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Families covered: Benet of Barnston, Benet of Carnesdale, Benet (Bennet) of Chester

William Benet of Carnesdale, Cheshire (originally from Wiltshire)
m. Grace Whitmore (dau of John Whitmore of Thurstaston by Cicely, dau of Thomas Poole of Nether Poole)
1. William Benet of Carnesdale (b c1506, bur 03.09.1590)
  m. Anne Goodaker (dau of John Hoodaker of Brinston or Barnston)
  A. John Benet (b c1535, dvp bur 06.05.1582)
m. Elizabeth Benet (bur 23.05.1609, dau of John Benet of Salghall Masy)
  i. John Benet of Carnesdale (b c1564, bur 27.02.1600)
  Hance notes that a pedigree identifies John's wife as _ Totty, widow of his uncle William, but suggests that that was incoreect, instead identifying his wife as ...
  m. (23.10.1583) Anne Benet (dau of Richard Benet of Willaston)
  a. William Benet of Carnesdale (bpt 11.11.1599, bur 21.03.1668-9)
  m. Ellen Greene (dau of Edward Greene of Poulton Lancelyn)
  (1)+ issue - William (b c1628), John (bpt 10.01.1629), Hugh (b c1630, bur 24.02.1668-9), Richard (bpt 08.07.1632), Peter (bpt 3.04.1635, d by 1649?), Margaret or Margerie (bpt 02.09.1627, bur 08.10.1642)
b. Elizabeth Benet (bpt 02.01.1593)
  m. Thomas Bely of Boughton
  c. Mary Benet (bpt 31.10.1596)
  m1. _ Griffiths of Heswell
  m2. _ Rathbone of Caldy
  ii. William Benet (bpt 26.09.1575) probably the William of Carnesdale, later of Irby, who married ...
  m. Jane Whitmore (dau of William Whitmore of Leighton, niece of John Whitmore of Thurstaston)
  a.+ issue - George (bpt 24.03.1616-7, bur 04.10.1638), Elizabeth (bpt 03.03.1611, bur 08.01.1642-2), Elleyne (bpt 23.12.1613, bur 11.01.1613-4)
  iii. Alice Benet
  m. Rafe Bennet of Willaston
  iv. ? Catherine Benet (b befoer 1574)
  m. (11.02.1593-4) John Bely
  v+ ?. other issue - Agnes (bpt 26.01.1577-8), Mary (bpt 31.03.1579-80)
  B. William Benet of Barnston (b c1538)
  m. _ Totty (dau of John Totty of Childer Thornton)
  i. Thomas Benet of Barnston (bpt 29.10.1574)
  m1. Ellen Benet (bur 31.01.1607-87, dau of Henry Benet of Salghall)
  a. William Benet of Barnston (bpt 31.03.1605, bur 23.11.1678)
  m. Jane Francis (bur 22.12.1670, dau of Richard Francis of Eastham by Jane, dau of Peter Bennett of Bebington)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas? (bpt 01.07.1638, a 1648), Henry (bpt 31.05.1647)
  b.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 10.10.1608, bur 18.04.1610), Mary (bpt 28.06.1603, dsp)
  m2. (c1609) Jane of Bromborough (bur 09.08.1635, widow of _ Gertree)
  d. Thomas Benet of Childer Thornton (bpt 26.08.1610, d 1691)
  m. Jane of Thornton
  (1) William Benet in Chester (b c1640, dvp 1681, grocer)
  m. Elizabeth Mercer
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (b c1671), Edward, Elizabeth, Mary
  (2) Jane Benet
m. _ Young
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Henry
  e. John Benet in Ireland (b c1616)
(1)+ issue including John
  f. Henry Benet of Chester (bpt 10.02.1618-9, d 17.07.1654)
  m. Sarah Jones (bpt 08.1624, dau/heir of Owen Jones of Chester by Jane, dau of Peter Drinkwater of Chester)
  (1) Henry Benet or Bennett, Sheriff then Mayor of Chester (bpt 10.10.1647, d 1716)
  m1. Sarah Graybach (dau/(co)heir of Daniell Graybach of Eccleston)
(A) Henry Bennet of Moston, Sheriff then Mayor of Chester (b 1686, d 26.11.1741) ## see here ##
  m. Elizabeth Morgell (sister/heir of William Morgell of Moston)
  (i) Elizabeth Bennet
  m. John Williams of Bodelwyddan (d 1788)
  (ii) Anne Bennet
  m. (1760) John Townshend of Hem House
  (iii) Mary Bennet (d 08.10.1814)
  m. (19.12.1760) Sir Ellis Cunliffe, Bart
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Sarah, Jane
  (B) Sarah Benet (bur 01.04.1757)
  m1. William Hesketh of Meoles (b 1681, bur 05.10.1703)
  m2. Robert Hesketh of North Meols & Pilling (bur 15.06.1723)
  (C)+ other issue - Henry (dsp young), William (dsp young), Elizabeth
  m2. Anne Fogg (dau of Rev. Lawrence Fogg of chester)
  (F)+ other issue - Mary, Anne
  (2) Peter Bennett, Mayor of Chester (b 1648, d 1725)
m1. (06.04.1675) Martha Wilme (d 11.01.1688-9, sister of _ Wilme, alderman of Chester)
  m2. Hannah Jolly of Wigan
  Not known which wife was mother of ...
  (A) Peter Bennett (d c1753)
  (B) daughter
  m. _ Darlington of Chester
  (3) Sarah Benet (bpt 14.11.1643)
  m. William Thompson (prebendary of Chester)
  (4) Mary Benet (b 1646)
  m. (22.09.1678) William Fynmore (archdeacon of Chester)
  (5)+ other issue - Owen (b 1649), Jane (bpt 12.03.1644-5),
  g. Margery Benet (bpt 12.12.1613)
  m. William Wilson of Chester (tanner, son/heir of Ralph of Chester by Anne, dau of Richard Broster, Sheriff of Chseter, by Margaret, dau of Thomas Hordley of Salop)
  m3. (after 1635) Anne Forshaw (bur 17.02.1656, dau of _ Forshaw of Mollington, widow of _ Smyth of Lancster then Ralph Axon of Lancaster then John Strength)
  C. Thomas Benet of Barnston assumed to have had issue
  The extract used as the Main Source for this page referred to a later section concerning this Thomas. We have yet to see the continuation.
  D. Peter Benet (b c1544, dsp in Ireland)
  E. Mary Benet
  m. _ Chauntrell of Knocktorum
  F. Elizabeth Benet
  m. (?) Hugh Benett of Oxton & Willaston
2. Mary Benet
  m. Richard Coventry of New House
3. daughter
  m._ Hooles "of some place near Conway"

Main source(s): extract (kindly provided by a contributor - CV, 01-08.03.09) from 'Notes on the Ancient Cheshire Families of Bennett of Saughall Massey, and Bennett of Barnston, with their collateral branches' by Edward M Hance (published 1889)
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