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Families covered: Bothwell in/of Edinburgh, Bothwell of Glencorse, Bothwell of Holyroodhouse, Bothwell of Pitscottie, Bothwell of Quhelpsyde

William Bothwell (d before 28.03.1515, Dean of Guild of Edinburgh)
m. Katherine
1. David Bothwell in Edinburgh (dsp)
  m. Christian Lamb (dau of Edward Lamb)
2. Richard Bothwell, Apostolic Protonotary (d 01.01.1548-9)
3. William Bothwell
  m. Marion Somerville
  A. Richard Bothwell (dsp)
  B. William Bothwell of Quhelpsyde (d 06.1575, Chamberlain of Orkney)
  m. Janet Cuninghame (d 20.4.1591)
i. William Bothwell (d 13.09.1605)
  m1. ??
  a. William Bothwell (a 06.03.1606, dsp)
  m2. Theodorite Daman (dau of Adrian Daman of Bisterfeidl)
  m3. Jane Sinclair
ii. Adam Bothwell of Pitscottie, Quhelpsyde and Glencorse (d 22.07.1634, bailie of Canongate, Edinburgh)
  m1. (mcrt 29.06.1596) Janet Hart (d 03.1617, dau of James Hart of Canongate, Edinburgh)
  a. Adam Bothwell of Pitscottie (bpt 03.07.1604, d c03.1638, 2nd son)
  m. (mcrt 05.04.1628) Katherine or Christian Sandilands (d before 21.03.1632, dau of William Sandilands of St. Monance)
  (1) Jean Bothwell (bpt 26.07.1631)
  m. (sp) James Hamilton of Colquot, Peeblesshire
(2)+ other issue - Adam (bpt 11.05.1629, d before 02.04.1645), William (d 1631)
  b. Alexander Bothwell of Glencorse (bpt 19.06.1608, d 04/5.1687)
  m. Mary Stewart (dau of Sir James Stewart of Tullois)
  (1) Alexander Bothwell of Glencorse, 'Lord Holyroodhouse' (bur 02.09.1727)
  Alexander claimed the title Lord Holyroodhouse but the claim was not accepted.
  m. (mcrt 22.11.1656) Janet Trotter (bur 19.04.1717, dau of John Trotter of Mortonhall)
(A) Henry Bothwell of Glencorse, 'Lord Holyroodhouse' (d 10.02.1735)
  Henry also claimed the title Lord Holyroodhouse but the claim was not accepted.
  m1. Mary Ramsay d 1693, (dau of Sir James Ramsay of Whitehill)
  (i) daughter (d young)
  m2. (mcrt 11.04.1694) Mary Campbell (d 04.1744, dau of Lord Neil Campbell of Ardmaddie by Vere Ker)
  (ii) Alexander Bothwell (bpt 26.05.1695, dspm)
  m. (1735) Margaret Home (dau of Charles Home, 6th Earl of Home)
  (iii) Robert Bothwell (bpt 18.03.1705, 7th son, surgeon in Edinburgh then Jamaica)
  m. Margaret Preston (dau of Sir William Preston of Gorton)
(a) Margaret Bothwell of Glencorse (d 01.04.1795)
  m. Colin Drummond (son of George, Provost of Edinburgh)
  ((1)) Margaret Drummond
  m. Andrew Drummond (son of Archibald of Bristol, cousin)
  ((A))+ issue - Archibald Bothwell of Glencorse (d 01.1809, Lt. Colonel), George
  (iv) Vere Bothwell (bpt 10.12.1700, d 04.05.1779)
  m. (26.02.1718) Francis Wauchope of Cakemuir or Cocknuir
  (v) Anne Bothwell (d 28.10.1762)
  m. John Menzies (surgeon in Perth)
  (vi) Mary Bothwell (d 1783)
  TSP reports that, according to Home Drummond's manuscript, it was Mary'ssister Anne who married John Menzies, a surgeon in Perth, but that according to Wood's Douglas it was Mary who married him. We presume that John Menzies' wife was Mary as the Menzies records shows Mary as wife of...
  m. Neil Menzies
  (vii)+ other issue - Neil (b 1696, dsp), Henry (bpt 06.07.1698, bur 28.05.1699), Archibald (bpt 24.09.1699, d unm 27.05.1756), Henry (bpt 15.03.1702, dsp), William (bpt 29.03.1704, bur 14.08.1704), Adam (bur 17.01.1713), Janet (bpt 03.03.1706, bur 29.01.1707), Henrietta (bur 080.1.1726), Lilias (bur 06.01.1730), Eleanora (d 05.11.1774)
  (B) John Bothwell (3rd son)
John married "an English lady in London ; and secondly, a lady in Edinburgh", leaving ...
