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Families covered: Blennerhassett of Limerick, Blennerhassett of Riddlestown
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Arthur Blennerhassett of Loughgur in Bruff, co. Limerick (Captain)
m. Mary FitzGerald (dau of Garrett FitzGerald of Ballynard, archdeacon of Emly)
1. Edward Blennerhassett of Limerick
  m. Elizabeth Windale or Windall (dau of heiress of Rice of Riddlestown)
  A. Rice Blennerhassett of Limerick, Sheriff (dsp 1736)
  m. Mary Buckworth (dau of Richard Buckworth of Cashel by Annabel, dau of Sir George Ingoldsby)
  B. Rebecca Blennerhassett
  m. William Bowen (or Bowden) of Dooneen
C. daughter
  m. _ Crofts
2. Robert Blennerhassett of Dublin & Clonmel (b 1652, d by 1713, recorder of Clonmel, prime serjeant-at-law)
  m. Alice Osborne (dau of Sir Thomas Osborne, 5th (sb 4th?) Bart, widow of Thomas Warter of Culleen)
  A. Arthur Blennerhassett of Dublin & Riddlestown Park (b 1687, dsp 1758, MP, prime serjeant-at-law)
  m1. Mary Pope (dau/heir of Capt. Richard Pope of Derryknockhane by Ane, dau of Sir George Ingoldsby)
  m2. (1743) Mary Rice (dau/heir of Edward Rice, widow of Lt. Col. William Degge)
  B. Mary Blennerhassett
m. Thomas Squire of Coolrane
  C. Annabella Blennerhassett (d by 1768)
  m. (1710) Ion Grove of Ballyhenock (d 1730)
  D. Alice Blennerhassett
  E. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. (c1729) Eugene O'Lavery (d 1733)
3. Thomas Blennerhassett of Kerry 'of Riddlestown' (4th son)
  m. (after 1681) Ruth Blennerhassett (dau of John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy)
  A. Mary Blennerhassett
  m. George Rowan of Ackaghera (son of Rev. Andrew)
  B. Jane Blennerhassett
  m. Richard Hall of Ballyconnigan (son of Rev. John, prebendary of St. Finbarr's)
4. Gerald Blennerhassett of Riddlestown Park, Sheriff (6th son)
  m. Christiana Bayly (dau of Henry Bayly of Loughgur)
  A. Arthur Blennerhassett of Riddlestown (d 10.1775)
  m. Margaret (Celinda) Hayes (dau/coheir of Jeremiah Hayes of Cahir Guillamore)
i. Gerald Blennerhassett of Riddlestown (b c1734, d 1774, 2nd son)
  BLG1886 shows this Gerald as the husband of Lettice Bateman. This appears to be confusion with his son, leading to BLG1886 missing out a generation..BIFR1976 shows that this Gerald married ...
  m. (1756) _ Wilson (dau of Ralph Wilson of Bilboa Court, cousin)
  a. Gerald Blennerhassett of Riddlestown, Sheriff (d 19.09.1806, Colonel)
  m1. _ Wilkinson (dau of Joseph Wilkinson of Johnstown)
  m2. (26.06.1778) Lettice Bateman (dau of John Bateman of Altavilla)
  (1) Gerald Blennerhassett of Riddlestown, Sheriff had issue
  m. (07.1805) Elizabeth Massy (d 1837?, dau of William Massy of Glenville)
(2) John Blennerhassett of Rockfield (co. Limerick) or Rochevale had issue
  m1. (01.10.1807, sp?) ?? Wren (dau of Thomas Wren of Littur)
  m2. Mary Ann Bennett (dau/coheir of Samuel Bennett of Ballincalloo)
  b. Laetitia Blennerhassett (d unm)
  ii.+ other issue (d um) - Hayes, Ellen
  B. Mary Blennerhassett
  m. Maurice Hall of Dunmoylan
  C. Rachel Blennerhassett
  m. Daniel Heaphy of co. Limerick
  D. Annabella Blennerhassett (d unm)
  E. Ellen Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Spiers Gabbett of Bagotstown
  F. Elizabeth Blennerhassett
  m. William Hardinge of Carrigduff (Carriduff or Coomgriff)
  G. Christiana Blennerhassett
  m. Thomas Lloyd of Kildromore (d 1791)
5. Annabella Blennerhassett
  m. Abraham Greene of Ballymacreese (Captain)
6. Ellen Blennerhassett
  m. Henry Bayley of Loughgur
7.+ other issue - John (dsp), Arthur (b 1664, d unm 04.07.1696), William (dsp), Elizabeth (dsp)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Blennerhassett), BLG1886 (Blennerhassett of Riddlestown)
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