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Families covered: Bellot (Belot) of Bochym, Bellot (Belot) of Cosham, Bellot (Bellet) of Great Moreton (Morton)

Identified by Ormerod as "Descended as heir-male from William Bellet of Gayton in Norfolk" and by Visitation (1580) (supported by Vivian) as "descended as heire male from Sr Inghram Bellott of Thorpe bellott in Co; Norffolke" (sic) was ...
(Sir) John Bellet or Bellot
m. Katherine Moreton (dau of Thomas de Moreton of Great Moreton, sister/heir of Ralph)
1. Thomas Bellet or Bellot of Great Morton, Cheshire
  m(1). Margaret Spencer (dau of John Spencer of Congleton)
  A. Thomas Bellet or Bellot of Great Morton
  m1. Katherine Gawen (dau/coheir of Thurston Gawen of Lancashire)
i. John Bellet or Bellot of Great Morton the first mentioned by BEB1841
  m. Joan Moreton (dau of Ralph Moreton of Little Moreton)
  a. Thomas Bellet or Bellot of Great Morton
  m. Alice Roydon (dau/heir of William Roydon of Burton in Denbighshire)
  (1) Edward Bellot of Moreton & Burton (dvp)
  Visitation (1613) identifies Edward's wife as Anne, au of Peter Mostan (Mostyn) of de la Cruce (Talacre, Flintshire). Provisionally we follow Ormerod (supported by BEB1841) in identifying her as ...
m. Anne Moston (dau of Edward Moston)
  (A) Edward Bellot of Moreton (d 07.08.1622)
  m. Amy Grosvenor (d 01.09.1612, dau/coheir of Anthony Grosvenor of Doddleston, son of Richard of Eaton)
  (i) John Bellot of Moreton (d 09.11.1659)
m. Ursula Bentley (dau/heir of John Bentley of the Ashes in Leeke)
  (a) Sir John Bellot of Moreton, Sheriff of Staffordshire, 1st Bart (b c1619, d 14.07.1674)
  m. Anne Wilbraham (b c1627, d 27.12.1711, dau of Roger Wilbraham of Dorfold by Mary Ravenscroft)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Bellot of Moreton, 2nd Bart (b 22.10.1651, d 1699/c1702, MP)
  m. (c02.1674-5) Susanna Packe (dau of Christopher Packe of Cotes, Lord Mayor of London, by Anne, dau of Simon Edwards (sb Edmonds?))
((A)) Sir John Bellot of Moreton, 3rd Bart (b 30.11.1676, dsp bur 08.02.1713-4)
  m. Anne Bowyer (b 1687, dsp 26.07.1754, dau of Sir William Bowyer, 4th Bart of Knipersley, m2. Rowland Port)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 18.07.1679, dspm?), Anne (bpt 05.02.1677), Elizabeth (bpt 07.02.1681), Susanna (bpt 01.10.1683)
  ((2))+ other issue - John (b c1658, dvp), Mary (b 22.09.1653, a 26.09.1664), Anne (b 01.08.1664, dvp), Elizabeth (b 21.10.1659, a 1664)
  (b) George Bellot (4th son)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Crakemarsh of Staffordsire)
  (c) Edward Bellot (dsp)
m. Sibella Egerton (dau of Sir Rowland Egerton of Farthinghoe)
  (d) Anne Bellot
  m. William Ferne of Crakemarsh
  (e) Ursula Bellot
  m. (c12.1641) Thomas Stockton of Kiddington & Gray's Inn
(f)+ other issue (d unm) - Philip, Thomas, 2 others (d young)
  (ii) George Bellot of Odd Rode, Cheshire
  m. (c06.1641) Elizabeth or Eleanor Lawton (dau of William Lawton of Lawton)
  (a)+ issue - Amie, Mary
  (iii) Thomas Bellot (d unm bur 10.11.1654)
  (iv) Susan Bellot
  m. (c02.1616-7) John Broughton of Broughton
(v) Frances Bellot
  m. Peter Legh (son of Peter of Lyme)
  (vi) Elizabeth Bellot
  m. (c08.1624) Thomas Bromley of Hampton
  (vii) Mary Bellot (d 23.12.1631)
  m. Thomas Gamull (son of William, alderman of Chester)
  (B) Dorothy Bellot
  m. William Griffith
  (C) Magdalen Bellot (d 1631)
  m. (1604 Peter Wynne Folkes or Foulkes
(D)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Katherine
