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Families covered: Bolton of Bective, Bolton of Brazeel, Bolton of Castle Ring, Bolton of Dublin, Bolton of Great Felton, Bolton of Killeen, Bolton of Knock, Bolton of Little Bolton, Bolton of Tullydonnell

Roger de Bolton of Little Bolton, Lancashire (d 1421)
1. Robert Bolton of Little Bolton (b c1397) possibly father (or uncle or elder brother) of ...
  A. Roger Bolton of Little Bolton (d 1473)
  i. Robert Bolton of Little Bolton (b c1451)
  a. William Bolton of Little Bolton (d 14.10.1554)
  (1) Robert Bolton of Little Bolton (b c1531, d c1560)
  (A) Robert Bolton of Little Bolton (b c1549, d 1579)
  (i) Richard Bolton, last of Little Bolton (b c1571, a 1610)
  (B) Catherine Bolton possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Leaver of Little Leaver
  The above comes from VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, 'Townships: Little Bolton'). BFIR starts with the following Roger who has been identified as "third son of Bolton of Bolton in Lancashire" with it being supposed that he was son of Roger Bolton of Little Bolton (b c1430, "dead in 1438") whom we presume to be the above Roger.
  ii. Roger Bolton (b c1472, 3rd son)
  a. James Bolton of Great Fenton, Staffordshire (b c1502)
  m. Agnes German (dau/coheir of Richard German of Great Fenton)
  (1) Roger Bolton (a c1580, dsp (vp?))
  (2) John Bolton of Audley, later of Great Fenton
BLGI1912 starts with this John other than to identify his father as Roger.
  m. Margaret Ashe (d 11.10.1620, dau of Richard Ashe of Ashe, m2. Thomas Allen)
  (A) Sir Richard Bolton of Brazeel (co. Dublin), Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b c1570, d 11.1648)
  m1. Frances Walter (dau of Richard Walter of Stafford)
  (i) Sir Edward Bolton of Bective (co. Meath), Staffordshire, etc. (b 1592, d 1659, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  m. Isabella Ayolffe (bur 04.02.1674, dau of William (not Sir George) Ayloffe of Chisell)
  (a) Nicholas Bolton of Brazeel & Bective, Sheriff of co,. Meath (b c1625, d 01.08.1692)
  m. (c01.05.1649) Anne Loftus (b 08.02.1630, d 02.01.1690, dau of Nicholas Loftus of Fethard)
((1)) Edward Bolton (b 17.10.1652, dsp 10.1705)
  m. (1695) Elizabeth (or Elinor) Keating (d 01.1699, dau of Maurice Keating of Narraghmore)
  ((2)) Richard Bolton of Brazeel, Sheriff of co. Dublin (b c1654, d 1721, MP)
  m. Anne Catherine Bill (dau of Stein Bill of Copenhagen)
  ((A)) Edward Bolton of Brazeel, Sheriff of co. Dublin (b c1695, d 05.08.1758)
  m. (by 1719) Wilhelmina Letitia Molesworth (dau of Robert, Viscount Molesworth)
  ((i)) Robert Bolton of Brazeel (b c1726, d before 09.05.1798, 2nd son)
  m. (c07.1754) Elizabeth Blennerhasset (dau of John Blennerhasset of Co. Kerry & Dublin)
  ((a)) Edward Bolton of Brazeel & Bective Abbey (b c1756)
  m1. _ Donaldson
  (((1))) Robert Compton Bolton had issue
  m. (1800) Charlotte Neynoe (dau of Joseph Neynoe)
  (((2))) Edward Compton Bolton
  (((3))) Anne Maria Bolton
  m. W.B. Neynoe
  m2. (c01.1798) Frances Neynoe (dau of Joseph Neynoe of Brazeel)
  (((4))) William Edward Compton had issue
  m. Ellen Hone (dau of Joseph None)
  (((5))) Richard Nassau Compton (Captain) had issue
m. (1830) Georgina Morris (dau of Major General Arthur Morris of Brockham)
  (((6))) Ellen Frances Bolton
  m. John Wilson
  ((b)) Robert Compton Bolton (b c1760)
  m. (06.1779) Elizabeth Rose Massey-Dawson (dau/coheir of James Massey-Dawson of Ballynacourt or New Forest)
  (((1))) John Massey Bolton of Ballywyre, co. Tipperary had issue
(((2)))+ other issue - Robert James, James Dawson, Elizabeth, Catherine Margaret
  ((c)) (Letitia) Christiana Bolton
  m. (c04.1783) Charles Francis Sheridan (Secretary of War)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Bolton
  m. (19.06.1779) Rev. John Ambrose
  ((ii)) Theophilus Bolton (b c1735, 4th son)
m. (1764) Margaret Lyons of Mullingar
  ((a)) Elizabeth Bolton (b c1770, dsp)
  m. (c10.1789) John Carden of Cardenstown or Fishmoyne
  ((b)) Anne Maria Bolton (b c1778)
  m1. (c10.1800?) George Tew of London
  m. William Neynoe
  ((c))+ other issue - Bolton (b 1774), Loftus (b 1777)
  ((iii)) Letitia Bolton (b c1720, dsp)
  m. (1749) Rev. Gustavus Hamilton
  ((iv)) Anna Maria Bolton (bpt 06.05.1724)
  m. Archibald (or John) Grant (Captain)
((v))+ other issue - Richard (b c1720, d young), Edward (b 1727, d young), Anne Catherine (b 11.07.1721, d by 1763), Elizabeth (b c1730, d 1759), Charlotte (b c1732, d 1754?), Isabella Charlata Emilia (bpt 1738, d by 09.1763)
  ((B)) Nicholas Bolton of Brazeel (b c1700, 3rd son?)
