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Families covered: Barry of Annagh, Barry of Barrymore, Barry of Buttevant, Barry of Fota Island, Barry of/in Ibawne, Barry of Lislee, Barry of Marbury

Sir William (Moyle) Barry of Ibawne
m. Margaret Courcy (d 1373, dau of Miles, Lord Courcy of Kinsale)
1. (Sir) William Barry of Ibawne (a 1385, dsp)
2. Lawrence Barry ('Roe') of Ibawne
  m. Orlagh (dau of O'Brien of Thomond)
  A. James Barry ('Roe') of Ibawne
  TCP shows James's wife as a daughter of the Earl of Desmond. Provisionally we follow BIFR1976 which identifies her as ...
  m. _ FitzGerald (dau of _ FitzGerald of Kildare)
i. Richard Barry ('Roe') of Ibawne
  m. _ O'Driscoll
a. James Barry ('Roe') of Ibawne
  m1/p. Ellen McCarthy (dau of Cormac MacTeig McCarthy (MacCartie) of Muskerry, m2. Donal McCarthy Reagh)
  (1) Richard Barry of Rathbarry
  m1. Isabel Fitzgerald (dau of Sir James Fitzgerald, son of 8th Earl of Kildare)
(A) James FitzRichard Barry, 1st/4th Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (d 10.04.1581) - continued below
  m. Ellen (dau of Cormac MacCarthy Reagh)
  m2. Moyra MacMahon (dau of _ MacMahon of Corkovaskin)
  (B) Richard Barry
  m(2). EIlin (dau of Fynin MacDermot Downe of Carbery, 'McCarthy Reagh', sister of Donal)
  (2) James Barry of Ibawne (dsp 1507)
  (3) David Downe Barry of Ibawne
  m. Ellis Barry (dau of William Barry Oge)
  (4) daughter
  m. Donal McCarthy
  b.+ other issue - John (dsp), Redmond
  partner(s) unknown
  B. Thomas Barry
  i. John Barry had issue in Ibawne
  C. Robert Barry in Ibawne
  i. Thomas Barry in Ibawne
  a. Edward Barry in Ibawne
  (1) Richard Barry in Ibawne
  (A) Edward Barry in Ibawne
3. James Barry
  A. ?? Barry
  i. ?? Barry
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Barry
  (1) ?? Barry
  (A) James Barry of Annagh, co. Cork (d 1579)
  (i) Nicholas Barry of Annagh



James FitzRichard Barry, 1st/4th Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (d 10.04.1581) - continued above
BIFR1976 shows James as 1st Viscount. TCP shows him as (eventually, after (allegedly) having murdered a number of alternatives) successor to the title of his distant kinsman James Barry, 3rd Viscount. As his claim to the title appears to have been disputable, to say the least, BIFR1976's numbering this as a new viscountcy appears reasonable though there is no reference in TCP to the title being recreated, merely to his assumption of it having been acquiesced to.
m. Ellen (natural dau of (Sir) Cormac McCarthy Reagh)
1. Richard Barry, 'Viscount Barrymore' (dsp 22.04.1622)
2. David Barry of Barry Court, 2nd/5th Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (d 10.04.1617)
  m1. Ellen Roche (a 1598, dau of David Roche, Viscount Roche of Fermoy by Ellen Butler)
A. David Barry (dvp 1604/5)
  m. Elizabeth Power (dau of Richard, 4th Lord le Power)
  i. David Barry, 1st Earl of Barrymore (b c03.1604/5, d 29.09.1642)
  m. (21.07.1621) Alice Boyle (b 20.03.1607, d 23.03.1666, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork)
a. Richard Barry, 2nd Earl of Barrymore (bpt 24.11.1630, d 11.1694)
  m1. Susan Killegrew (dau of Sir William Killegrew)
  (1) Mary Barry
  m. Rev. Gerald Barry
  (2) Catherine Barry
  m. John Townshend of Castle Townshend
  (3) Susan Barry
  m2. (11.1656) Martha Lawrence (d 1664, dau of Henry Lawrence of London by Amy Peyton)
  (4) Laurence Barry, 3rd Earl of Barrymore (dsp 17.04.1699)
  m. (1682) Katharine Barry (bpt 09.05.1663, d 08.06.1737, dau of Richard Barry, 2nd Lord of Santry)
(5) Theodora Barry
  m. Charles May
  (6)+ other issue - Richard (d young), David (d young), Martha (d 1657)
  m3. (02.1666) Dorothy Ferrar (b c1626, d 10.01.1710/1, dau of John Ferrar of Dromore, m2. Sir Matthew Deene, 1st Bart)
  (9) James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore (b 1667, d 05.01.1747/8, Lt. General)
  m1. Elizabeth Boyle (bpt 13.02.1662, dau of Charles Boyle, Lord Clifford)
  (A) Anne Barry
  m. James Maule
  m2. (06.1706) Elizabeth Savage (d 19.03.1713/4, dau of Richard Savage, Earl Rivers)
(B) son (d infant 30.05.1707)
