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Families covered: Bird of Brougham, Bird of Pinchbeck, Bird of Pireth (Penrith?)

Henry Bird
m. Joan Beauchamp (dau/coheir of Thomas Beauchamp of Little Croglin)
1. William Bird of Little Croglin, Cumberland
  m. Joane Tindall (dau/coheir of John Tindall of Northumberland)
  A. William Bird of Pireth, Cumberland (a 1295)
  Several of this family are shown as 'of Pireth', which name is used throughout by Foster. We suspect, but do not know for sure, that Pireth was a variant (or original version) of Penrith. William is the first mentioned by Maddison who shows him as "of Pireth (? Penrith), Cumberland".
  m. Emme Gospatrick (dau of Sir ?? of Cumberland)
  i. Adam Bird of Pireth
  m. Isabell Kirkebride (dau of Sir John Kirkebride (Kirkbride) of Kirkebride)
a. John Bird of Pireth
  m. John Threlkeld (dau of William Threlkeld of Yanworth)
  (1) William Bird of Pireth
m. _ Martindale (dau of Thomas Martindale or Martildale)
  (A) Roger Bird of Pireth
  m. Jane Crakenthorpe (dau of John Crakenthope of New Bigging)
  (i) James Bird (dsp. cleric)
  (ii) John Bird of Pireth
  m. (c1430) Jane Reading (dau/coheir of _ Reading or Redding of Brougham)
  (a) Henry Bird of Brougham, Westmorland (a 1438) - continued below
  m. Joane Tesedale (dau of John Tesedale of Walton in Tyndale)
  (b) Cuddy Bird of Perith
  ((1))+ 2 sons
  (iii) Hugh Bird of Pireth
  (a) Christopher Bird of Pinchbeck, Holland, Lincolnshire (bur 09.08.1580)
  m. Margaret Peirson (dau of Thomas Peirson of Pearson of Kirton-in-Holland)
  ((1)) Richard Bird of Pinchbeck
  m. Lucy Gull (dau/heir of Robert Gull (son of Thomas), probably not Ogle)
  ((A)) Arthur Bird of Pinchbeck
  ((i)) William Bird of Pinchbeck (bpt 29.07.1612)
  ((a)) Robert Bird (bpt 08.09.1675)
  ((B))+ other issue - John, Ranold (bpt 29.05.583)



Henry Bird of Brougham, Westmorland (a 1438) - continued above
m. Joane Tesedale (dau of John Tesedale of Walton in Tyndale)
1. John Bird (a 1482)
  m. Elizabeth Bartram (dau of Richard Bartram of Penrith)
  A. William Bird (a 1487)
  m. Margaret Rigg (dau of Rowland Rigg of Little Strickland)
  i. William Bird (a 1514)
  m. Margaret Hutchenson (dau of Robert Hutchenson of Ulesby)
  a. Thomas Bird (bur 12.02.1600)
  m. Jane Wharton (dau of John Wharton of Kirkby Thure)
(1) John Bird of Brougham (dvp bur 01.04.1587)
  m. Agnes Clarke (dau of Robert Clarke of Langthwayt)
  (A) Thomas Bird of Brougham (d 02.03.1657)
  m. Joane (dau of Thomas Nattison?)
  (i) Emanuel Bird of Brougham (b c1602, a 1668)
  m. Isabel Bird (dau/coheir of James Bird of Brougham) @@ below
  (a) James Bird of Brougham (b c1637, a 1668)
  m. Dorothy Sanderson (dau of John Sanderson of Perith (Penrith?))
  ((1))+ William Bird (b 02.09.1666)
  (b) William Bird
  m. Lucie Apleby (dau of Lancelot Apleby)
  ((1))+ issue - James (b 19.03.1668), Lucie
  (c) Isabell Bird
  (ii) Thomas Bird
  m. Jane
  (a)+ issue - Richard, Thomas
  (iii) Margaret Bird
  m. _ Jackson
  (iv) Mary Bird
  m. Talbot Nicholson
  (v)+ other issue - Anne, Isabell
  (B) son
  (C) Henry Bird of Great Strickland, Westmorland
  m. Anne Scot of Brougham
  (D) Susan Bird
  m. William Hunter
  (E) Agnes Bird
  m. John Rawlins
  (2) Thomas Bird
  (A)+ issue - Jane, Susan
  (3) Henry Bird of Brougham
m. Anne Gibson (dau of Thomas Gibson)
  (A) Anne Bird
  m. Thomas Pearson
  (4) James Bird of Brougham
  m. Mabel Winder (dau of Richard Winder of Penrith)
  (A) Isabell Bird
  m. Emanuel Bird of Brougham @@ above
  (B) Margaert Bird
  m. John Bradley
  (C) Elizabeth Bird
  m. Simon Pattinson
  (5) Margaret Bird
  m. Robert Harrison
  (6) Susan Bird
  m. Thomas Jackson

Main source(s): Visitation (Foster, Cumberland (St. George, 1615) & Westmorland (Dugdale, 1666), 'Bird of Brougham') with some support/input for the upper section from Maddison's Lincolnshire Perdigrees ('Bird of Pinchbeck')
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