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Families covered: Beaumont of Crossland Foss, Beaumont of Over Flockton, Beaumont of The Oaks, Beaumont (Bellomont) of Whitley Beaumont

William de Bellomonte of York
m. Elizabeth (a 1294)
1. Sir Richard de Bellomont (d 1292-3)
2. Sir William de Bellomont (a 1302)
  A. Sir Robert de Bellomont of Over Whitley, Crossland and Huddersfield (a 1323)
  m. Agnes de Quernby (dau of John de Quernby or Querenby)
  i. Sir John de Bellomont, lord of Whitley Beaumont (a 1347)
  m. Margaret (dau of ?? dau of Richard Radclyffe of Radclyffe Tower)
  a. John de Bellomont, lord of Whitley Beaumont (dsp 1354-5)
  m. (1347-8) Alice de Hopton (dau of Adam de Hopton)
  b. Robert de Bellomont, lord of Whitley Beaumont (a 1361)
c. Henry de Bellomont of Whitley Beaumont (d c1396)
  (1) Henry Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (a 1404)
  (A) Richard Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (d 1472)
  m. Cecilia Mirfield
  (i) Thomas Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (d 1495)
  m. (1456) Elizabeth Nevile (dau of Robert Nevile of Liversage)
(a) Robert Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (dsp c1496) who apparently married ...
  m. Isabel Woodrove (dau of Sir Richard Woodrove)
  (b) Richard Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (d 10.12.1532)
  m1. (mcrt 10.01.1489/90) Johanna Sandford (dau of John Sandford of Thorp Salvin)
  ((1)) Roger Beaumont (dvp c1518)
m. Johanna Pilkington (dau of Arthur Pilkington of Bradley)
  ((A)) Richard Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (b c10.1511, d 11.03.1573)
  m1. Katharine Nevill (dau of Sir Robert Nevill)
  ((i)) Edward Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (d 03.01.1575-6)
  m. (16.10.1571) Elizabeth Ramsden (dau of John Ramsden)
  ((a)) Sir Richard Beaumont, Bart of Whitley Beaumont (b 02.08.1574, d unm 28.10.1631)
  ((b)) Grace Beaumont (b 1572)
  m. (1600) Thomas Pilkington of Stanley
  ((c)) Margaret Beaumont
  m. (1600) Christopher Wray of Cuxworth
  ((ii)) Rosamund Beaumont
  m. (mcrt 30.07.1567-8) William Beaumont of Lascelles Hall
  Whitley Beaumont passed to their senior grandson.
  m2. Alice Nettleton (dau of Robert Nettleton of Thornhill Lees)
((iii)) Thomas Beaumont (a 1574)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Beaumont (a 1540)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Harrington (dau of Sir John Harrington of Hornby Castle)
  m3. Margaret Wyvill (dau of Robert Wyvill of Little Burton)
  ((2)) Johanna Beaumont
  m. Alvary Copley of Batley
((3))+ 2 sons
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  ((5)) Annabella Beaumont
  m. John Holgate
  (ii) Johanna Beaumont
  m. Thomas Madley of Thornhill
  (iii) Elizabeth Beaumont probably the 2nd daughter not named by BLG1850
  m. John Wentworth of North Elmsall (d 11.06.1461)
  (iv) Alice Beaumont
  m. Robert Gargrave of Gargrave
  (v)+ 2 sons
  (2) Roger Beaumont of Crossland Foss (a 1391, 1404)
  (A) John Beaumont of Crossland Foss (a 1482)
  (i) Lawrence Beaumont of Crossland Foss (a 01.1495)
  (a) John Beaumont of Crossland Foss, later of Netherton (d 1521)
  m. Alice
  ((1)) John Beaumont of Netherton (d 1541) had issue
  m. Margaret Sykes
  ((2)) Humphrey (sb Thomas?) Beaumont of Over Flockton (not Hockton) (d 1614-5)
  BP2001 (Allendale) starts with Thomas Beaumont of Flockton father of George of The Oaks, Darton. BLG1952 (Smith of Barnes Hall) identitifes Agnes as sister iof Geirge of Darton and dau of Thomas of Over Flockton. This raises serious concern that the ancestry shown for Geogre by BP1934 (which shows his father as Humprey of Over Hockton) is not secure. Provisionally, we assume that the errors in BP1934 were simply to call George's father Humphrey rather than Thomas and to show him as 'of Over Hockton' rather than 'of Over Flockton' but we hope to take a more considered view in due course.
m. ?? (bur 10.11.1609)
  ((A)) John Beaumont of Over Hockton (sb Flockton?) (d before 30.04.1645)
  m. Frances Carter (dau of John Carter of Nether Denby)
  ((B)) Thomas Beaumont of Dalton (d before 17.11.1646) had issue
  m. Anne
  ((C)) William Beaumont of Wakefield (dsp before 04.01.1614)
  ((D)) James Beaumont of Crawshawes (d 1628)
  m. _ Slack (dau of Richard Slack)
  ((E)) George Beaumont of The Oaks, Darton (bur 29.04.1664)
  m. Sarah (d 10.1646)
  ((F)) Annie (Agnes) Beaumont
  m. (25.10.1608) Robert Smyth of Dane Hill
  ((G)) Elizabeth Beaumont
  m. (25.08.1600) George Brooke
  ((H)) Jennet Beaumont
  m. (21.05.1610) William Green of Micklethwaite
  ((3)) Thomas Beaumont of The Oakes (d before 14.04.1559) had issue
  m. Anne Potter
  ((4)) Alice Beaumont (d unm)
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Henry, William, Nicholas, George (a 01.1495)
  (B) Lawrence Beaumont of The Oakes (a 1472)
  (3)+ other issue - Robert, John, William, John, Adam of Newsome (a 1391), Richard
  d.+ other issue - Roger (a 1351), Thomas (a 1354)
  ii.+ 7 sons

Main source(s): BP1934 (Allendale), BLG1850 (Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont)
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