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Families covered: De Bouverie of Delapré Abbey, Bouverie of Falmouth, (Pleydell-)Bouverie of Radnor

According to BP1934, the first member of this family to settle in England, being a younger son of the Sieur des Bouveries of Chateau des Bouveries near Lille in Flanders, was ...
Laurence Des Bouveries (b 1542, a 1568)
m. Barbara Van den Hove
1. ?? Des Bouveries
  A. Sir Edward Des Bouveries (d 1694)
  i. Sir William Des Bouveries, 1st Bart (d 19.05.1717)
  m1. (sps) Mary Edwards (dau of James Edwards of London)
  m2. Anne Urry (d 05.06.1739, dau of David Urry of London)
a. Sir Edward de Bouverie, 2nd Bart (dsp 1736)
  m. Mary Smith (dau of John Smith of London)
  b. Sir Jacob de Bouverie of Longford, 3rd Bart, 1st Viscount Folkestone (bpt 14.10.1694, d 17.02.1761)
  The following is partly supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 1, 1800, 'Pedigree of Clarke of Tilton', p468).
  m1. (31.01.1723) Mary Clarke (b c1701, d 16.11.1739, dau of Bartholomew Clarke of Hardingstone and Delapré Abbey)
  (1) William de Bouverie, 1st Earl of Radnor (b 26.02.1725, d 28.01.1776)
  m1. (14/8.01.1747-8) Harriet Pleydell (d 29.05.1750, dau of Sir Mark Stuart Pleydell, Bart of Coleshill)
  (A) Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 2nd Earl of Radnor (b 04.03.1750, d 27.01.1828)
  m. (24.01.1777) Ann Duncombe (b 10.06.1759, d 14.10.1829, dau of Anthony Duncombe, Lord Feversham)
  (i) William Pleydell-Bouverie, 3rd Earl of Radnor (b 11.05.1779, d 09.04.1869) had issue
  m1. (02.10.1800/1) Catherine Clinton (b 06.04.1776, d 17.05.1804, dau of Henry Clinton, Earl of Lincoln)
m2. (24.05.1814) Anne Judith St. John-Mildmay (b 02.04.1790, d 27.04.1851, dau of Sir Henry St. John-Mildmay, 3rd Bart)
  (ii) Duncombe Pleydell Bouverie (b 28.06.1780, d 05.11.1850, Vice Admiral) had issue
  m. (27.12.1809) Louisa May (d 06.06.1852, dau of Joseph May of Hale House)
  (iii) Frederick Pleydell Bouverie (b 16.11.1785, d 06.06.1857, canon of Salisbury, 4th son) had issue
  m. (01.02.1814) Elizabeth Sullivan (d 02.07.1846, dau of Sir Richard J. Sullivan, Bart)
  (iv) Philip Pleydell Bouverie (b 21.10.1788, d 27.05.1872) had issue
  m. (07.11.1811) Maria A'Court (d 27.11.1862, dau of Sir William Pierce Ash A'Court)
(v)+ other issue - Lawrence (b 06.08.1781, d unm 23.11.1811), Mary Anne (b 23.04.1778, d 1790), Hareiwr (b 02.09.1782, d 01.12.1794), Barbara (b 17.10.1783, d 1798)
  m2. (05.09.1751) Rebecca Alleyne (b 11.10.1725, d 04.05.1764, dau of John Alleyne of Barbados)
  (B) William Henry Bouverie (b 30.10.1752, d 1806)
  m. (16.08.1777) Bridget Douglas (b 03.05.1758, d 26.02.1842, dau of James Douglas, 15th Earl of Morton)
  (i) Charles Henry Bouverie (b 1782, d 27.05.1836)
  (ii) Elizabeth Bouverie (dsp 07.07.1859)
  m. (04.05.1814) George Hay Dawkins Pennant of Penrhyn Castle (d 17.12.1840)
(iii) Maria Rebecca Bouverie (b 10.1783, d 06.10.1844)
  m. (03.10.1808) Sir William A'Court, 1st Lord of Heytesbury, Viceroy of Ireland (b 11.07.1779, d 31.05.1860)
(C) Barthlolmew Bouverie (b 29.10.1753, d 31.05.1835)
  m. (09.03.1779) Mary Wyndham Arundel (d 22.02.1832, dau of Hon. James Edward Arundel)
  (i) Henry James Bouverie (b 1781, d 1832)
  (ii) Edward Bouverie (b 15.08.1783, d 22.07.1874, chaplain to Queen Victoria) had issue
