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Families covered: Blodwell (Bladwell) of Great Thurlow, Bladwell of London, Bladwell of Swannington

Visitation (Suffolk, 1561) identified the arms of the following family, in a quarterly of six (with Notbeam, Peche, Hinckley & Caldebeck), as "Per pale Argent and Gules a lion rampant Sable". Metcalfe's Visitation reports that "The name is clearly not Bladwell, and is derived from Blodwell in the parish of Llanyblodwell near Oswestry, co. Salop." Nevertheless, Metcalfe provides a continuation which spells the name as Bladwell.
Geoffrey Blodwell of Great Thurlow, Suffolk
m. Margaret Caldebeck (dau/coheir of Henry Caldebeck by Cecily, dau/coheir of John Hinckley by Margaret, dau/heir of Sir Thomas Notbeam by Katherine (widow of Sir John Aspall), dau/heir of Sir Gilbert Peche)
1. Henry Blodwell of Great Thurlow
  m. Mary Bardolf (dau of Edmund Bardolf of Hertfordshire)
  A. John Blodwell of Great Thurlow (d 29.09.1534)
  m. Anne Drury (dau of William Drury of Besthorpe)
  i. William Blodwell or Bladwell of Great Thurlow (bur 23.12.1586) the first mentioned by Le Neve
m. Edith Bastard (dau of John Bastard of Watlington)
  a. Gyles Bladwell of Great Thurlow & Swannington, Norfolk
  m. Susanna Downing of Grimston (m2. Thomas Layer of Booton)
  (1) William Bladwell of Swannington (b c1595, bur 01.1642) the first mentioned by Carthew
  m. Barbara Pickerell (d 17.10.1646, dau of John Pickerell or Pickering of Cringleford)
  (A) Sir John Bladwell of Swannington & Rougham (b c1616, d unm 04/14.10.1680)
Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Bladwell') reports that Sir John dsp having married Elizabeth, dau/heir of Sir William Yelverton, who m2. Thomas Peyton of Rougham (## see here ##). Metcalfe reports that he dsp unm. Le Neve suggests that he dsp unm but shows that he had 2 illegitimate sons by ...
  p. ?? ( Mrs. Peyton)
  (i)+ issue - Yelverton (Peyton) of Rougham, Charles (Peyton) (had issue)
(B) William Bladwell of Swannington (b c1619, d 1697)
  m1. Martha Stepney (dau of Sir John Stepney of Pendergast, Bart)
  (i) William Bladwell (dsp)
  m. (20.10.1676) Elizabeth Allen (dau/heir of Thomas Allen of Winchingham, m2. John Herne (brother of Clement of Heverland))
  (ii) Jane Bladwell
  m. _ Smith in Ireland
  (iii)+ other issue - Barbara, Martha
  m2. (16.05.1661) Philippa Browne (dau of Thomas Browne of Elsing, relict of Wlliam Berney of Felmingham)
  (v) John Bladwell of Swannington (a 1701)
  m. Elizabeth Dartiqueneve (dau of Charles Dartiqueneve or Dartiqnave or Dashsquare of London)
  (a) Charles Bladwell of Swannington
  m. Elizabeth Allen (dau of Thomas Allen of Winchingham)
  ((1)) William Bladwell (d young)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Bladwell
  m. Charles Le Grys of Morton
  (b) John Bladwell of London, later of Swannington (a 1754)
  m. Rebecca Burrow (a 1754, dau of Jonathan Burrow of Burrow-Brig)
  ((1)) John Bladwell (a 1754)
  ((2)) Maria Rebecca Barbara Bladwell (a 1754)
  m. George Ogilvie
  ((A))+ issue - William Augustus (a 1763), Ann Rebecca (d young)
  ((3))+ other issue (d young) - Charles, Mary, Ann
(c) William Bladwell (a 1754, "Captain of the Rose man of war")
  m. ?? (widow of _ Whitfield)
  (d) Henriettta Bladwell
  m. Rev. William Hemmings of Earlsoham
  (e) Elizabeth Bladwell
m. Edward Butler of London
  (vi) Gyles Bladwell of Swannington (d 1732)
  m1. Anne Browne (d 1706, dau of Thomas Browne of Elsing, widow of Edward Blackhall of Felmingham)
  (a) Ann Bladwell (dsp)
  m. Richard Knight of Attelbridge
m2. Elizabeth Dove (dau/heir of John Dove of Harleston)
  (vii) Elizabeth Bladwell
  Carthew identifies Elizabeth's husband as Charles Browne of Grimston, Le Neve as Charles Payton, Metcalfe as ...
  m. Charles Peyton of ('Grimston in') Norfolk
  (viii) Phillippa Bladwell shown by Carthew as married to ...
  m1. _ Ward
  m2. _ Bradbury
  (C) Anne Bladwell (bur 03.07.1693)
  m. John Symonds of Suffield (bur 27.08.1670)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Anne (d young?), Mary, Martha, Margaret, Frances, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Jane (bur 06.02.1571-2), Edith (bur 06.03.1568-9)
Some of the children given by Visitation (Suffolk, 1577, 'Blodwell of Great Thurlow').
  ii. Robert Blodwell or Bladwell of London (draper)
  m. Elizabeth Duckett of London
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1633-4, 'Bladwell').
  a. Richard Bladwell of London
  m. Dorothy Freeman (dau of Henry Freeman of London)
  (1) William Bladwell 'of London'
  m. Judith Farnaby (dau of Thomas Farnaby)
  (2) Jone Bladwell
  m. Thomas Wagstaff of London
(3)+ other issue - Raphe, John, Thomas, Nicholas, Robert, Anne
  iii. Frances Blodwell
  m. Thomas Hildersham of Stetchworth
  iv. Anne Blodwell (d by 1563)
  m. William Walpole of Little Thurlow
  B. Margery Blodwell
  m. Lewis Blodwell
  C. Elizabeth Blodwell
  m. George Tracy of French Hall in Moulton
2. Edmund Blodwell
3. Margery Blodwell
  m. Robert Gedding of Lackford

Main source(s): Visitation (Metcalfe (1882), Suffolk, 1561 (with additions), 'Blodwell of Great Thurlow') with some input/support from Visitation (Harleian Society, Suffolk, 1561, 'Blodwell of Great Thurlow'), Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (1696, edited by George Marshall (1873), p264+) , 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 2, 'Pedigree of Bladwell', p499) and as reported above
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