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Families covered: Beaton of Melgund, Bethune of Balfour, Beton (Bethune) of Kilconquhar, Bethune of Pitlochrie, Beton of Tarvit

Wood reports that "The name Bethune is derived from a city in Flanders; and in the tenth century Robert Le Faisseau, descended from a younger branch of the ancient Counts of Flanders, had for his portion the lordship of the city of Bethune, the first barony of the earldom of Artois".
Alexander de Bethune (d 12.08.1332)
1. Robert de Bethune
  m. Janet Balfour (dau of Sir Michael de Balfour)
  A. John Bethune, 1st of Balfour
  m. Katherine Stewart (dau of Sir Robert Stewart of Innermeath and Lorn)
  i. John Bethune, 2nd of Balfour
  m. ?? Stewart (dau of Sir David Stewart of Rosyth)
  a. Archibald Bethune, 3rd of Balfour
  (1) John Bethune, 4th of Balfour
  m. Katharine Stirling (dau of Sir William Stirling, 1st of Keir)
(A) John Bethune, 5th of Balfour (d c1507)
  m1. (1458) Mary Boswell (dau of David Boswell, 4th of Balgregie, 1st of Balmuto)
  (i) John Bethune, 6th of Balfour (b 1465, d 1524)
  m. Elizabeth Monypenny (dau of David Monypenny of Pitmilly and Kinkell)
  (a) John Bethune or Betoun, 7th of Balfour (b c1490)
  m. (c1521) Christian Stewart (dau of David Stewart of Rosyth)
((1)) John Bethune, 8th of Balfour (b c1535, d 1564)
  m. Agnes Anstruther (b c1506, d 1582, dau of laird of Anstruther)
  ((A)) John Bethune, 9th of Balfour (b 1546, dsp(s) before 1591)
  m. Isabella Pitcairn (dau of David Pitcairn of Forthar, 12th of Pitcairn)
  ((i)) John Bethune (d infant)
  ((B)) George Bethune (d young)
  ((C)) Robert Bethune, 10th of Balfour
  m. (c1564) Agnes Trail (b 1536, dau of John Trail of Blebo)
  ((D)) James Bethune (parson of Roxburgh)
  m. Isabel Gilray (d 1600)
  ((E)) Christian Bethune
  m. _ Melville of Carnbee
  ((F)) Margaret Bethune
  m. John Row (minister of Kennoway)
  ((G)) Agnes Bethune
m. Robert Strang in Kilrenny
  ((H)) Catherine Bethune
  m. William Tweedie of Drummelzier
  ((2)) Andrew Bethune (parson of Essie)
  ((3)) Katherine Bethune
  m. Robert (probably not John) Borthwick of Balhousie
  ((4)) Janet Bethune
  m. James Cairns of Leyes
(b) James Bethune of Balfarge (b 1492)
  m. Helen Melville of Drummond
  ((1)) James Bethune, Archbishop of Glasgow (b 1517, d 1603)
  (c) David Beaton of Melgund, Archbishop of St. Andrews, Cardinal of Scotland (b 1494, d 1546)
  p. Mariota Ogilvy (b c1495, d 1575, dau of Sir James Ogilvy, 1st Lord of Airlie)
  ((1)) David Beaton of Melgund (b c1522)
  m. Lucretia Beaton (dau of Robert Beaton, 3rd of Creich)
((A)) David Beaton
  m. Esther Saltyne
  ((i)) Theodore Beaton
  ((B)) Elizabeth Beaton probably of this generation
  m. (mcrt 06.11.1574) John Ogilvy
  ((2)) Alexander Beaton (Beton), Archdeacon of Lothian (b c1524) - continued below
  ((3)) James Beaton of Melgund (b c1526, a 10.1584)
  m. (1553, div 1567) Margaret Lindsay (b 1528, dau of John Lindsay, 5th Lord of the Byres)
  ((A)) James Beaton of Melgund
m. Helen Menzies (dau of Menzies of Weem)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Beaton
  m. (mcrt 06.11.1574) John Ogilvy, 1st of Inverkeiler (d before 1603)
  ((4)) Margaret Beaton (b c1530, d after 1579)
  m. (10.04.1546) David Lindsay, 10th Earl of Crawford (b 1527, d 02.1572-3)
  ((5)) Mary Beaton (b c1532)
