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Families covered: Bowles of Bristol, Bowles of Salisbury, Bowles of Shaftesbury

'Wilts' identifies the arms of the following family as "Azure, in chief a sun Argent, in Base a crescent Or".
John Bowles of Bristol (a 1460)
m. Alice Daungers (dau/coheir of William Daungers of Maide Bradley, widow of Walter Hornby)
1. William Bowles of Bristol
  m. _ Anketil or Antetile
  A. William Bowles of Hull House
  m. _ Price of Wales
  i. Sir Rowland Bowles of Burcombe, Wiltshire
  m. _ Hetherstone
  a. John Bowles of Burcombe
  m1. Elizabeth Chandler (dau/heir of John Chandler of Heale)
(1) Elizabeth Bowles
  m. Walter Curle, Bishop of Winchester
  m2. Jane Tutt (dau of Sir Alexander Tutt of Idmiston by Milicent, dau of Sir George Burley)
  (2) John Bowles 'of Shaftesbury' (b 26.03.1622, bur 1696)
  m. Bridget
  (A) Elizabeth Bowles
  m. William Clarke of Sandford
(B) Jane Bowles
  m. James Deane of Oxenwood
  (i) John Deane (bpt 01.02.1683)
  (3) William Bowles, later of Salisbury (b 16.09.1624, d 1717)
  Other than to identify him as 2nd son of John Bowles of Burcombe, Baker starts with this William and follows his line.
  m. Ann Davies (d 1717, dau/coheir of Matthew Davies or Davys of Chicksgrove & Shaftesbury, niece of Sir John Davies (Attorney General in Ireland))
(A) John Bowles of Shaftesbury (b c1649, dvp before 05.12.1700, MP)
  Baker, supported by 'Wilts', identifies John's wife as Catherine (d 1705, dau of John Clarke). However, HoP ("John Bowles") shows that he married ...
  m. (c12.1675) Katherine Joyliffe (dau/heir of George Joyliffe of Garlick Hill, London)
  Baker identifies John as ancestor of the Bowles of Heale, Wiltshire, but does not follow his line. HoP reports that he had 3 sons + 1 daughter. 'Wilts' provides the following.
  (i) Robert Bowles of Salisbury, later of Heale House (bur 1745, younger son?)
m. (11.06.1714) Anne Daniel (bur 1742, dau of Nicholas Daniel) @@ below
  (a) William Bowles (b 1716, d 1788, Canon of Salisbury)
  m. Magdalen Wake (d 1812, sister of Rev. Charles Wake of Knoyle)
  ((1)) William Bowles, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 1755, d 1826)
  m. (08.1779) Dinah Frankland (d 1795, dau of Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart)
  ((A)) William Bowles (b 1780, a 1832, Captain (later Vice Admiral) RN)
  m. (09.08.1820) Frances Temple (d 1838, dau of Henry, 2nd Viscount Palmerston)
  ((B)) Anne Bowles
  m. (08.1809) Richard Fowler (MD)
((C))+ other issue - George (b 1787, Colonel), Thomas Henry (b 1492, of the Temple), Lucy (b 1782, d unm), Charlotte (b 1784, d unm), Harriet (b 1785, d unm), Amelia (b 1790), Augusta (b 1793)
  ((2)) Mary Anne Bowles (b 1749, d 1816)
  m. John Wyndham (d 1816)
  (b) Anne Bowles (d unm?)