  (2) Robert Bellot 'of Denbigh' (6th son) had issue
  m. Dorothy Brereton (dau of Robert Brereton of Wettenhall)
  (3) Dorothy Bellot
  m. John Drinkwater of Chester
  (4) Erminia Bellot
  m1. John Manley of Poulton
  m2. Thomas Manley of Lache
  (5) Mary Bellot
  m1. Richard Minshull of Minshull (d 1586)
  m2. Arthur Starkey of Wrenbury
  (6)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Hugh (Bishop of Bangor & Chester), John, George, David, Matthew, Owen, Cuthbert (archdeacon of Chester)
  b. Robert Bellot
  m. Ellen Sandford
  (1)+ issue - Richard, Robert (a 1600)
  c. Philip Bellot
  (1) William Bellot (d 28.04.1607)
  d. Blanche Bellot
  m. Robert Sparke named Roger by BEB1841
  e. Mary Bellot
  m. Roger Grene
  f. Margery Bellot
  m. Randle Thornton
  g. Ursula Bellot
  m. Edward Unwin of Chaterley
  h. Elizabeth Bellot
  m. Roger Davenport of Chorley
  i. Emma Bellot
  m. John Comerford
  j. Catherine Bellot
  m. John Creswall
  m2. Elizabeth Leversage (dau of William Leversage or Lyversage of Macclesfield, widow of _ Creswall)
  ii. Thomas Bellot in Wiltshire
The above is supported by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Bellot) & Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Bellot of Bochym)) which, between them, provide the following.
  m. _ Combesford
  a. Richard Bellot or Belot of Cosham, Wiltshire
m. Alice Earle (dau of Richard Earle)
  (1) Francis Bellot or Belot of Cosham, later of Bochim in Cornwall
  m. Anne Mohun (dau of Reginald Mohun of Boconnock)
(A) Reginald Bellot or Belot (d before 05.06.1600, rector of Menheniot, 2nd son?)
  m. Dorothy Dynham of Wortham (a 1600)
  (i) Renatus Bellot of Bochym
m1. Philip Beare (dau/heir of William Beare)
  (a) Renatus Bellot (bpt 29.09.1616, 2nd son)
  ((1)) Christopher Bellot 'of Bochym', Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1692)
  m. Bridget Pendarves (dau of William Pendarves of Roscrowe)
  ((A)) Renatus Bellot 'of Bochym'
  m. Mary Spoure (dau/heir of Edmund Spoure of Trebartha, m2. Charles Grylle)
  ((i)) Renatus Bellot (b 1703-4, d 11.07.1712)
  ((B)) Loveday Bellot (d 16.09.1711)
  ((C)) Bridget Bellot (d 10.06.1719)
  m. (25.09.1708) Sampson Hele of Exeter
  ((D)) (Anne) Bellot
  m. (Thomas) Hawkins of Trewinnard (d 1716)
  (b)+ other issue (a 1620) - Ambrose (b c1612), Philippa, Frances, Loveday, Dorothy (bpt 12.12.1613)
  m2. (28.07.1634) Mary Monk (dsp, dau of Sir Thomas Monk)
  (ii) Phoebe Bellot (a 1600)
  (B) Thomas Bellot or Belot
  m. Lucy Rivers (sister of Sir John Rivers)
  (i) Rawleigh Bellot or Belot
  (C) Ambrose Bellot or Belot of Downton, Devon (d before 10.10.1637, younger son)
m1. (c09.1596) Elinor Smith (dau/heir of Barnard Smith of Totnes, widow of John Charles of Tavistock then Sir John Fulford)
  m2. Lucy Stockett (d before 13.06.1631, widow of _ Wood of Modbury)
  (i) Elizabeth Bellot or Belot (a 1639)
  (D)+ other issue - John (dsp before 29.07.1608), Scipio, William, Arthur, Anna
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Robert
  b. Elizabeth Bellot
  m. Raffe Brodhurst
  (1) Margery Brodhurst mentioned by Visitation (1613)
  m. Nicholas Hobson of Over Alderley
  iii. Katherine Bellot
  m. William Lawton of Lawton (d 1551)

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Moreton and Bellot of Great Moreton) with input/support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613 & 1663, Bellot of Moreton), BEB1841 (Bellot of Moreton) and as reported above
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