  m. Alexander Lindsay of Auchmoutie, 1st Lord Spynie (d 06.1607)
  ((6)) Agnes Beaton (b c1534/c1540)
  m1. James Ouchterlony of that ilk (d 1561)
  m2. George Gordon of Gight (a 1583)
m3. (before 01.1582-3) Sir Patrick Gordon of Auchindoun (b 1538, d Glenlivet 03.10.1594)
  ((7))+ other issue - John (b c1528), George, Elizabeth of Skryne (a 1541)
  (d) Beatrix Bethune
  m. _ Moncur of Balumbie (Ballumbie)
  (e) Elizabeth Bethune (b c1504)
  m. John Wardlaw of Torrie (a 1513)
  (f) Katherine Bethune (b c1506)
m. Sir William Graham, 4th of Fintry
  (g) Janet Bethune
  m. _ Hay of Mountain
  (h) Margaret Bethune (b c1508)
  m1. John Graham of Ballargus, 1st of Claverhouse (d 1547)
  m2. _ Strachan of Carmylie
  (i)+ other issue - Walter (b 1496, d c1551, Archdeacon of Lothian), Thomas (b c1498, d 1519), George (parson of Govan)
  (ii) David Betoun, 1st of Creich (b 1466, d 1505, Treasurer) --
  m. Jean Duddingston (d after 1541, dau of Stephen Duddingston, 1st of Sandfurd) --
  (iii) James Bethune, Archbishop of St. Andrews, Chancellor of Scotland (b 1473, d 1539)
  (iv) Robert Bethune, Abbot of Melrose & Cupar (b c1479)
  (v) Archibald Bethune of Pitlochrie (b 1481)
  (a) Archibald Bethune or Beton of Pitlochrie
  m. Janet Duddingston (dau of Stephen Duddingston, 2nd of Sandford)
  ((1)) John Beton of Kinglassie (a 1548)
  m. Isabel Scott
  ((2)) Janet Beton
  m. Jame Hay of Mountainhall
  ((3)) Margaret Beton
  m. George Forrester of Strathendrie
  ((4)) Jean Beton
  m. Robert Clerk of Dysart
  ((5)) Giles Beton
  m. John Kininmont of Cawsal
  ((6)) daughter
  m. _ Sympson of Dysart
  ((7)) daughter
  m. Henry Balfour
  ((8)) daughter
  m. John Arnot of Edinburgh
(b) daughter
  (vi) Andrew Bethune, prior of St. Andrews (b 1483)
  (vii) Elizabeth Bethune (b 1467)
  m. Alexander Reid (Provost of Inverness)
  (viii) Janet Bethune (b 1469) --
  m. John Durie of that ilk (d 1538) --
  (ix) Margaret Bethune (b 1471)
  m. John Sibbald of Letham
  (x) Grissel Bethune (b 1472)
  m. James Hay of Fordie or Foodie
  (xi) Isobel Bethune (b 1475)
  m. John Forret of that ilk
  m2. (after 1470) Elizabeth Melville of Raith



Alexander Beaton (Beton), Archdeacon of Lothian (b c1524) - continued above
1. ?? Beton
  A. ?? Beton (Dr.)
  i. James Beton of Perth, later of Little/Nether Tarvit (b c1603, d 1680, Dr.)
  m.?? Esther Sallyne
a. David Beton (dvpsp)
  m. Helen Ayton (dau of _ Ayton of Kinaldy, widow of Alexander Balfour (son of Balbirnie))
  b. Thomas Beton of Tarvit, later of Kilconquhar (a 1744)
  m. Ann Paterson (b c1668, d 1760)
  (1) David Beton of Kilconquhar, later of Balfour (dsp 1781-2)
  m. (1731) Anna Beton (dsp 1785, dau of David Beton of Balfour)
  (2) Margaret Beton (Bethune) (d 14.10.1782)
  m. (12.09.1721) George Lindsay of Wormiston
  Kilconquhar passed into the Lindsay family, members of whom assumed the name Lindsay-Bethune.
  (3) Eupham Beton
  m. John Landel of Ardit
  (4) Alice Beton (d 1778)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 'Early', updated 12.07.17) : BLG1886 (Bethune of Balfour), Wood's 'East Neuk of Fife' (p368+) with input/support from cross-references from TSP (various)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 08.08.17) : 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p167)
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