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Families covered: Basset of Drayton, Basset of Sapcote, Basset of Great Weldon

Ralph Basset of Weldon or Weldon (d 1257/8)
1. Richard Basset of Great Weldon (d 1276)
  A. Ralph Basset of Great Weldon (d before 1291)
  m. Alianore Wade (dau of Henry de la Wade of Bletchingdon & Stanton Harcourt, King's Cook)
  i. Richard Basset, (1st) Lord of Great Weldon (d c07.1314)
  TCP reports that Richard's successors were never called to Parliament and so does not identify them as Lords.
  m. Joan de Huntingfield (dau of Roger de Huntingfield of Huntingfield & Frampton by Joyce, dau of John Engaine of Laxton & Blatherwick)
a. Ralph Basset of Great Weldon (b 27.08.1300, d c04.1341)
  BE1883 identifies Ralph's wife as Joane, dau of John de la Pole of London. TCP names her Joan with a note identifying her as ...
  m. Joane (dau of _ Sturdon of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, she m2. Robert de Fourneaux)
  (1) Richard Basset (dvpsp before 03.1339)
  m. (mcrt 29.04.1331) Nicole d'Arderne (dau of Sir Robert d'Arderne)
  (2) Ralph Basset of Great Weldon (later Canon of Launde Priory)
  m. (after 04.1339) Joan de la Pole (dau of Richard de la Pole of London by Joan)
  (A) Ralph Basset of Great Weldon (d 06.06.1385)
  m. Alianore (a 1392, m2. John Cliseby)
  (i) Richard Basset of Great Weldon (b c1377, dsp 09.01.1399/1400)
  (3) Alianore (Eleanor) Basset
  m. Sir John Knyvett of Winwick, Lord Chancellor
  (4) Joane Basset
  m. Sir Thomas Aylesbury of Milton Keynes



Ralph Basset, 'Lord of Drayton' (b 1227, d Evesham 04.08.1265)
TCP reports that, although Ralph was called to Parliament, the writ "issued in rebellion, should not create a peerage dignity." BE1883 treats him as the 1st Lord. BE1883, which appears to follow Dugdale, also disagrees with TCP on the wives of the Lords. We follow TCP.
m. Margaret de Someri (dau of Roger de Someri, Baron of Dudley)
1. Ralph Basset, 1st/2nd Lord of Drayton (d 31.12.1299)
  BE1883 reports that this Ralph's wife was Joan Grey shown by Dugdale (under Basset of Drayton) as John Grey, justice of Chester, and (under Grey of Wilton) as dau of that John's son Reginald. TCP names this Ralph's wife as ...
  m. Hawise or Helewise
  A. Ralph Basset, 2nd/3rd Lord of Drayton (d 25.02.1343)
BE1883 identifies this Ralph's wife as Joane, dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. TCP names her ...
  m. Joan Grey (d 1353, dau of John de Grey, Lord of Wilton, by Anne, dau of William de Ferrers)
  i. Ralph Basset, younger of Drayton (dvp c1335)
  m. Alice (dau of Nicholas, Lord Audley)
  a. Ralph Basset, 3rd/4th Lord of Drayton (b c1335, dsp 10.05.1390)
  m1. (c05.1338) Joan Beauchamp (dsp, dau of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, by Catherine Mortimer)
  m2. Joane of Richmond (dau of Jean de Bretagne, Count of Montfort, by Jeanne, dau of Louis, Count of Nevers)
  partner unknown
b. Isabel Basset
  TCP notes that there is uncertainty as to exactly how Isabel was related to the last Lord. She was probably illegitimate.
  m. Sir Thomas Shirley
  ii. Alice Basset possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Hugo de Mesnil of Langley Mesnil
  B. Margaret Basset
  m. Edmund de Stafford, 1st Lord (d 1308)
  C. Maud Basset
  m. William de Heriz
2. Maud Basset
  m. John de Grey, 2nd Lord of Wilton, Governor of Caernarvon (d 1323)



Ralph Basset of Sapcote (d c1282)
m1. ??
m2. (1231) Milicent (dau of Robert de Chaucome of Chalcombe by Julian) presumed mother of ...
1. Simon Basset of Sapcote (d by 1295) omitted by BE1883
A. Sir Ralph Basset of Sapcote & Cheadle, '1st Lord' (d 1322)
  BE1883 reports that Ralph "had summons to parliament, 24 December 1264". This is not mentioned by TCP.
  m1. Elizabeth Colvill (dau of Roger Colvill, Lord Colvill, by Margaret, dau of Sir Richard Brewes)
  i. Simon Basset of Sapcote, '2nd Lord' (d 1328)
BE1883 reports that Simon "had summons in the 22nd of Edward I. to attend the king". This is not mentioned by TCP.
  m. (before 1309) Isabel Boteler (dau of William Boteler, Lord of Wem, she m2. Sir Alexander Walsham)
  BE1883 reports that Simon was father of Ralph whose son Simon was father of (the last) Ralph. TCP omits these generations, showing Simon and Isabel as parents of ...
  a. Ralph Basset of Sapcote, ('3rd') Lord Basset (d 17.07.1378)
  m1. (c1346) Sibyl Astley (dau of Sir Giles Astley by Alice, dau of Sir Thomas de Wolvey)
  (1) Alice Basset
  m1. Sir Laurence Dutton
  m2. Sir Robert Moton of Peckleton
  m2. Alice Derby (d 12.10.1412, dau of John Derby, she m2. Sir Robert Tuchet, m3. Sir Anketine Mallory) ## see here ##
  (2) Elizabeth Basset (b 01.08.1372)
  m. Richard de Grey, 4th Lord of Codnor (d 1418)
  m2. (by 07.1295) Margaret (widow of Urian de St. Pierre of Peckforton)

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