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Families covered: Blake of Ballyglunin, Blake of Ballymanagh, Blake of Cummer, Blake of Dunmacrina, Blake of Farbough, Blake of Galway, Blake of Langham, Blake of Montserrat, Blake of Oranmore, Blake of St. Kitts

Geoffrey Blake of Athenry (a 08.1391)
1. William Blake of Galway (d 1453)
  m. _ Athy of Galway
  A. John Blake, Mayor of Galway (a 1487)
  m. Annabel de Burgo
  i. Geoffrey Blake of Galway
a. Richard Blake of Moyne (d c1564)
  (1) John Blake, Mayor of Galway (d c1586, 2nd son)
  m. Julia Browne (she m2. Antony Kirwan)
  (A)+ issue - Arthur, Walter
  (2)+ other issue - Geoffrey (dsp), Martin, Thomas
  ii. Andrew Blake (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509, 3rd son)
  a. son
  b. ?? Blake
  (1) ?? Blake
  (A) Patrick Blake
  (i) Andrew Blake (d before 09.1630, alderman of Galway) - continued below
  m. Juliane Martyn
  c. Walter Blake
  iii.+ other issue - Walter (Bishop of Clonmacnoise), Peter
  B.+ other issue - Andrew, Thomas
2. Walter Blake



Andrew Blake (d before 09.1630, alderman of Galway) - continued above
m. Juliane Martyn
1. Walter Blake (d before 1677)
  A. Andrew Blake of Dunmacrina (d 1704)
  m1. ??
i. Walter Blake of Dunmacrina (d 11.1740)
  m. (1693) Mary Athy (dau of Walter Athy of Oranmore)
  a. Xaverius Blake of Dunmacrina and Oranmore (d 11.1768)
  m. ?? Daly (dau of Charles Daly of Callow)
  (1) Walter Blake of Oranmore (dvp 1757)
m. (1741) Bridget Daly (dau (sb sister?) of Denis Daly of Raford)
  (A) Xaverius Blake of Dunmacrina and Oranmore (b 1752, d 26.01.1784)
  m. (1773) Isabella Knox (dau of John 'Diamond' Knox of Castlerea)
  (i) Walter Arthur Blake of Dunmacrina and Oranmore (d 1836)
  m. (14.04.1792) Mary Butler (d 02.12.1829, dau of James Butler of Doone and Millbrooke)
  (a) Xaverius Blake of Dunmacrina and Oranmore (d 1838) had issue
  m. (25.10.1817) Ellis Ussher (dau of Christopher Ussher of Eastwell)
  (b)+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
  (ii) Andrew Blake of Rocklands (Colonel, 5th son) had issue
  m. (1807) Belinda Butler (dau of Walter Butler of Cregg Park)
  (iii) Ann Blake (d 13.05.1855)
  m. (01.01.1798) Henry Butler of Millbrooke
  (iv)+ other issue - John, Xaverius (d infant), Arthur
  (2) Andrew Blake of Ashford (dsp 1770)
  ii.+ other issue - Valentine of Cullane (d 1725), 3 sons, 2 daughters
  m2. (Dame) Anne Foxon
  B. Anstas Blake
  m. John D'Arcy of co. Mayo
2. Martin Blake of Cummer and Ballyglunin, Sheriff of Galway (d 08.08.1691)
  m1. (1640) Margaret Martyn of Dangen
  A. Peter Blake of Cummer and Ballyglunin (d 21.09.1691)
  m. (1667) Sibylla Joyce
  i. Martin Blake of Cummer and Ballyglunin (d 1737)
  m. (28.11.1691) Margaret French (dau of Edmond French of Boyle Abbey)
  a. Edmond Blake of Ballyglunin (d 1771)
  m. (14.12.1724) Mary French of Rahasone
  (1) Martin Blake of Ballyglunin (d 1777)
  m. (1751) Bridget Joyce (dau of Walter Joyce of Galway)
(A) Edmond Blake of Ballyglunin (d 1782)
  m. (1780) Mary Aylward (dau of Nugent Sylvester Aylward of Ballinager)
  (i) Martin Stephen Blake of Ballyglunin (d unm 1788)
  (B) Walter Blake of Ballyglunin (d 1802)
  m. (1789) Mary (sister of Nicholas Joseph, Bishop of Kilmacduagh)
  (i) Martin Joseph Blake of Ballyglunin Park (b 1790, d unm 03.1861, MP)
  (ii) Henry Blake (d 17.10.1858) had issue
  m. (06.1827) Adelaide ffrench (dau of Robert ffrench of Monivea Castle)
  (C) John Blake of Tuam (d 06.10.1822, 5th son) had issue
m. (31.12.1803) Olivia Ann French (dau of Christopher French of Brook Lodge)
  (D)+ other issue - Martin (dsp, Rev.), Pierce (Rev.)
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Darcy of Hound's Wood
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - John (dsp after 02.1774), Robert (dsp, Rev.), Peter (Rev.)
  b. Martin Blake of Antigua, St. Kitts and Sevenoaks (d before 16.10.1767, Major) had issue
  m. (24.12.1735) Elizabeth Burke (dau of John Burke of Antigua)
c. Sibilla Blake
  m. (1723) Andrew Blake of Castle Grove
  d. Mary Blake
  m. Alexander Bodkin of Anbally
