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Families covered: Bedingfeld of Bedingfield (Bedingfeild), Bedingfield of Home Hale, Bedingfeld of Oxburgh (Oxborough)

BP1934 reported that this family were seated at Bedingfeld in Suffolk "at or soon after the Conquest." Although the name of their seat is normally spelt Bedingfield (previously Bedingfeild), the family itself appears to have kept their name "Bedingfeld" so we respect that preference even though cross-references to the family from other family records (and the Visitations) usually use Bedingfield or Bedingfeild. Visitation (Norfolk) starts with ...
Gerrard Bedingfeld of Bedingfeild, Suffolk
1. Sir Adam Bedingfeld of Bedingfeild
  A. Sir Peter Bedingfeld
  i. Silvester Bedingfeld
  a. Walter Bedingfeld
  (1) Sir Adam Bedingfeld
  (A) Sir Adam Bedingfeld
(i) Sir Peter Bedingfeld
  (a) Sir Edmund Bedingfeld
  m. _ Hempall
  ((1)) Edmund Bedingfeld
  ((A)) Sir Peter Bedingfeld (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Bedingfeld
  ((a)) Sir Thomas Bedingfeld
  Visitation inserts another generation of Sir Thomases but BP1934 starts with the following Sir Edmund who is identified as great-grandson of Sir Peter.
  (((1))) Sir Edmund Bedingfeld (d 1446) - continued below
  m. Margaret Tuddenham (dau of Sir Robert Tuddenham of Oxborough)
  ((ii)) James Bedingfeld possibly of this generation
  m. Alice Fleming (dau of Peter de Fleming of Fleming's Hall)



Sir Edmund Bedingfeld (d 1446) - continued above
m. Margaret Tuddenham (dau of Sir Robert Tuddenham or Tudenham of Oxborough)
1. Thomas Bedingfeld of Oxborough, Norfolk
  m. Anne Walgrave (dau of Sir John Walgrave of Walgrave (Waldegrave))
  A. Sir Edmund Bedingfeld of Oxborough (d 15.10.1496) the first mentioned by Carthew
  m1. Alice Shelton (dau of Sir Rafe Shelton)
  i. Margaret Bedingfeld (d 24.03.1504)
  m. Sir Edward Jernegan (d 06.01.1515)
  m2. Margaret Scott (dau of Sir John Scott of Scott's Hall, Marshall of Calais)
  ii. John Bedingfeld (dvpsp before 1492)
  m. Elizabeth Clere (dau of Sir Robert Clere of Ormesby, m2. Sir Robert Peyton)
  iii. Sir Thomas Bedingfeld (dsp bur 13.03.1538)
m1. Margaret Clifford
  m2. Alice London (dau of William London, relict of Edward Rokewood of Euston, m3. Thomas, Lord Burgh)
  iv. Robert Bedingfeld (bur 09.02.1539, Rector of Oxburgh)
  v. Sir Edmund Bedingfeld of Oxborough or Oxburgh (d 18.05.1553)
  m. Grace Marney (a 1536, dau of Henry, Lord Marney)
  a. Sir Henry Bedingfeld of Oxburgh, Governor of the Tower of London (d 22.08.1583, Knight Marshal)
  m. Catherine Townshend (bur 07.12.1581, dau of Sir Roger Townshend of Rainham)
  b. Francis Bedingfeld of Thorndon, Suffolk
  m. Dorothy Woodhouse (dau of John Woodhouse, brother of Sir Roger of Kymberley)
  (1) Edmund Bedingfeld of Hindringham, Norfolk
  m. Elizabeth Stynson (dau of _ Stynson of Marshland)
  (A) Francis Bedingfeld of Ellington, Norfolk
  m. Winifred Thwaytes (dau of Thomas Thwaytes of Norfolk)
  (i) Nicholas Bedingfeld
  (B) Roger Bedingfeld
  (C) Catherine Bedingfeld
  m. William Hall of Corpstey
  (D) Eve Bedingfeld
  m. William Hall of Westhorp
  (E) Anne Bedingfeld
  m. Christopher Hannam of Hitchin
  (2)+ other issue - Adam, Henry, Thomas, Frances (dsp)
c. Anthony Bedingfeld of Home Halle, Norfolk
  m. Elizabeth Danyell (dau of Rafe Danyell of Swaffam Market)
  (1) Eustace Bedingfeld or Bedingfield (2nd son)
  Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Bedingfeild) ends with this generation. This appears to be the Eustace 'of London' who starts Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Bedingfield of Testerton) which provides the following information.
