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Families covered: Beckford of Basing Park, Beckford of Fonthill, Beckford in Jamaica, Beckford of Stapleton

Commoners reports as follows: "The family of Beckford appears to have been of Saxon origin. It was, at an early period of our history, settled in Gloucestershire; deriving its patronymic from, or giving name to, the parish of Beckford, or Beceford, in that county." Brother of Sir Thomas Beckford was ...
Peter Beckford
1. Peter Beckford, Lt. Governor & CIC of Jamaica (d 1710, Colonel)
  A. Peter Beckford (d 1735, Speaker of the House of Assembly in Jamaica)
  m. Bathshua Hering (dau/coheir of Colonel Julines Hering)
i. William Beckford of Fonthill (Wiltshire), Lord Mayor of London (d 1770, 2nd son)
  m. (08.06.1756) Maria Hamilton (dau/coheir of George Hamilton (son of James, 6th Earl of Abercorn) by Bridget Coward)
  a. William Beckford of Fonthill Abbey (b 29.09.1760)
  m. (05.05.1783) Margaret Gordon (dau of Charles Gordon, 4th Earl of Aboyne, by Margaret Stewart)
  (1) Margaret Maria Elizabeth Beckford (d 1818)
  m. (05.1811) James Orde (Lt. General)
(2) Susanna Euphemia Beckford (d 27.05.1859)
  m. (26.04.1810) Alexander Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton, 7th Duke of Brandon (b 05.10.1767, d 18.08.1852)
  ii. Julines Beckford of Stapleton, Dorset (5th son)
  a. Peter Beckford of Stapleton
  m. (22.03.1773) Louisa Pitt (dau of George Pitt of Strathfield Saye, 1st Lord Rivers)
  The following comes from BE1883 (Pitt-Rivers (in Addenda)).
  (1) Horace William Beckford, later Pitt-Rivers, 3rd Lord Rivers of Sudley Castle (b 02.12.1777, d 23.01.1831) had issue
  m. (09.02.1808) Frances Rigby (d 06.09.1860, dau of Col. Francis Hale Rigby of Mistley Hall)
(2) Harriet Beckford
  m. (1807) Henry Seymer of Hanford (d 1834)
  iii. Francis Beckford of Basing Park, Hampshire (d 1768)
  m1. Albinia Bertie (dsp 1754, dau of Peregrine Bertie, Duke of Ancaster & Kesteven)
  m2. (1755) Susannah Love (d 1803, dau/heir of Richard Love of Basing Park)
  a. Francis Love Beckford of Basing Park (2nd son)
  m. (1788) Johanna Leigh (d 1814, dau/coheir of John Leigh of Northcourt House, relict of Richard Bennett Lloyd)
  (1) William Beckford of Hatchford, Surrey (2nd son) had issue (3 daughters)
  m. (01.1822) Maria Elizabeth Bramston (dau of Rev. John Bramston-Stane of Forest Hall)
(2) John Leigh Beckford (Captain)
  m. (11.1829) Harriette Ward (dau of George Ward of Northwood House)
  (3) Charles Douglas Beckford (minister, 5th son) had issue (1 daughter)
  m. Charlotte Maria Middleton (dau of John Middleton of Hildersham House, cousin)
  (4) (Ann) Harriett Beckford
  m. (1816) Andrew Arcedeckne of Glevering Hall (cousin)
  (5)+ other issue - Francis Love, Carleton (d unm 1829), Thomas Henry (d young)
  b. Charlotte Beckford
  m. (1793) John Middleton of Hildersham House
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1757, d unm 1782), Maria
  iv. Anne Beckford
  m. (08.11.1726) George Ellis (Chief Justice of Jamaica)
  v. Elizabeth Beckford (d 13.10.1791)
  m1. (14.02.1744-5) Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Effingham (b 1714, d 19.11.1763)
  m2. Sir George Howard, Field Marshal
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Peter (d 1737), Richard (MP for Bristol), Nathganiel
  B. Thomas Beckford (b 1682, d 1731)
  m. Mary Ballard (dau/heir of Thomas Ballard, son of Colonel Thomas, son of Gregory of Oxford)
  i. Ballard Beckford (b 1709, d 1760)
  m. Mary Clarke (dau of George Clarke, Governor of New York)
  a. Ballard Beckford (d 1764)
  m. Frances Buckner (dau of John Buckner)
(1) Mary Beckford
  m. James Johnstone (Secretary to Sir Alured Clarke who was Lt. Governor of Jamaica)
  ii. Thomas Beckford (b 1711, d 1746)
  m. Mary Elizabeth Byndlosse (dau of Pollnitz Byndlosse by Anne, dau of General Edward Morgan (Deputy Governor of Jamaica) by daughter of John George, Baron Pollnitz)
  a. Jane Mary Beckford (dsp 1754)
  m. Thomas Hay (Deputy Secretary of Jamaica)
  b. Mary Ballard Beckford (d 1797)
  m1. John Pallmer (son of the Chief Justice of Jamaica)
  m2. Edward Long of Aldermaston House
  c.+ 3 sons (d young)
  iii. Bridget Beckford (b 1705)
  m. Valentine Mumby in Jamaica
  a. Bellamira Munbee possibly fits here? dau of Valentine, by Bridget?
  m. John Gore (b c1724, d 1794, Colonel)
  iv. Mary Beckford (b 1717)
  m1. John Barnsett
  m2. Wastell Briscoe (son of John of Crofton)
  v.+ other issue - Charles (d young), Samuel (d young), Peter (d young), Grace (b 1703), Anne (b 1708)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, 'Beckford of Fonthill', p678+), Commoners (vol II, 'Beckford of Basing Park', p599)
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