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Families covered: Bellenden of Auchnoull (Auchinoul), Bellenden of Broughton, Bellenden of Kilconquhar

According to TSP, this family name "is found in a variety of forms: Bellentyne, Ballantyne, Ballindean, and Bannatyne" and "the first known ancestor of the family with which we have now to deal is" ...
John Bellentyne (d before 1486)
1. Patrick Bellentyne or Bellenden of Horshope and Achnolnyshill or Auchnoule (d 07/8.1514)
  m. Marion Douglas (a 06.03.1541)
A. Thomas Bellenden of Auchnoule or Auchinoul 'of Brouchton' (d before 25.06.1547, lord justice clerk)
  m. Agnes Forrester
  i. Sir John Bellenden of Auchnoull (d 01.10.1576, Lord of Session)
  m1. Margaret Scott (dau of Marion Scott who later m. George Henderson of Fordell)
  a. Marion Bellenden (dsp 19.01.1604)
  m1. (22.10.1564) John Ramsay of Dalhousie (dsp before 12.04.1592)
  m2. Patrick Murray of Falahill (d 1601)
b.+ other issue (d young) - Catherine, Mary
  m2. (mcrt 30.09.1554) Barbara Kennedy (dau of Sir Hugh Kennedy of Girvanmains by Jane Stewart)
  d. Sir Lewis Bellenden of Auchnoull (d 27.08.1591)
  m1. (mcrt 10.02.1579-80) Geilis Forrester (dsp, dau of Sir James Forrester of Corstorphine)
  m2. (mcrt 04.07.1581) Margaret Livingston (dau of William Livingston, 6th Lord)
  (1) Sir James Bellenden of Broughton (d 03.11.1606)
  m. (20.04.1601) Elizabeth Ker (dau of Sir William Ker of Cesford)
  (A) Sir William Bellenden, 1st Lord Bellenden of Broughton (d unm bur 06.09.1671)
  William resigned his title and estates to the Crown and had a re-grant in favour of his kinsman, John Ker.
  (B) Margaret Bellenden (a 01.1640)
  m1. James Muschet of Burnbank (dvp before 04.1626)
  m2. (after 14.12.1625) Henry Erskine (dvp 1628, son of John, Earl of Mar)
  (2)+ other issue - William (to Ulster), John (to Ulster), Margart, Anna
  e. Margaret Bellenden (2nd dau) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage --
  m. William Stewart of Edinburgh --
  f.+ other issue - John (a 1587), Zachary, Robert (d young, of 3rd marriage?), Jane
  m3. (14.01.1564-5) Janet Seton (d 02.02.1616, apparently dau of Walter Seton of Touch)
  j. James Bellenden of Kilconquhar (d 11.02.1593-4)
  m. Grisel Spens
  (1)+ issue - James (d young), 2 daughters
  k. Thomas Bellenden (dsp 07.1597)
m. Marion Gilbert (widow of Thomas Bannatyne of Newtyle)
  l. Adam Bellenden of Kilconquhar, Bishop of Dunblane then Aberdeen (b c1569, d 1647)
  m. (17.02.1595) Jean Abercrombie (probably dau of Henry Abercrombie of Kerse)
(1)+ issue - James (dvp by 1635), Robert (dvp by 1635), William (dvp by 1635), Alexander (dvp by 1635), Adam (dvp by 1635), David (dvp by 1635, minister of Kincardine O'Neil), John (dvp by 1635), Elizabeth (dvp by 1631), Jean (dvp by 1631), Margaret (a 1631)
  m. Walter Bellenden of St. John's Chapel (a 11.1609) probably the Walter who married ...
  m. Jean Hamilton (a 1616, dau of John Hamilton of St. John's Chapel)
  n. William Bellenden (a 1573, vicar of Kilconquhar)
  m. Anabel Pearson
  (1) Thomas Bellenden
  m. (1625) Euphemia Dudingston (dau of Stephen Dudingston of Sandford)
  o. Elizabeth Bellenden
  m1. James Lawson of Humbie (d by 1605)
  (1) Janet Lawson
  m1. James Fawside, younger of that ilk
  m2. Sir John Edmonstone of that ilk
  m2. Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston (d 1623, Lord Justice Clerk)
  p. Annabel Bellenden
  m. (before 06.06.1599) Alexander Lauder of Halton (d before 18.05.1625)
  partner unknown
q. Agnes Bellenden
  m. (mcrt 19.02.1590-1) James Bellenden, fiar of Pittendreich
  ii. Patrick Bellenden of Stanehouse, Sheriff of Orkney (d 1575)
  m. Catherine Kennedy
  a.+ issue - Thomas (dvp), Adam, Partick
iii. Margaret Bellenden
  m1. James Denniston of Linlithgow
  m2. Robert Hamilton of Ecclesmachan or Inchmachan
  iv. Agnes Bellenden
  m1. (after 05.05.1542) William Adamson
  m2. Alexander Somervell of Torbrex (younger son of Cambusnethan)
  v. Alison Bellenden
  m. (c1555) John Acheson (son of John of Edinburgh)
vi. Katherine Bellenden probably of this generation --
  m. Robert Craig of Craigfintray, later of Craigston (d 1575) --
  partner unknown
  vii. George Bellenden
  B. ? John Bellenden probably younger son of Patrick
  C. Catherine Bellenden (b 1497, d before 01.1568) --
  m1. (before 19.03.1522-3) Adam Hopper, Provost of Edinburgh (d after 12.08.1529)
  m2. (before 19.02.1530) Francis Bothwell, Provost of Edinburgh (d before 14.01.1535-6, Lord of Session) --
  m3. (before 12.01.1537-8) Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairn (b 1498, a 1546, General)
  D. Margaret Bellenden (d 08.1569, sister of John)
  m. John Kincaid of Warrison
  E. Christian Bellenden (a 1567, prioress, sister of Margaret)
2. Walter Bellentyne (d before 08.07.1490, Canon of Holyrood Abbey)
3. Margaret Bellentyne
  m. Gilbert Forrester of Drylaw
4. Christian Bellentyne
  m. Matthew Forrester of Barnton (d before 04.1500)

Main source(s): TSP (vol 2, Bellenden of Broughton)
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