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Families covered: Basset of Drayton, Basset of Sapcote, Basset of Welden, Basset of Wycombe
NB. This page has been based on sources which, for this family at least, we do not feel are reliable. We intend to research this family further in due course.

Bathel or Basset of Ouilly Basset in Normandy (b c870)
1. ?? of Ouilly Basset (b c915)
A. Osmond de Centeville (b c960)
  i. Foulque de Aulney (b c1005)
  a. Osmund Basset (b c1042, d after 1056)
  (1) Richard Basset
  (A) Gilbert Basset (b c1090)
  m. (1113) Edith de Oilly (b c1094, d after 1165)
  (i) Joan Basset GHJSWY
  m. (before 1150) Aubrey/Alberic I de Mello, Count of Dammartin (b 1110, d 1183) GHJSWY
  (ii)+ other issue - Sir Gilbert, Thomas
  b. Thurston Basset of Drayton (b c1050, 5th son)
  Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Basset of Umberleigh) & BLG1886 (Basset of Tehidy) both start with this Thursan, reporting that he "came over with the Conqueror".
  (1) Ralph Basset, Justiciar of England (b c1076, d 1120)
Vivian & BLG1886 show Sir Ralph as father of Osmond & Gilbert, not mentioning Sir Ralph's other sons. BLG1952 (Basset formerly of Tehidy) mentions that he had 5 sons but, apart from Osmond & Gilbert, names only Richard the Justiciar ("variously styled" 1st, 2nd or 3rd son), identifying him as ancestor of the Lords of Drayton and of Sapcote & Weldon.
  m. (c1101) Alice (b c1080)
  (A) Thomas Basset 'of Headington' (b c1099, d c1182)
  m. Alice de Dunstanville (dau of Alan de Dunstanville)
  (i) Gilbert Basset (b c1154, d 1207)
  m. Egeline Courtenay (dau of Renauld de Courtenay, Sn de Courtenay)
(a) Eustachia Basset (b c1176, d 1215) Y
  m1. Thomas de Vernon
  m2. Richard de Camville Y
  (b) Lucy Basset
  m. Sir Walter de Vere of Drayton
(ii) Alan Basset, lord of Wycombe (d 1233)
  m. Aline or Aliva de Gai (dau of Philip de Gai)
  (a) Sir Philip Basset of Wycombe (d 29.10.1271)
  m. Hawise de Louvaine (dau of Matthew de Louvaine)
  ((1)) Aline or Aliva Basset
  m. (by 1260) Sir Hugh le Despenser (b by 1223, d 04.08.1265, Justiciar)
  (b) Aline or Aliva Basset Y
  m1. Drew de Montacute (b c1185, dvp c1216) Y
m2. ("between 1219 and 1224") Richard Talbot (d before 13.04.1234)
  (c) (Katherine?) Basset probably of this generation
  m. (before 08.1216) John Lovel of Minster Lovel & Dockinges (d by 1252)
  (iii) Thomas Basset, lord of Headington (b 1157, d 1220)
  m. (1177) Philippa Malbank (b 1158, d 1225, dau of William de Malbank 'of Nantwich')
  TCP (Warwick) identifies Thomas's daughters as ...
  (a) Philippe Basset (dsp)
  m. Henry de Newburgh, 5th Earl of Warwick (d 10.1229)
  (b) Alice Basset H
  TCP (Warwick) reports that Alice m. John Biset. Various web sites suggest that she (also) married ...
  m1. (1204) William Malet of Curry Malet (b c1172, d 1217) H
  m2. John Biset of Combe Biset & East Bridgeford
(c) Joan Basset
  m. Reginald de Vautort
  (iv) Isabella Basset possibly of this generation
  m. Guy de Creon or Croun
  (B) Richard Basset, Justiciar of England (b c1102, d 1144)
  m. (c1126) Matilda de Ridel (b c1097, d 1139, dau of Geoffrey de Ridel, Count of Blaye, Justiciar of England)
  (i) Geoffrey de Ridel (b c1128, d 21.08.1189)
  m1. ??
  (a) Geoffrey de Ridel of Blaye (possibly 'The Troubadour')
  (b) Richard Basset of Welden
  ((1)) Ralph Basset of Welden (d before 1257)
((A)) Ralph Basset of Welden or Weldon (d 1257/8)
  m2. ??
  (c) Hugh de Ridel
(ii) Ralph Basset of Drayton Basset (b c1131, d 1160)
  m. (c1154) Alice (b c1135)
  (a) Ralph Basset of Drayton Basset (b c1160, d 1211)
  m. (c1185) Isabell (b c1165)
  ((1)) Ralph Basset of Drayton Basset (b c1189, d before 1261)
  ((A)) Ralph Basset, ' Lord of Drayton' (b 1227, d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  m. Margaret de Someri (dau of Roger de Someri, Baron of Dudley)
(iii) William Basset of Sapcote, Sheriff of Warwick and Leicestershire (b c1134, d 1185)
  (a) Simon Basset of Sapcote
  m. (c1195) ?? Avenel (dau of William Avenel of Haddon)
  ((1)) Ralph Basset of Sapcote, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  ((A)) Ralph Basset of Sapcote (d c1282)
  m1. ??
  m2. (1231) Milicent (dau of Robert de Chaucome of Chalcombe by Julian)
  (b) Ralph Basset
  This connection is suggested by Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, Bassett de Sapecott, Cheadle, Blore, Grendon et Fledborough) although the position is confused by that Visitation's omission of some generations in the Sapcote line.
  (c) Emma Basset probably of this generation
  m. Sir Robert de Grendon of Grendon and Shenston (a 1265)
  (iv)+ other issue - Richard (b c1132), Sibel (b 1135), Jordan of Blaye (b c1135), Phillip (b c1136)
(C) Osmund Basset of Oakley and Ipsden (b c1104)
  m. Basilia (widow of Luvet de Brai)
  (D) Thurstine Basset of Colston (b c1106)
  m. (c1131) Eustacia (b c1111)
  (i) Richard Basset of Wallingford (b c1132)
  (a) Thurston Basset of Wallingford (b c1156, d c1222)
  The following comes from VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, Letcombe Basset).
  ((1)) Isabel Basset (b c1176, d 1224) HJY
  m. (c1190) Robert Mauduit (b c1172, d 06.1221/2) HJY
  ((2)) Joan Basset
  m. Robert de Burnebu
  ((3)) Alice Basset
  m. John le Brun
  ((4)) Egeline Basset
  m. Richard Burdun
  ((5)) Lawrencia Basset
  m. Ralph de Wedon
  ((6)) Maud Basset
  m. Bartholomew de Rakinton
  (E) Gilbert Thurstine Basset of Little Rissington (b c1108) had issue
  Gilbert's wife is identified in BLG1952 (Basset formerly of Tehidy) as ...
  m. Alice de Dunstanville (dau of Geoffrey de Dunstanville of Tehidy)
  (i) Thomas Basset, Sheriff of Oxfordshire and Berkshire (a 1164, judge)
  (F)+ other issue - Nicholas (b c1110), William (b c1114)
  c.+ other issue - Robert d'Ouyilli, William de Lisors, Foulque II de Aulney
  ii.+ other issue - daughter, Osmund

Main source(s): BE1883 (Basset - various), various web sites
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