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Families covered: Bolle (Bolles) of Haugh, Bolles of Osberton, Bolle of Thorpe Hall

Richard Bolle of Haugh
m. Isabel Nanfant (dau of John Nanfant (by Joan, dau/heir of Sir Richard Coleshill), sister/heir of Sir Richard of Cornwall)
1. Richard Bolle of Haugh (bur 26.01.1548/9)
  m. Marian Fitzwilliams (dau/heir of John Fitzwilliams of Mablethorpe)
A. John Bolle of Haugh (dsp)
  m. Katherine Tirwhitt (dau of Sir William Tirwhitt of Kettleby)
  B. Richard Bolle of Haugh, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 1507, d 06-7.02.1591/2)
  m1. (before 28.07.1535) Jane or Eleanor Skipwith (dau of Sir William Skipwth of South Ormsby)
  i. Charles Bolle of Haugh (dvp 03.02.1590/1)
  m1. Katherine Dymoke (dsp, dau of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelby)
  m2. Bridget Fane (dau of George Fane of Baddeshill)
  a. Sir John Bolle of Haugh & Thorpe Hall (b 1560, d 03.11.1606) the first mentioned by Commoners
m. Elizabeth Waters (b c1565, bur 14.08.1647, dau of Edward Waters of King's Lynn, m1. (div) Nicholas Killingtree, m2. Edward Bacon)
  (1) Sir Charles Bolle of Haugh & Thorpe Hall (b 1592, bur 14.02.1660/1)
  m1. Elizabeth Stafford (bur 23.09.1643, dau of Humphry Stafford of Blatherwick)
  (A) John Bolle of Thorpe Hall (b c1631, bur 10.09.1679)
  m1. (22.09.1652) Ursula Bradley (bur 17.07.1663, dau of George Bradley of Louth)
  (i) Charles Bolle of Thorpe Hall & Haugh (bpt 11.07.1656, d unm before 07.07.1699, 2nd son)
  (ii) John Bolle of Thorpe Hall & Melbourn (b 07.07.1657, d 12.03.1732-3)
(iii)+ other issue - John (bpt 20.07.1653, dvp bur 26.02.1653-4), Elizabeth (bpt 12.02.1654-5, bur 11.01.1655-6), Margaret (b c1644, d 07.02.1728-9)
  m2. ??
  (vi) Edward Bolle (d young?)
  (vii) Elizabeth Bolle
  m. (07.03.1708-9) Thomas Bosville (rector of Ufford)
  (a) Elizabeth Bosville ("2nd dau. and co-heiress") probably of this generation
  m1. Alexander Emerson of Retford & Caistor
  m2. (1745) Stephen Ashton (vicar of Louth)
  (viii) Sarah Bolle (bur 21.06.1709)
  m. (24.02.1690) Henry Eyre of Bramley (bur 02.04.1727)
  (B) Elizabeth Bolle (a 11.1680)
  m. (before 16.03.1639-40) Thomas Ely of Utterby
  (C) Mary Bolle (bpt 15.08.1621, a 05.1660)
  m1. _Ely
  m2. (16.06.1659) Edward Hutchinson
  (D) Catherine Bolle (bpt 06.04.1625, a 07.1699)
  m1. (before 29.05.1660) John Ellis
  m2. (02.03.1665-6) Richard Brocklesby
(E) Jane Bolle
  m. (before 29.05.1660) William Radley of Yarborough
  (F)+ other issue - Charles (b c1633, bur 14.03.1624/5), Rutland (bpt 04.06.1624, bur 31.10.1624), Katherine (bur 14.03.1624-5), Anne (bpt 02.05.1620, a 1634)
  m2. Anne Stephens (bur 07.07.1654, ister of Lt. Col. _ Stephens)
  (J)+ other issue - Edwardr (bpt 07.07.1653, bur 15.12.1653), Anne (bpt 20.09.1650, a 1705), Elizabeth (b 02.07.1654, a 11.1680), Martha (bur 05.05.1656)
  (2) John Bolle of Biscathorpe & Louth (bpt 25.09.1600, bur 19.01.1653-4)
  m. (25.08.1629) Jane Bradley (bpt 30.04.1609, bur 15.03.1649-50, dau of John Bradley of Louth)
(A) Jane Bolle (b c1633, d before 11.11.1680)
  m. (before 18.09.1662) James Harriman of Stenigot
  (B) Elizabeth Bolle (a 11.1680)
  m. _ Keene
  (C) Bridget Bolle (a 11.1680)
  m. _ Newcombe
  (D)+ other issue - John (b c1631, a 1688), Charles (a 1688), Edward (bpt 23.07.1649, bur 02.03.1649-50), Anne (bur 01.02.1644-5)
(3) Elizabeth Bolle (bur 19.04.1669)
  m. George Cracroft of Fulnetby
  (4) Mary Bolle (bpt 08.01.1592-3)
  m. (before 13.08.1621) Nathaniel Hunt of Northamptonshire