  ((C)) Anne Bolton
  m. (b c1690) John Tennison (son of Bishop Richard of Clogher & Meath)
  ((D))+ other issue - Richard (b 1699), Loftus (b 1706), Isabella, Margaret, Frances
  ((3)) Isabella (or Elizabeth) Bolton (b 22.12.1657, d 09.09.1709)
  m. (16.05.1695) Sir Mark Ransford (d 10.11.1709, alderman of Dublin)
  ((4)) Magdalen Bolton (d young)
  ((5)) Frances Bolton (b c1665)
  m1. (17.04.1696) John Madden of Manor Water House (d 19.10.1703)
  m2. James Hamilton of Dunboyne (of the Abbotstown family)
  ((6)) Margaret Bolton (b c1668)
m1. John Atkyns or Edkins of Roper's End (Roper's Rest)
  m2. (1692) Theophilus Jones of Ballynamore & Headford
  (b) Edward Bolton of Clonroosk, Queen's Co. (b c1628, d by 1668, MP)
  m. Martha St. Laurence (dau of Lord Howth)
  ((1)) Edward Bolton (b c1650) possibly the Edward who married ...
  m. (1675) Elizabeth or Honora Walker
  ((A)) Elizabeth Bolton (b c1676)
  m. (1697) Thomas Dixon of Ballybracken (d 1704)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Dixon
m. John Waller of Castletown (MP)
  ((2)) Martha Bolton (b c1652)
  m. (1671) Christopher St. Laurence of Whitston
  ((3)) Elizabeth Bolton
  m. _ Stibbots
  ((4)) Ellen Bolton
  m. _ Wall
  (c) Anne Bolton
  m1. Thomas Adderley
m2. Alexander Pigott of Inishowen
  (d) Jane Bolton
  m. Patrick Nangle (son of Thomas, baron of the Navan)
  (ii) Richard Bolton (b 1593, a 1649, dsp)
  (iii) John Bolton of Drogheda (b 1596, d before 13.05.1644)
  BFIR reports that the Irish Record Office Pedigree idenitifies John's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas Nangle, but gives precedence to identifying her as ...
  m. Elizabeth FitzWilliams (dau of Nicholas FitzWilliams of Baldongan)
  (a) Edward Bolton (b c1625)
  m. Honora
(b) Bridget Bolton
  (iv) Thomas Bolton of Knock & Tullydonnell, co. Louth (b 1599)
  m. Alice Knilton mentioned in BIFR1976 (Bolton of Castle Ring)
  (a) Nicholas Bolton of Knock (b 1647, d 1683, rector of Caheragh, Chancellor of Ross)
  m. Anne Buckworth (dau of Anthony Buckworth of Dromore by Sarah, dau of Edward Bermingham of Ballagh)
((1)) Thomas Bolton of Knock, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of Dublin (b c1670, Captain)
  BLG1886 supports the following but starts as showing Thomas as younger rather than elder brother of Archbishop Theophilus, both shown as son rather than grandson of Thomas "2nd son" of Lord Chancellor Sir Richard. We are following BFIR.
  m. Sydney Fortescue (b c1685, d 10.12.1749, dau of Col. Chichester Fortescue of Dromiskin by Frideswood, dau of Frances Hall)
  ((A)) Thomas Bolton of Knock (b c1706-8, d before 16.10.1741)
  m. (c03.1734) Alicia Forster of Dunleer (d 02.01.1798)
  ((i)) Theophilus Bolton of The Grange (b c1736, d unm 1773)
((ii)) Syndey Bolton (b c1738)
  m. (01.06.1763) George Clive of Whitfield
  ((B)) Chichester Bolton of Dublin (b c1708, dsp 1791)
  ((C)) Richard Bolton (b 1710, d 17.09.1779)
  BFIR reports that Lodge's Peerage idenitifies Richard's wife as Catherine, dau of Hugh Massey, but supports BLG1886 in identifying her as ...