  e. daughter (nun)
  ii. Patrick Blake of St. Kitts (d 07.03.1744)
  m. Mary Ann Bodkin (dau of Andrew Bodkin of Montserrat)
  a. Martin Blake of St. Kitts (dvpsp before 25.08.1743)
  m. Sarah Trent (dau of Dominick Trent)
b. Andrew Blake of St. Kitts and Montserrat (d before 11.11.1762)
  m. Marcella French
  (1) Sir Francis Blake, 1st Bart of Langham (d 07.1784, MP)
  m. (div 1778) Annabella Bunbury (dau of Sir William Bunbury, Bart)
  (A) Sir Patrick Blake, 2nd Bart of Langham (dsp 25.07.1818)
  m. (12.08.1789) Maria Charlotte Phipps (dau of James Phipps of St. Christopher's)
  (B) Sir James Blake, 3rd Bart of Langham (d 21.04.1832)
  m. (13.02.1794) Louisa Elizabeth Gage (d 21.01.1832, dau of General Thomas Gage, son of 1st Viscount)
  (i) Sir Henry Charles Blake, 4th Bart of Langham (b 23.11.1794, d 22.01.1880) had issue
  m1. (02.08.1819) Mary Anne Whitter (d 20.04.1841, dau of William Whitter of Midhurst)
  m2. (15.02.1849, sp) Louisa Pilkington (d 28.12.1881, dau of Sir Thomas Pilkington, 7th Bart of Chevet Hall)
  (ii) James Bunbury Blake of Thurston House (b 1802, d 07.1874, 4th son) had issue
  m. (01.11.1831) Catherine Pilkington (d 1899, dau of Sir Thomas Pilkington, 7th Bart of Chevet Hall)
  (iii) Louisa Annabella Blake
m. Francis King Eagle
  (iv) Emily Eliza Blake (d 26.01.1859)
  m. Michael Edwards Rogers
  (v)+ other issue - Patrick John (Admiral), William Robert (d 1868, vicar of Great Barton), Thomas Gage (b 1805), George Harry (dsp)
  (C) Annabella Blake
  m. Robert Jones Adeane of Babraham
  (2) Arthur Blake (4th son)
  m. Anna Susannah Garland (dau of James Garland of Penhurst)
  (A) other issue - Arthur Garland (d 30.11.1813), Edward
  (3) Frances Barbara Blake
  m. (01.04.1769) Thomas Hodges
  (4) Marianne (Mary Anne) Blake (d c1830)
  m1. _ Austerbat
  m2. (01.03.1772) Thomas Bromley, 2nd Baron Montfort (b 01.1732/3, d 24.10.1799)
  (5)+ other issue - Christopher (d unm 1780), Edward (d unm 1763)
  iii. Nicholas Blake of Galway (d 1747)
  a. Mary Blake
  m. Valentine Browne of Tuam
  b.+ other issue - Patrick, Peter, Arthur, Sibillla
  iv. Margaret Blake
  m1. (1686) Christopher ffrench (son of Roebock of Cloghballymoor)
  m2. Patrick Lynch (MD)
  v.+ other issue - Sibilla, Anne
  m2. (08.1652) Ann Joyes (widow of Patrick Bodkin)
  B. Margaret Blake shown by BLG1886 as daughter by the 1st marriage
  m. (1672) Joseph Lynch of Ballycurrin
  C.+ other issue - Patrick (d before 21.03.1677), Gyles (or Julia)
3. Andrew Blake of Galway (d 1687)
  m. Christian Martyn
  A. Francis Blake of Farbough
  m. Jane Martyn
  i. Thomas Blake of Farbough
  a. Francis Blake of Farbough (a 1741)
  (1) Thomas Blake of Farbough (dsp after 1760)
b. Jasper Blake
  ii. John Blake of Ballymanagh (d 26.11.1763)
  m. Sarah French (dau of _ French of Aggard)
  a. Andrew Blake 'of Furbough' of Ballymanagh (d c1781)
  m. (mcrt 04.02.1760) Honoria Burke (dau of Michael Burke of Ballydugan)
  (1) John Blake of Farbough, Mayor of Galway (d 18.10.1836, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (03.1789) Mary Aylward (dau of Nugent Sylvester Aylward of Ballinagar, widow of Edard Blake of Ballyglunin)
  m2. (1797) Maria Galway (dau of Edward Galway of Cork)
  (A) Andrew William Blake of Farbough, Sheriff of Galway (b 22.08.1798, d 1868) had issue
  m. (22/6.09.1832) Maria Julia Daly (dau of Malachy Daly of Raford)
  (B) Edmond Blake, Mayor of Galway (b 1803, d 1895) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (24.11.1870) Anne St. George (dau of Christopher St. George)
  (C) John Henry Blake of Rothville (d 1882) had issue
  m. Harriet Lynch (dau of Francis J. Lynch of Mount Pleasant)
  (2)+ other issue - Andrew (d Talavera 28.07.1809), Sarah
  B.+ other issue - Nicholas, Patrick, Martin, Dominick, Walter, Augustin, Anne, Katherine

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BIFR1976 (Blake)
(2) For lower section : BIFR1976 (Blake) with input from BP1934 (Blake of Langham) and some support from BLG1886 (Blake of Ballyglunin Park)
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