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Families covered: Besilles (Besiles) of Alfynton, Besiles (Besilles) of Besselslegh, Besiles of Bocland, Besiles of Radcote, Besilles (Besiles) of Wodhull

(1) The following family's name wappears in many forms! It was somewhat arbitrary that we focused on 'Besiles'.
(2) MGH starts with 4 probable siblings whom we show as children of ...
?? de Besiles
1. Matthew de Besiles of Alfynton (Devon), Wodhull (Wiltshire) & Dudmerton (Gloucestershire), Constable of Gloucester Castle (a 1233, 1268)
  m. Beatrice (widow of John de Basingeham) (a 1239, 1264)
  A. Matthew de Besiles of Alfynton, Wodhull & Dudmarton (a 1270, 1291)
  m. Margaret de Rabayn (a 1280, dau of Elias de Rabayn by Maud, dau/heir of Sir Stephen de Bayeus (Baiocis))
  i. Edward de Besilles of Alfynton & Wodhull (d 1304?))
  m. Joan
  a. Peter de Besilles of Alfynton & Wodhull (b c1308?, a 1328)
m. Sibyl (a 1307)
  (1) Matthew de Besilles of Alfynton & Wodhull (b c1321), d before 15.02.1361
  (A) Peter de Besils of Alfynton & Wodhull (a 1364, 1383) possibly father of ...
  (i) William Besils (a 1403) possibly father of ...
  (a) William Besils (a 1424, 1434)
  m. Matilda
  B. Matthew de Besiles of Boclond (Berkshire), Roccote (Oxfordshire) & Brampton Regis (Somerset) (a 1272, d before 26.02.1295)
  m. Elizabeth d'Averanches (b c1254, d by 1315, dau of John d'Averanches (de Averenges) of Retcot, Bromland & Dakenham)
  i. Geoffrey de Besiles of Boclond, Rotcote & Brampton Regis d before 29.04.1339)
  m1. Beatrice (dau of Percival Symeon of Oxfordshire, King's Sergeant)
  a. Sir Thomas de Besilles of Besselslegh & Bokeland, Ratcote, Brampton Regis & Kingston, Sheriff of Oxfordshire & Berkshire (b c1313, d 15.08.1378)
  m. Katherine de Legh (d 1406, dau/coheir of John de Legh of Leigh (later Besselsleigh) (by Hawise of Kingston alias Chesterton), son of William de Legh of Kingston possibly son of Robert de Kingston)
  (1) John de Besyls of Besselslegh, Ratcote, Brampton Regis & Kingston (b c1359, d 1382?)
  m. (c1376) Thomasine de Bratton (dau of Peter de Bratton of Bratton & Langridge)
(A) John de Besyls (d 28.11.1384)
  (2) Sir Peter de Besilles of Besselslegh, Bocland, Radcote, Brampton Regis & Kingston, Sheriff of Oxfordshire & Berkshire (b 24.06.1363, d 02.03.1425, MP)
  m1. (before 05.1384) Joan Catewy (dau of Thomas Catewy or Cateway of Buscot)
  MGH reports that Peter, "a minor in the king's custody" married John without licence.
p/m2. (before 1.0.1424) Margery Haines (Hannys) (d 18.05.1484, m2. William Warbleton of Warbleton) ## see here ##
  HoP ("Sir Peter Bessels") suggests that Sir Peter dspl. and that the following Thomas was illegitimate.
  (A) Thomas Besyles (d 29.09.1458)
  m. Clemence (m2. John Nowers of Tuckley)
  (i) William Besiles of Besselslegh, Tynteynes, Carswell, Longsworth, Langford, Radcote, Grafton & King's Brompton (b c1444, d before 05.05.1515)
  m. Alice Harcourt (d before 19.06.1526, dau of Sir Richard Harcourt 'of Wytham' of Stanton Harcourt)
  (a) Elizabeth Besiles
  m1. Richard Fettiplace of Bessilsleigh (d 1511)
  m2. Sir Richard Elyot (d by 05.1522, judge)
  m2. Agnes (a 1343, m2. Adam de Denc.)
  C. daughter
  m. _ de Vivona (son/heir of Hugh de Vivons of Wetkinton, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset)
2. Emery de Besill of Osmundeston (Norfolk), Stunton (Suffolk) & Dakenham (Barking, Essex) (a 1259, youngest son?) had issue
3.+ other issue - John (a 1241), Luke (a 1243)

Main source(s): MGH (NS5 vol 5 (1925), 'Pedigree of the Besils Family of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devonshire, Berkshire, and Somersetshire, p63+)
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