m. Mary Page (d 1728, dau of John Page)
  ((i)) Theophilus Bolton (b c1737, d unm)
  ((ii)) Chichester Bolton (b c1742, dsp 1783)
  m. (05.1768) Anne Hall (dau of Rev. Rowley Hall of Killyleagh)
  ((iii)) John Bolton of Maine, Castle Bellingham & Tullydonnell (b 1753, d 1813, Captain)
  m. (c1783) Mary Anne Jones (d 09.02.1821, dau of David Jones of Bensfort by Sydney, sister of Richard Bolton) @1@ below
  ((a)) Theophilus Bolton of Tullydonnell (b 1795, d unm 1838, Captain),
  ((b)) John Henry Bolton of Tullydonnell (b 1799, d unm 1857)
  ((c)) Chichester Francis Bolton of Tullydonnell (b 1804, d 1865) had issue
  m. Harriet Augusta Stewart (d 1878, dau of Rev. Henry Stewart of Loughgilly, niece of Sir John Stewart, Bart)
  ((d)) Maryanne Bolton (d 1849)
  m. J. Barton
  ((e)) Sidney Mary Bolton (dsp 1877)
  m1. Frederick Jones
  m2. Richard Crookshank (d 1865, Captain)
  ((f)) Elizabeth Bolton
  m. Edward Mayne (d 1850, Captain)
((g)) Frances Ann Bolton (d 1876)
  m. George Jones French (1st cousin of Arthur, 1st Lord de Freyne)
  ((h)) Harriet Bolton (d 1875)
  m. (1839) Francis Charles Annesley (Baron of the German Empire, grandson of Richard, 2nd Earl Annesley)
  ((iv)) Sydney Bolton (b 1744)
  m. (1771) Charles Bolton of Castle Ring @2@ below
  ((D)) Sydney Bolton (b c1711, d 23.08.1779)
  m1. (c12.1727) Fielding Shawe of Dublin
  ((i)) Sydney Shawe (d 1785)
  m. (21.11.1766) David Jones of Bensfont & Beauparc, co. Meath
  ((a)) Mary Anne Jones
  m. (03.1792) John Bolton of Dromiskin/Tullynonnell @1@ above
  m2. (??) Thomas St. Leger
  ((E)) Margaret Bolton (b c1713)
  m. (c06.1723) John Walmesley of Dublin
((2)) Anthony Bolton of Grange, co. Louth (b c1674, d before 16.03.1754)
  m. Martha Sheldon
  ((A)) Charles Bolton of Dundalk 'of Castle Ring' (b c1720, d 08.1805)
  BFIR reports that BFR identifies Charles's wife as Sydney, dau of Thomas Bolton of Knock, but says: "This is evidently an error". BIFR1976 (Bolton of Castle Ring) supports BFIR in identifying her as ...
  m. (c11.1771) Sydney Bolton (b 1744, d 1822, dau of Richard Bolton of Dromiskin) @2@ above
  ((i)) Richard Bolton of Castle Ring (b 20.08.1772, d 17.06.1850, farmer) had issue
  m. (18.02.1808) Mary Ann Ruxton (b 30.07.1774, d 07.04.1812, dau of Gibbons Ruxton of Blackcastle, widow of W. Young)
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (possibly Mayor of Louth), Thomas
  ((B)) John Bolton of Grange (b c1730)
  m. (c10.1754) Mary (or Margaret) Jones of Dundalk
  ((i)) Thomas Bolton (b c1760, a1779) possibly fits here
  ((C)) Thomas Bolton
  ((i)) Fred Bolton
  ((ii)) Eliza Bolton
  m. _ Waller (Colonel)
  ((D)) Anthony Bolton (b 1731, d 31.05.1811 in New York)
  m. Martha (b 1731-2, d 12.02.1808)
  ((i)) Thomas Bolton (b 1743, d 27.04.1863, 2nd son)
  m. (20.06.1807) Isabella McKenzie (b 1791, d 14.04.1853)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Robert (b 1765, d 14.08.1770), Elizabeth (d 09.04.1807)
  ((E)) daughter
  ((3)) Theophilus Bolton, Archbishop of Cashel (b c1678, dsp 31.01.1744)
  m. ?? (d c05.1773)
  ((4)) Anne Sydney Bolton
  m. Theophilus Shawe
  (b) Mary Bolton (bpt 19.05.1641/2)
  (c) Elizabeth Bolton (b c1645)
  m. Kingsmill Pennefather of Ballover
  (v) James Bolton, Mayor of Drogheda (b 1602, d c04.1644, Captain)
  m. Anne (Brennan?)
