this generation
  m. Katharine Lowe (dau/coheir of Michael Lowe of Tynemore by Margaret Biddulph)
  (1) Mary Bagot (heir)
  m. Lewis Chadwicke of Mauvesyn Ridware & St. Lucia (b 1596, d 1655, Lt. Colonel)
  c. Lettice Bagot probably of this generation
  m. Francis Kynardesley or Kynnersley of Loxley & Badger (d 1634)
  ii. Margaret Bagot probably of this generation
  m. Ralph Adderley of Coton (d 1595)
  G.+ 2 sons
2. Eleonora Bagot possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Robert Cawarden of Mavesyn-Rideware (b 1472-3)
m2. Agnes Kniveton

Main source(s): BP1934 (Bagot)
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