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Families covered: Borlase (Borlace) of Marlow, Borlase of Treludra

We were uncertain as to how to label this page, Borlace1 or Borlase1, but have chosen the latter even though the main source for the page uses Borlace as the family name. This is because cross-references to the family mostly use Borlase.
John Burlacy of Cornwall
1. Walter Burlacy of St. Newbrine, Cornwall
  m. _ Oats of Oak of Treludra
  A. Nicholas Borlace or Borlase
  i. John Borlace or Borlase
a. ?? Borlace or Borlase
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? Borlase
  (A) Nicholas Borlase of Treludra, Cornwall (d 1677)
  m. Catharine Bury
  (i) Humphrey Borlase, Sheriff of Cornwall, 'Lord Borlase of Borlase' (dsps 1709)
  TCP (Borlase) reports that Humphrey "is said to have been (created Baron) by James II, after his expulsion".
  m. Anne Winter (dau of Sir John Winter of Lydney)
  (ii) Ursula Borlase (d before 04.1699) probably of this generation
m. John Chichester (bpt 30.04.1633, bur 13.04.1699)
  B. Edward Borlace or Borlase
  m1. _ Dormer (dsp, dau of Sir Michael Dormer of Ascott)
  m2. Jane Hudleston
  i. Edward Borlace or Borlase (bur 22.08.1588)
  m. _ Bury (dau of William Bury of Culnaberg and/or Hampton Poyle)
  a. Catharine Borlase (bpt 14.10.1568)
ii. William Borlace or Borlase (d 07.1608)
  m. Mary English of Flask
  m3. Parnell Baldwin (dau of Chief Justice Sir John Baldwin, she m2. Thomas Ramsay of Hitcham)
  iii. John Borlace or Borlase of Marlow, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (bur 17.05.1593)
  m. Anne Litton (bur 21.01.1621, dau/coheir of Sir Richard or Robert Litton of Knebworth)
  a. Sir William Borlase of Marlow, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (bur 10.09.1628, MP)
m. Mary Backhouse (bur 18.07.1625, dau of Nicholas Backhouse (not Buckhouse) of London)
  (1) Sir William Borlase of Marlow & Buckmer (d 15.12.1630, 2nd son)
  m. Amy or Anne (probably not Mary) Popham (bur 01.08.1661?, dau of Sir Francis Popham of Littlecot, m2. Gabriel Hippisley)
  (A) Sir John Borlase, 1st Bart of Marlow (b 21.08.1619, d 08.08.1672, Lord Justice in Ireland)
  m. (04.12.1637) Alice Bancks (dau of Sir John Bancks by Mary Hawtrey)
  (i) Sir John Borlase, 2nd Bart of Marlow (b c1640, d unm 01.02.1688/9)
  (ii) Mary Borlase
  m. Sir Humphrey Miller, 1st Bart of Oxenhoath (d 18.1709)
  (iii) Katherine Borlase
  m. John Webb (Lt. General)
  (iv) Frances Borlase
  m. Joseph Langton
  (v) Anne Borlase (bur 21.08.1703)
BEB1841 shows Anne as daughter of the 2nd Bart but Lipscomb, supported by TCB (vol 2) & TCP (Cullen), identifies her as his sister.
  m. Arthur Warren of Stapleford Hall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire
  (a) Borlase Warren of Little Marlow (bur 15.05.1747)
  BEB1841 & Lipscomb identify Borlase's wife only as Anne. This appears to be ...
  m. Anne Harpur (bur 05.04.1752, dau of Sir John Harpur, Bart)
BEB1841 omits the following John Borlase who is shown by Lipscomb. The dates support there being the additional generation. The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 5, 'Warren of Little Marlow', p183+) which notes that some sources do omit a generation.
  ((1)) John Borlase Warren (bur 10.08.1763, MP)
  m. Bridget Russell (bur 14.11.1752, dau/coheir of Gervase Russell or Rosell of Radcliffe-upon-Trent)
  ((A)) Sir John Borlase Warren, Bart of Little Marlow (b 02.09.1753, d 22/27.02.1822, Admiral, MP)
  m. (12.12.1780) Caroline Clavering (d 28.12.1839, dau of General Sir John Claverin by Diana Westg)
  ((i)) George John Borlase Warren (b 12.08.1783, dvp 08.03.1801)
  ((ii)) Frances Mary Warren (b 06.05.1784, d 17.09.1837)
m. (05.08.1802) George Charles Venables-Vernon, 4th Lord of Kinderton (b 04.12.1779, d 18.11.1835)
  ((iii)) other issue (dvpsp)
  ((B))+ other issue - Arnold (bpt 27.01.1757, d 27.08.1829, Frances (bpt 17.11.1755)
  ((2)) Ann Warren (d 28.06.1754)
  m. (18.04.1732) Charles Cokayne or Cockayne, 5th Viscount Cullen (b 02.09.1710, d 07.06.1802)
  ((3))+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 24.05.1704, bur 11.11.1768), Arnold (bpt 02.09.1705, bur 20.08.1767, 1767), Charles (d 1748, rector of Ludgershall), James (bpt 15.02.1712, a 1748, rector of Stretton Audley & Ludgershall), Catherine (bpt 20.06.1710, bur 02.1711), Dorothy (bpt 07.01.1714), Mary (bpt 05.04.1717)
(b) Anne Warren (bpt 02.11.1684, bur 17.01.1713/4)
  m. (11.07.1706) Charles Cokayne, 4th Viscount Cullen (b 04.01.1686-7, d 06.04.1716)
  (c)+ other issue - Arnold (bpt 17.10.1678), Arthur (bpt 14.11.1681), Charles (bpt 08.06.1683), James (b 1684/5, bur 03.1774), John (bpt 20.07.1690), Baldwin (bpt 15.03.1693)
(vi)+ other issue - Amie (d unm), Amy
  (B) William Borlase 'of Great Marlow' (b 15.10.1620, bur 01.11.1665, MP)
  Shown by HoP as married to ...
  m. Joan Bankes (dau of Sir John Bankes of Corfe Castle, Lord Chief Justice)
  (i) Henrietta Borlase
  m. Sir Richard Astley, Bart (d 28.02.1687)
  (ii) Anne Borlase
  m. _ Webb of Biddlestone (Lt. General)
(iii) Alicia Borlase (d 20.10.1744)
  m. (14.08.1683) John Wallop (bur 29.01.1694)
  (iv) Mary Borlase mentioned by Lipscomb but not by BEB1841
  m. (1680) Thomas Wingfield of Salop
  (C) Anne Borlase (b c1617, bur 30.01.1646)
  m. (09.02.1634) Richard Grenville of Wotton Underwood (b 08.08.1612, d 10.01.1665/6)
  (D)+ other issue - Henry, Laralia (bpt 29.06.1620, 4th son), Mary (d unm bur 27.02.1637)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Henry (bpt 29.05.1591, d unm bur 04.12.1624, MP), John (MP)
  b. Elizabeth Borlase
  m. Samuel Backhouse of Swallowfield (b c1554, d 1626)
  c. Dorothy Borlase (bpt 25.06.1564)
  m. George Typpynge of Whitfield
  d. Anne Borlase
  m. Sir Euseby Isham of Picheley and Braunston (d 11.06.1626)
  C. Walter Borlace or Borlase of Stithney had issue

Main source(s): BEB1841 ('Warren of Little Marlow'), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Burlacy or Borlace, and Borlase-Warren, of Ludgershall and Little Marlow', p309+) with just a little input/support from TCB (vol 2, 'Borlase of Bockmer', p169+ )
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