  m. (20.11.1811) Frances Charlotte Courtenay (b 07.09.1791, d 29.03.1854, dau of Henry Reginald Courtenay, Bishop of Exeter)
  (iii) William Arundell Bouverie (b 06.02.1797, dsp 23.08.1877, archdeacon of Norfolk)
  m. (08.02.1831) Fanny Sneyd (d 05.03.1884, dau of Walter Sneyd of Keele)
  (iv) Charlotte Bouverie (b 02.12.1788, d 05.08.1810)
  m. (07.08.1809) Sir Henry St.John-Mildmay, 4th Bart (b 15.04.1787, d 17.01.1848)
(v) Harriet Bouverie (b 14.10.1790, d 09.12.1834)
  m1. (20.05.1808, div 1815) Archibald John Primrose, 4th Earl of Rosebery (b 14.10.1783, d 04.03.1868)
  m2. (1815) Sir Henry St.John-Mildmay, 4th Bart (b 15.04.1787, d 17.01.1848)
  (vi) Anna Maria Wyndham Bouverie (d 11.12.1864)
  m. (12.03.1813) Paul St.John-Mildmay of Hazelgrove (d 19.05.1845)
  (D) Edward Bouverie (b 20.09.1760, d 30.12.1824)
  m1. (24.05.1782) Catherine Murray (b 1765, dsp 07.07.1783, dau of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore)
  m2. (20.12.1785) Arabella Ogle (d 29.10.1855, dau of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Bart)
(i) son (dvp)
  m3. (22.07.1765) Anne Hales (b 24.06.1736, d 18.06.1795, dau of Sir Thomas Hales, 3rd Bart)
  (E)+ 2 daughters (d infant)
  (2) Edward de Bouverie of Delapré Abbey & Hardingstone (d 03.09.1810, ambassador, 5th son)
  m. (30.06.1764) Harriot Fawkener (dau of Sir Edward Fawkener)
  (A) Edward de Bouverie of Delapré Abbey (b 25.10.1767, d 14.04.1858)
  m. (10.03.1788) Catherine Castle (d 29.04.1846, dau of William Castle)
  (i) Edward William de Bouverie of Delapré Abbey (b 13.10.1789, dsp 18.11.1871, General)
  m. (03.04.1816) Charlotte O'Donel (d 27.09.1874, dau of Col. Hugh O'Donel of Newport Pratt)
  (ii) Francis Kenelm de Bouverie (b 07.08.1797, d 19.09.1837) had issue
  m. (02.11.1826) Elizabeth Sheil (dau of Henry Sheil of Castle Dawson)
(iii) James de Bouverie (b 21.04.1801, dsp 03.1845, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (11.07.1826) Elizabeth Alston Stewart (d 21.01.1874, dau of Major James Alston Stewart of Urrard House)
  (iv)+ other issue - Charles (d unm 1817), Catherine Mary Charlotte (d unm 31.03.1871), Elizabeth Anne, Caroline Margaret (d unm 26.12.1870)
  (B) Sir Henry Frederick de Bouverie, Governor of Malta (b 11.07.1783, d 14.11.1852, Lt. General) had issue
  m. (08.07.1826) Julia Montolieu (d 23.06.1836, dau of Lewis Montolieu)
  (C) Harriet Elizabeth de Bouverie (b 1771, d 08.08.1810)
  m. (04.11.1789/90) James St.Clair-Erskine, 2nd Earl of Rosslyn (b 06.02.1762, d 18.01.1837)
  (D) Mary Charlotte de Bouverie (d 1816)
  m. (1800) William Maxwell of Carriden
  (E) Jane de Bouverie (d 13/5.04.1805)
  m. (16.01.1802) Sir Francis Vincent, Bart (d 18.01.1809)
(F) Diana Juliana de Bouverie
  m. (1812) Hon. George Ponsonby of Woodbeding (d 05.06.1863)
  (G)+ other issue - John (b 13.01.1779, d 09.06.1855, prebendary of Lincoln), Frances Anne (d unm)
  (3) Mary de Bouverie (b 1726, d 12.11.1804)
  m. (20.03.1759) Anthony Ashley Cooper, 4th Earl of Shaftesbury (b 09.02.1710-1, d 27.05.1771)
  (4) Anne de Bouverie (b 1729)
  m. (03.01.1761) Hon. Rev. George Talbot
  (5) Charlotte de Bouverie (b 1732)
  m. John Grant of White Waltham
  (6) Harriot or Henrietta de Bouverie (b 1736)
  m. (sp) Sir James Tilney-Long, Bart (d 13.11.1777)
  (7)+ other issue - Jacob (b 1727, d 1731), Bartholomew (b 1728, d 1741), Edward (b 1744, d infant), Henrietta (b 1731, d infant?)