  (i)+ issue - 2 sons and 1 daughter
  (C) Janet Bothwell (bpt 15.05.1659, bur 14.03.1729)
  m. (28.04.1704) William Calderwood of Pitodie
  (D)+ other issue - Alexander in Edinburgh (bpt 18.08.1661, d unm after 15.05.1692), Adam (bpt 11.11.1677, d unm), Robert in Edinburgh (bur 20.11.1701), George (bur 28.12.1676), William (bpt 10.01.1675)
  (2) James Bothwell (dsp)
  m. (25.10.1664) Margaret Johnston (dau of Sir John Johnston of Elphinston)
  (3) John Bothwell (d unm)
  (4) Margaret Bothwell
  m. Sir Robert Preston of Preston and Gorton (d before 10.02.1675)
  (5) Anna Bothwell
  m. (29.04.1676) George Purves (minister of Glencorse)
  c. Mary Bothwell (bpt 21.08.1601, a 1653)
  m. (12.02.1622) James Aikenhead (d by 1653, advocate)
  d.+ other issue - William (d before 04.03.1639), John (bpt 18.06.1611, dsp before 19.08.1634), Elizabeth (bpt 08.10.1602)
  m2. (23.12.1617) Elspeth Mowbray (d 09.1628)
4. Francis Bothwell, Provost of Edinburgh (d c12.1535, Lord of Session)
  m1. Janet Richardson (a 01.1527, dau of Patrick Richardson of Meldrumsheugh, Treasurer of Edinburgh)
A. David Bothwell
  m. Christian Marjoribanks
  i. Katherine Bothwell (d 09.01.1583-4)
  m. Alexander Sym of Edinburgh
  B. William Bothwell (d c1552, parson of Ashkirk)
  C. Margaret Bothwell (d 09.1578)
  m1. John Arthur of Edinburgh (d by 1550)
  m2. Gilbert Balfour of Westray, Sheriff of Orkney (d 08.1576)
  m2. (after 19.02.1529-30) Katherine Bellenden (dau of Sir Thomas Bellenden of Auchinoull)
D. Adam Bothwell, Bishop of Orkney (d 23.08.1593)
  m. Margaret Murray (d 09.1608, dau of John Murray of Touchadam)
  i. John Bothwell, 1st Lord of Holyroodhouse (d 26.11.1609)
  m. (mcrt 01.07.1596) Maria Carmichael (d 05.1626, dau of Sir John Carmichael of that ilk)
  a. John Bothwell, 2nd Lord of Holyroodhouse (d unm 10.20.1638)
  partner(s) unknown
  (1)+ issue - Jean (bpt 30.05.1623), Mary (bpt 27.05.1628), Isobel (bpt 16.02.1629)
  b. Anna Bothwell (d unm bur 04.1625)
  p. Alexander Erskine (son of the Earl of Mar)
  ii. Francis Bothwell of Over and Nether Stewartoun (d 24.07.1614)
  m. Margaret Couttis (dau of Allan Couttis, elder of Grange) @@ below
a. Elizabeth Bothwell
  m. George Strang, portioner of Kilrenny
  b.+ other issue (dsp?) - John (d 10.1631, Major), James (d before 06.06.1633), Adam, William (d before 12.12.1639, Captain), Arthur, George (d before 1627), Alexander (d before 1627)
  iii. Jean Bothwell (d 10.02.1625)
  m. (before 06.1593) William Sandilands of St. Monance (b c1572, d 10.1644)
  iv.+ other issue - James (d before 10.10.1611), George (Captain), William (dsp before 18.01.1609), Adam (d 05.05.1620), Helenor (d unm)
  E. Janet Bothwell (d 20.12.1563)
  m. (before 17.01.1548-9) Archibald Napier of Merchiston (b c1534, d 15.05.1608)
  F. Isobel Bothwell
  m. Allan Couttis of Grange
  i. Allan Couttis of Grange
  ii. Margaret Couttis
  m. Francis Bothwell of Over and Nether Stewartoun (d 24.07.1614) @@ above

Main source(s): TSP (vol 4, Bothwell of Holyroodhouse)
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