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Families covered: Barclay of Mathers

Alexander de Berkeley, 1st of Mathers (a 1351)
m. Katherine Keith (dau of Sir Edward de Keith of Sinton)
1. David de Berclay, 2nd of Mathers and of Durn (d c1411)
  A. Alexander Berclay, 3rd of Mathers (d c1416)
m. (1407) Helen Graham (dau of Gilbert Graham, 1st of Morphie)
  i. David Berclay, 4th of Mathers (d c1448)
  m. Elizabeth Strachan (dau of ?? Strachan of Thornton)
  a. George Berclay, 5th of Mathers (d c1458)
  (1) Alexander Barclay, 6th of Mathers (d c1497)
m. Catherine Wishart (dau of ?? Wishart of Pitarrow)
  (A) David Barclay of Fawsyde, younger of Mathers (dvp)
  m. (1478) Janet Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine, 5th of Drum)
  (i) Alexander Barclay, 7th of Mathers (d before 1520)
  m. Marjory Auchinleck (dau of James Auchinleck of Glenbervie)
(a) George Barclay, 8th of Mathers (d before 1535)
  m. (mcrt 17.03.1497-8) Marjory or Mariota Auchterlony (dau of Sir James Auchterlony of that ilk)
  ((1)) David Barclay, 9th of Mathers (d 1560)
  m1. Mary Rait (a 12.1564, dau of ?? Rait of Halgreen)
  ((A)) George Barclay, 10th of Mathers (d 1607)
  m1. Mary Erskine (dau of Sir Thomas Erksine, Lord Brechin)
  ((i)) Thomas Barclay (dvp)
m. Janet Straiton (dau of ?? Straiton of Laurison)
  ((ii)) David Barclay, 11th of Mathers (b 1580, d c1660)
  m1. Elizabeth Livingstone (dau of Sir John Livingstone, 4th of Dunipace)
  m2. Margaret Barclay (dau of John Keith)
  ((iii)) Christian Barclay probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Rev. John Forbes
  m2. (c1584/5??) Elizabeth Wood (sister of Patrick Wood of Bonnington)
  The marriage contract date for this marriage is given as 11.01.1564-5 but that looks wrong, given that George's son David by his first marriage was born in 1580 (which appears to be about right given the birth-dates shown for David's own children).
((iv)) George Barclay ancestor of Barclays of Bridgeton and Jackstoun
  ((v))+ other issue - Walter, John
  ((B)) daughter
  m. ?? Fullerton of Kinnaber
  m2. Catherine Home
  ((C)) John Barclay, 1st of Johnston
  ((2)) Margaret Barclay
  m. Andrew Stratoun of Craigy
  (b) Katherine Barclay
  m1. Archibald Ramsay of Dunnone
  m2. George Gray
  (ii) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Lindsay of Haltoun
  b. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John Ogstoun of Fettercairn (a 1500, 1539)
  ii. Patrick Berclay, Provost of Montrose (a 1461)
  iii. John Berclay

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Barclay of Bury Hill, formerly of Mathers & Urie)
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