  m. Elizabeth Draper (d before 02.08.1641, dau of Thomas Draper of London)
  (A) Anthony Bedingfield of Home Hale (d 1658)
  m. Elizabeth Bradbury (dau of Thomas Bradbury of South Pickenham)
  (i) Thomas Bedingfield of Testerton (bpt 1609, d 1675)
  m. Dorothy Townshend (dau/heir of Thomas Townshend of Testerton)
  (a) Anthony Bedingfield (b c1647, d before 11.10.1707)
  m. Margaret (b c1644, d 1722)
  ((1)) Dorothy Bedingfield
  m. Francis Bedingfield of Redlingfeild (Redingfield), Suffolk
  ((A))+ issue - Francis, Anthony, Margaret
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Mary, Frances, Bridget
  (ii) Henry Bedingfeld
  (iii) Grace Bedingfeld
  m. Edmund Gaskin
  (2)+ issue - Lawrence, William, Margaret, Mary, Frances
  d. Humfrey Bedingfeld of Hestley (in Thorndon), Suffolk
  m. Mary Castle of Reymingham (Raveningham)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Alexander, Grace, Mary
  e. Edmond Bedingfeld of Wyghton, Norfolk
  m. Grace Russell (dau of John Russell of Wyghton, son of Andrew of Wyghton by Anne, dau of Robert Gygges of Wyghton)
  (1) Christopher Bedingfeld
m. Frances Chamber (dau of Humfrey Chamber or Chambers of Sturston, Suffolk)
  (A) Humphrey Bedingfield (4th son)
The following comes from BHO ("An essay towards a topographical history of the county of Norfolk", Vol 9, 'North Greehow Hundred: Wighton'). Thanks to a contributor (CV, 25.05.13) for drawing this to our attention.
  m. Abigail Hicks (dau of William Hicks of London)
  (i) Christopher Bedingfield
  m. Lucy Boys (dau of Sir John Boys of Benington)
  (a) Christopher Bedingfield
  m. Sarah King (dau of Arthur King of Tilney)
  ((1)) Sarah Bedingfield (dsp 09.08.1764)
  m. (14.07.1744) Sir Jacob Astley, Bart of Melton (d 1760)
((2))+ other issue - Elizabeth (dsp), Catharine (d unm?)
  (ii)+ other issue - Edmund (dsp), William (rector of Brakenash), Daniel (dsp, recorder of Lynn)
  (B) Jane Bedingfeld
  m. Robert Futter of Thompson
  (C)+ other issue - Edmond, Nathaniel, John, Daniel, Anne, Dorothy
  (2)+ issue - Mary, Grace, Amye, Elizabeth, Christian
  f. Elizabeth Bedingfeld
  m. Sir John Sulyard of Wetherden (bur 24.03.1574/5)
g. Margaret Bedingfeld
  m1. Thomas Garneys
  m2. Bryse Rockwod (Rokewood) 'of Euston'
vi. Peter Bedingfeld of Quydenham
  m1. ?? Monings (dau of John Monings of Grenford)
  a. John Bedingfeld of Quidenham
  m. Alice Kyrvyll (dau of Humphrey Kyrvyll of Wygnall St. Mary's)
  (1) Humphrey Bedingfeld of Wygnall St. Mary's
  m. Margaret Cokkett (dau of Edward Cokkett of Ampton)
  (A) Dorothy Bedingfeld (dsp)
  (B) Frances Bedingfeld
  m. Anthony Thwaytes of Hardingham
  b. William Bedingfeld of Braborn, Kent
  m. Jane Barnes (dau of Hercules Barnes)
  (1) Thomas Bedingfeld
(2) Margaret Bedingfeld
  m. Thomas Honiwood
  c. Nicholas Bedingfeld
  d. Margaret Bedingfeld
  m. _ Pygott
  m2. _ Vaughan
  e. William Bedingfeld
  vii. Alice Bedingfeld (dsp)
  m. Philip Booth
  viii. daughter
  m. _ Browne of Lancashire
  B. Alice Bedingfeld
  m. John Fincham of Fincham
  C. Mary Bedingfeld
  m. William Gray of Martyn (d 1495)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Paston-Bedingfeld'), Visitation (Norfolk, 1568+1589+1613, 'Bedingfeild', 3 folios) with just a little input/support for the lower section from 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 2, p720)
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