  m2. (17/21.04.1741) Elizabeth Marsham (b 15.08.1711, d 25.09.1782, dau of Robert Marsham, 1st Lord Romney)
  (11) Jacob de Bouverie (b 1742, d 1745)
(12) Philip de Bouverie, later Bouverie-Pusey (b 08.10.1746, d 14.04.1828)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Pusey of Pusey'). Philip inherited Pusey from (the sister of) his uncle-by-marriage (see below).
  m. (20.08.1798) Lucy Sherard (d 27.03.1858, dau of Robert Sherard, 4th Earl of Harborough)
  (A) Philip Bouverie-Pusey of Pusey (b 25.06.1799, d 09.07.1855) had issue
  m. (04.10.1822) Emily Frances Theresa Herbert (d 16.11.1854, dau of Henry George Herbert, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon)
  (B) Edward Bouverie-Pusey (b 22.08.1800, d 16.09.1882, canon of Christ Church) had issue
  m. (12.06.1828) Maria Catherine Barker (d 26.05.1839, dau of John Raymond Barker of Fairford Park)
(C) William Bouverie-Pusey (b 14.05.1810, d 19.04.1888, rector of Langley) had issue
  m. (07.06.1836) Catherine Freeman (d 08.11.1873, dau of Thomas Freeman)
  (D) Elizabeth Bouverie-Pusey (d 23.03.1883)
  m. (14.10.1827) James H. Montagu Luxmore (d 1860)
  (E) Charlotte Bouverie-Pusey (b c1807, d 02.07.1883)
m. (25.06.1839) Richard Lynch Cotton (d 08.12.1880, provost of Worcester College, Oxford)
  c. daughter probably the member of the family who married ...
  m. John Allen, later Allen-Pusey of Pusey (dsp)
  d.+ other issue - 1 son (d by 1736) and 1 daughter
  The following comes from BEB1841 (Boteler of Teston).
  ii. Sir Christopher Desbouverie or Bouverie of Chart Sutton or Cheshunt
  a. Anne Bouverie
  m. John Hervey
  b. Elizabeth Bouverie
  iii. Anne Desbouverie
  m. (1690) Sir Philip Boteler, 3rd Bart of Teston (d 04.1719)
BLG1886 (Du Cane of Braxted) & Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878, Du Cane) refer to Elizabeth, dau of Laurence Desbouverie of Sandwich, Kent, with BLG1886 cross-referring to Burke's Peerage, "Radnor, E.". Accordingly, we presume that a daughter of the above Laurence was ...
2. Elizabeth Desbouverie
  m. Elias Maurois of Canterbury
  A. Jane Maurois (b c1606, d 05.03.1672)
  m. (07.07.1636) Peter Du Quesne or Du Cane of London
  B. daughter (sister of Jane)
  m. Philip Delme

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Radnor') with input/support as reported above
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