  (a) Richard Bolton of Tullydonnel, co. Louth (b c1632, d bt 1717, 2nd son)
  BFIR reports that Richard "seems to have been the ancestor of the Boltons at Tullydonnell and "Calga", County Louth. The line here is very uncertain but they were all associated with Tullydonnell."
  m. _ Tulle
  ((1)) Edward Bolton of Tullydonnell (b c1660)
  m1. _ Donaldson
  ((A)) Elizabeth Bolton (b c1690, a 1738)
  m. _ Richardson
  m2. Elizabeth Corker (dau of Thomas Corker of Dublin, sister of Chambre, Edward & Thomas)
  ((B)) Richard Bolton of Dublin (d 1802)
  m. (c04.1735) Elizabeth Baker
  ((i)) Barbara Bolton
  m. (1796) Gerald O'Farrell
  ((C)) Brazeel Bolton (b c1716)
  m. Randall Young of Atherdee
  ((D)) Abigail Bolton (b c1718)
  m. (by 1738) George Elliot
  ((E))+ other issue - Corker (b c1713, d by 1738?), Mary, Sarah, Arabella
  ((2)) James Bolton of Tullydonnell (b c1662, d by 1736?)
  ((A)) James Bolton of Clonkeen and/or Calga (b c1690)
  m. (1711?) Margaret Robinson
  ((i)) James Bolton
  m. (1750) Margaret Izod
  ((ii)) Edward Bolton of Louth (b 1719-20, d 19.01.1796)
  ((B)) Thomas Bolton of Calga, co. Louth
  ((i)) Mabel Bolton
  m. Rev. Monsell Hewson (b 1704)
  ((C)) Boyle Bolton of Carrickbagott (a 1760)
  ((3)) Charles Bolton in Tullydonnell (b c1664, a 1717)
  (b)+ issue - Thomas (b c1630), Gregory of Dundalk (b c1630, a 1689), Anne, Susan, Isabella
  (vi) Carroll (Charles?) Bolton of Killeen (b c1606, d before 12.04.1681)
  m. Jane Symonds (d 1684?, dau/coheir of Rev. John Symonds of Killevy)
  (a) John Bolton of Killleene (b c1628)
  BFIR reports that the Irish Record Office Pedigree idenitifies John's wife as Margaret Beauchamp of Kilwer but gives precedence to identifying her as ...
  m. Dorothy Chappell (dau of Richard Chappell)
  ((1)) John Bolton (of Swords?) (b c1663)
  m. (c05.1708) Mabell Obyns of Drumcree
  ((A)) France (sic) Bolton
  m. _ Sedgrave
  ((B)) Katherine Bolton
  m. _ Rely
  ((C)) Susan Bolton
  m. Thomas Read
  ((D))+ other issue - Edward, Jo., Morice
  ((2)) Letitia Bolton (b c1648)
  m. (1666) Richard Hill
  ((3)) Elinor Bolton (b c1650)
  m. (1676) Edward Hill
  ((4)) Elizabeth Bolton (b c1655)
  m. (1674) John Baldwin
  (b) Mary Bolton (b c1640, d by 1740)
  m. (1671) Richard Chapell
  (c) Anne Bolton (b c1642)
  m. Mathew Lord
  (d) Jane Bolton
  m. Walter Hitchcock
  (e) Hill Bolton
  m. John Childermas
  (f)+ issue - Arthur, Dorothy (b c1644), Frances, Elinor, Caryl, Frane
  (vii) Benjamin Bolton (b c1608)
  m1. Christian Usher (dau of Rev. Luke Usher)
(a) Richard Bolton
  m2. Mary Jacob
  (b) Mary Bolton (bpt 23.01.1641) possibly of this marriage
  m3. Juliana Tulle
  (viii) Anne Bolton (b 1603, bur 07.01.1636)
  m. Arthur Hill of Stranmellis
  (ix) Mary ('Rosy') Bolton (b c1604)
  m1. Patrick Nangle, baron of Navan
  m2. Edward Bermingham
  m2. (1646?) Margaret (or Mabel) Barnewall (dau of Sir Patrick Barnewall or Barnwell of Turvey, widow of Luke Netterville (son of Nicholas, Viscount Netterville))
  (B) John Bolton possibly father of ...
  (i) Roger Bolton of Dublin
  m. (1638) ??
  (C) Jane Bolton
  m. (c1600) William (or Walter) Weldon of Weldon & Athy
  (3) Thomas Bolton (a 1580)
  m. Alice
  iii.+ other issue - possibly including James (d by 1477, vicar of Audley)

Main source(s): the section on 'The Boltons of County Dublin' in 'Bolton Families in Ireland' (referred to above as "BFIR") by Charles Knowles Bolton (1937) with input/support as reported above
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