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Families covered: Becket of Cornwall, Beckett of Littleton, Beckett of Wilton

The following section is provided 'for fun' so as to include Thomas Becket, Saint Thomas of Canterbury. We have no 'serious connection' for him to anyone else in the database but we do have a mythical one. Most of the following is shown in italics to evidence that it is not to be relied on. It should really be in the 'Ancient & Mythical' section of the database. It is shown here for our convenience.
Garlois (Garolus), Duke of Cornwall
m. Igerne ('Ingerina') the Fair (m2. Uter Pendragon, King of the Britons)
Westcote reports that Uter Pendragon (sic, he d 520) slew Garlois and then married Igerne (aka Eigr) and by her was father of King Arthur (and Ann). By Garlois she reputedly had ...
1. Alan
  A. Mark, King of Cornwall (dsp)
  B. Cador, King of Cornwall
  m. Gonilla (dau of Aurelius Ambrose, King of the Britons)
  On Irish03 we show that Uther Pendragon was younger brother of an Aurelius Ambrose, both being sons of a Constantin. We are not sure if those are different people from those shown on that page or this is another example of the unreliability (!) of mythical pedigrees. Westcote reports that Cador was father (by Gonilla) of Constantine, King of Britons, and also (so it appears; the phraseology is not great) of ...
  i. Alan (alias Edern)
  a. Aldred
  (1) Edwine, Duke of Tintagel
  m. ??, Lady of Bodmin
  (A) Tregartus, Lord of Bodmin
  (i) Oswyn, Lord of Bodmin
  (a) Edmund, Lord of Liskeard (d temp King Ethelred)
  ((1)) Matthew, Lord of Liskeard
  ((A)) Owanus (Owen), Lord of Liskeard (d c1000)
  ((i)) Edgar
  m. Maud (dau of Allard Becket)
  ((a)) William, later Becket, Lord of Liskeard (a c1066)
  Westcote reports that the following Gilbert's mother "was of Syria".
  (((1))) Gilbert Becket - ## see just below ##
Westcote reports that Gilbert, ancestor of "the Earl of Ormond and Queen Elizabeth", was born in Londoin and was father of Thomas by ...
  m. Maud ("daughter of the Earl of Chylye")
  a. Gilbert Becket, Sheriff of London - ## see just above ##
  Wikipedia ("Thomas Becket") reports that Gilbert's father was from Thierville in Brionne, Normandy, "and was either a small landowner or a petty knight". Wikipedia also includes a note that "There is a legend that claims Thomas's mother * was a Saracen princess who met and fell in love with his English father while he was on Crusade or pilgrimage in the Holy Land, followed him home, was baptised and married him. This story has no truth to it, being a fabrication from three centuries after the saint's martyrdom, inserted as a forgery into Edward Grim's 12th-century Life of St Thomas. Matilda is occasionally known as Rohise."
[* Westcote appears to suggest that the legend applied to Thomas's grandmother rather than his mother.]
  m. Matilda ("also of Norman descent")
  (1) 'Saint' Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 21.12.1119-20, d 29.12.1170, Lord Chancellor of England)§G



Visitation identifies the arms of this family, quartered with those of Koyser, Auncell and Malwyn, as "Or, on a chevron between three lions' heads erased gules, a fleur-de-lis of the field between two annulets argent".
Richard Beckett of Wilton, Wiltshire
m. Edith Keyser (dau/heir of William Keyser or Keysey by Agnes, dau/heir of William Auncell)
1. William Beckett of Wilton
  m1. Anne Leigh (dau/coheir of Robert Leigh of Cosley son of Robert son of Robert son of Robert & Parnell)
  A. Thomas Beckett of Littleton, Wiltshire
  m. Elizabeth Hill (dau/heir of Henry Hill of Allderton)
  i. William Beckett of Littleton (bur 26.12.1605)
  m. Elizabeth Corderoy (dau of Thomas Corderoy of Chute)
  a. William Beckett of Littleton (bur 22.04.1652)
m. Elizabeth Goddard (dau of Richard Goddard of Southampton)
  (1)+ issue - William (b c1611, bur 07.04.1648), John (bpt 08.03.16112), Auncell (bpt 01.08.1613), Ferdinando (bpt 08.01.1614-5), Robert (bpt 26.05.1616), Thomas (bpt 06.08.1624), Maria, Sara (bpt 09.07.1609, bur 07.02.1629/30), Katherine (bpt 10.05.1618), Elizabeth (bpt 11.07.1619), Anna (bpt 18.02.1620/1, bur 29.05.1669), Millicent (bpt 01.04.1627), Joan (bpt 21.02.1629/30)
  b. Anne Beckett
  m. (02.11.1598) Thomas Usher
  ii.+ other issue - John, Maria, Alicia, Margaretta, Johanna, Bridgett, Dorothea, Elizabeth
  B. Elizabeth Beckett
  m. John Flower of West Lavington
  m2. Johanna Fawconer of Southamptonshire
  C. Dorothy Beckett
  m1. Thomas Bower of Lavington
  m2. Henry Flower of West Lavington
  D.+ other issue - Auncell, William

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'A View of Devonshire' (Thomas Westcote, 1845, edited by Oliver & Jones, p458+)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'Beckett')
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