  (C) Penelope Barry
  m. James Cholmondeley (b 18.04.1708, dsp 13.10.1775, General)
  m3. (12.07.1716) Anne Chichester (d 06.12.1753, dau of Arthur Chichester, 3rd Earl of Donegal)
  (D) James Barry, 5th Earl of Barrymore (b 25.04.1717, d 19.12.1751)
  m. (08.06.1738) Margaret Davys (d 02.12.1788, dau of Paul Davys, 1st Viscount Mountcashel)
  (i) Richard Barry, 6th Earl of Barrymore (b 10.1745, d 01.08.1773)
  m. (16.04.1767) Emily Stanhope (b 24.05.1749, d 05.09.1780, dau of William Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Harrington)
  (a) Richard Barry, 7th Earl of Barrymore (b 14.08.1769, dsp 06.03.1793)
  m. (c07.06.1792) Charlotte Goulding (b c1778, d 30.10.1832, dau of ?? Goulding by Phillis Smith (sister of Laetitia, wife of Sir John Lade, Bart), m2. Robert Williams)
  (b) Henry Barry, 8th Earl of Barrymore (b 21.10.1770, dspl 18.12.1823)
m. (24.01.1795) Anne Coghlan (d 06.05.1832, dau of Jeremiah Coghlan of Ardo)
  (c) Augustus Barry (b 16.07.1773, dsp 27.11.1813)
  (d) Caroline Barry (b 17.05.1768, dsp)
  m. (07.1788) Louis Pierre Drummond, Count de Melfort
  (E) Richard Barry (d 23.11.1787, MP)
  m. (05.1749) Jane Hyde (dau/heir of Arthur Hyde of Castle Hyde)
  (i) son (d 19.10.1751)
  (F) John Barry, later Smith-Barry of Marbury Hall, Cheshire (b 1725, 4th son)
  m. (04.1746) Dorothy Smith (d 01.1756, dau/coheir of Hugh Smith of Weald Hall)
  (i) James Hugh Smith-Barry of Marbury Hall and Foaty or Fota Island, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1748, dspl, 2nd son)
  partner unknown
  (a) John Smith-Barry of Marbury Hall and Fota Island (b 1793, d 1837) had issue
  m1. Eliza Courtenay (dau of Robert Courtenay of Ballyedmond)
  m2. (sp) Eliza Felicia Heron (dau of General _ Heron of Moor)
(b) James Smith-Barry of Lota Lodge (dsp)
  (c) Caroline Augusta Smith-Barry
  m. George Courtenay (son of Robert of Ballyedmond)
  (d) Narcissa Smith-Barry (d 09.01.1831)
  m. (28.04.1821) George William Massy of Bellmont (b 12.01.1794, d 05.09.1835)
  (e) Louisa Smith-Barry (d 18.04.1872)
  m. Thomas Berry Cusack Smith (Master of the Rolls in Ireland)
(ii)+ other issue - John (b 12.1748), Richard (b 09.1749, dsp), daughter
  (G) Anne Barry (d 21.03.1758)
  m. Walter Taylor
  (H)+ other issue - Arthur (dsp 10.1770), Catharine (d 1738)
  (10) David John Barry of Barry's Hall, Sheriff of Cork (d 1744)
  m. Margaret Crosbie (dau of Patrick Crosbie of Tubrid, widow of John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy
  (11) Dorothy Barry (d 01.1748)
  m. Sir John Jacob, 3rd Bart (d 31.03.1740)
  (12) Anne Barry
  m. Henry Maule, Bishop of Meath (d 1758)
(13) Margaret Barry
  m. (1711) Thomas Crosbie of Ballyheigue
  (14)+ other issue - Richard, Ferdinando William (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
  b. James Barry (dsp 1664)
  c. Ellen Barry
  m. Sir Arthur Denny of Tralee (b 1629, d 1673)
  d. Catherine Barry
  m. Edward Denny of Castle Lyons (b 1630, d 1695)
  B. Honora Barry
  m1. (sp) Gerald Fitzgerald of the Decies
  m2. Patrick Browne of Mulrankin
  C. Helena Barry
  m1. John Poer (dvp before 18.12.1600, son of Richard, Lord Poer of Curraghmore)
  m2. (sp) Thomas Butler, 10th Earl of Ormonde (b c1532, d 22.11.1614)
  m3. (1631) Thomas Somerset, Viscount Somerset of Cashel (dsps 1649/50)
D. Ellen Barry
  m. Sir John Fitzgerald of Ballymaloe
  E. Catherine Barry
  m. Richard Burke of Derry Maclaghny
  F. Margaret Barry
  m. Robert Dillon, Earl of Roscommon (d 07.08.1642)
  m2. Julia MacCarthy (dau of Cormac MacCarthy of Muskerry)
3. William Barry of Lislee
  A. ?? Barry
  i. William Barry of Lislee
  m. Ellen McCarthy (dau of Charles McCarthy of Castlemore)
  a. David Barry (a 1706)
  b. James Barry of Ballymacraeen had issue
  m. Ellen McCarthy
4. Joan Barry
  m. (before 1602) David Roche, Viscount of Fermoy (b before 1588, d 22.03.1635)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Barry) with support from TCP (Barry), BE1883 (Barry of Barry's Court, Buttevant, Barrymore), BLG1886 (Smith-Barry of Fota and Marbury)
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