  (5) Martha Bolle (bpt 08.12.1597)
  m. Edward Doughty of Worlaby
  (6) Catherine Bolle (bpt 10.12.1602, bur 14.08.1640)
  m. Christopher Palmer of Burgh-in-the-Marsh
(7)+ other issue - Edward of London (b 1603, d 11.1680), Bridget (d unm before 04.06.1652), Bridget (bur 28.02.1603-4), Elizabeth (bur 04.021599-1600), Anne (bpt 29.12.1598)
  b. Catherine Holle (dsp before 1606)
  m. Sir Edward Carr of Aswarby, Bart
  m3. Mary Powtrell (dau of Thomas Powtrell of Derby)
  c. Elizabeth Bolle (bur 10.03.1632/3)
  m. (16.04.1596) Thomas Gilby of Stainton-in-the-Hole
  m4. Anne Dymoke (d 18.08.1616, dau of Thomas Dymoke of Friskney, m2. Bartholomew Armyne of Osgodby)
  d. Anne Bolle
  ii. Mary Bolle (d before 28.01.1619-20)
  m1. Anthony Tourney of Cavenby (d before 14.11.1575)
  m2. Henry Eltoft of Cavenby
  iii. Anne Bolle (bur 06.01.1578/9)
  m. (before 1563) Leonard Cracroft of Cracroft Hall
  iv. Gertrude Bolle (a 02.1617)
  m. Leonard Kirkman of East Keal
  v. Ursula Bolle (a 10.1606)
  m. John Kirkman of East Keal
  m2. Anne Rigeby (dsp)
  m3. Margaret Hutton (d before 26.07.1615)
  vi. Richard Bolle of Thorpe Hall
  a. Elizabeth Bolle (bpt 08.12.1599)
vii. John Bolle
  m1. Katherine Metham (dau of William Metham of Bullington)
  m2. (before 03.1594-5) Margaret Mussenden (bur 09.07.1626, dau of Richard Mussenden of Beesby)
  a. Richard Bolle of Theddlethorpe (d 1643, Colonel)
  m. ?? (bur 14.02.1654-5)
  (1) Susan Bolle (bpt 13.03.1627-8)
  (2) Mary Bolle (bpt 03.12.1629)
  m. William Chapman of Skegness
  b.+ other issue (a 1606) - John, Anne
  viii. Jane Bolle (bur 05.06.1608)
  m. Thomas Audley of Houghton
  C. George Bolle of Haugh
  m. (21.07.1559) Katherine Newcomen (bur 23.11.1583, dau of Brian Newcomen of Saltfleetby)
2. John Bolle of Moulton & Stratford-at-Bowe (Middlesex) & Kelvedon Hall (Essex) (dsp 01-2.1532/3)
  m1. Anne Fitzwilliam (dau of John Fitzwilliam, son of Sir Thomas of Mablethorpe, niece of Sir George)
  m2. Julian Roche (dau of William Roche)
3.+ other issue (a 01.1532/3) - William, Lyon, George, Catherine



William Bolle or Bolls of Wortham, Suffolk
m. Elizabeth
1. William Bolle alias Bolls of Osberton, Nottinghamshire (b c1495, a 1575)
  m1. Margaret Rawson (dau of Avery Rawson of Essex)
  m2. Lucy Watts (dau of John Watts of London (by Allice, dau of Richard Gate by Lucey, dau of Richard Benington), widow of John Petyt)
A. Benjamin Bolles of Osberton
  m. Anne Gooderick of Kirby
  i. Thomas Bolles of Osberton (d by 1635?)
  m1. Elizabeth Perkins (dau of Thomas Perkins of Fishlake)
  a. Samuel Bolles (b c1601) presumably the Samuel 'of Osberton' who was father of ...
  (1) Mary Bolles (coheir)
  m. William Leeke (b c1634, a 1662)
  b.+ other issue (a 1614) - John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Judith, Abbigale
  m2. Mary Witham of Ledston, later Baronetess of Nova Scotia
  The following came from Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Witham of Ledston (alongside Jobson of Cudworth)).
  g. Anne Bolles
  m. Sir William Dalston, 1st Bart of Heath Hall
  h. Mary Bolles
  m. Thomas Leigh of Adlington (b 1614, a 1662)
  ii. William Bolles
  iii. Mary Bolles
  m. Thomas Lockwood
  B. Bonaventure Bolls (dsp)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Bolle of Haugh) with some support from the section on 'Family of Bolle' in Commoners (vol 2, Spencer of Bramley Grange)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Bolle or Bolles)
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