  (c) Lucy Bowles (d 1759)
  m. Simon Polhill
  (ii) Catharine Bowles (d 1773)
  m. John Clarke (cousin)
  (iii)+ other issue (d unm) - Edward (d 1713), William, Alexander, Matthew, Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, Milicent, Mary (d 1749)
  (B) William Bowles (b 1652, dsp bur 1735)
m. Alice Hewes (bur 1730, dau of William Hewes, widow of _ King)
  (C) Matthew Bowles of Corfe Castle, Dorset (b 23.09.1653, d 1742, rector of Donhead St. Andrew)
  The following comes from Baker and 'Wilts' (vol 4 (1829), p37/322).
  m. Anne Thomas (d 1742 or bur 1737, dau of Walter Thomas of Lockerley)
  (i) Thomas Bowles (b 1694, bur 13.08.1773, vicar of Brackley, rector of Llanwifen)
  m. (06.07.1727) Elizabeth Lisle (bur 14.08.1762, dau of William Lisle of Evenley)
  (a) William Thomas Bowles (b 1736, d 1786, Rector of Uphill, Brean, & Barton Hill)
  m. (20.09.1760) Bridget Grey (d 1797, dau/coheir of Rev. Richard Grey of Hinton, Archdeacon of Bedford)
  ((1)) William Lisle Bowles (bpt 25.09.1762, a 1826, Canon of Salisbury, Vicar of Bremhill)
  m. Magdalen Wake (a 1826, dau of Rev. Charles Wake of Knoyle)
  ((2) Henry Bowles (bpt 05.04.1765, d 1804, "Physician to the Army")
  m. Penelope Ogden (dau of Richard Ogden)
  ((3)) Charles Bowles (bpt 07.05.1766, a1826, Recorder of Shaftesbury)
  m1. Henrietta Holloway (d 1795, dau of Richard Holloway of Winchester)
  ((A)) Margaret Amy Bowles (b 1793, a 1826)
  m2. Jane Shipley
  ((4)) Frances Bowles (bpt 22.06.1761, a 1826, dsp?)
  m. Edward Lambert (d 1818, Rector of Freshford)
  ((5)) Margaret Charlotte Elizabeth Bowles (b 1761, d 1807)
  m. Rev. Christopher Erle or Ede of Turnworth (d 1817)
  ((6)) Amy Bowles (b 1769)
  m1. Peregrine Bingham (d 1826-7, Rector)
  m2. Sir Richard Williams (of Portsmouth?)
  ((7)) Sarah Bowles (b 1772/4, a 1826 (d 1805?))
  m. William Burlton of Wyken Hall
  ((8))+ other issue (d unm) - Lucy (bpt 03.03.1764, bur 27.03.1764), Mary (bpt 05.04.1765, d 1774)
  (b) Barbara Lisle Bowles (b 1728, d 1782)
  m. Charles Wray of Fleet Street (d 792)
  (c) Elizabeth Bowles (b 1730)
  m. Just Alt (Rector of Mixbury, Oxfordshire)
  (d) Catharine Bowles (b 1733/bpt 23.11.1733)
  m. (27.06.1763) John Philips (Rector of Alford, Somerset)
  (e) Anne Bowles (bpt 10.08.1738, bur 06.08.1807)
  m. William Johnston (d 1816)
  (ii) Charles Bowles (b 1711, d 1768, Rector of Ditton)
  m. (sp) Catherine Weekley of West Mulling
  (iii) Anne Bowles (b 1701 (or 1707), dsp 1767)
  m. (11.1747) William Nairne (d 1767, Minister of Poole)
  (iv) Amy Bowles (b 1704, dsp 1788)
  m. Isaac Lester of Poole
  (v) Margaret Bowles (b 1706, dsp 1789)
  m1. Samuel Bowles of Poole
  m2. Rev. Thomas Coker of Mapowder
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 1694/6, d 1781, rector of Donhead St. Andrew), Matthew of Shaftesbury (b 1697, d 1768/*dsp 1765), Henry (b 1699, d 1765), MD
  (D) Henry Bowles (d 1700, Rector of Fontmell)
  m. Mary
  (i) William Bowles of Salisbury
m. Jane Baker (d 1735, dau of John Baker)
  (a) William Bowles of Church Oakley (cleric)
  m. Anne Hearst (dau of William Hearst)
  ((1)) William Bowles of Ashland, near Fareham (d 1824)
  m. _ Mosely of Portsmouth
  ((A)) Mary Bowles
  m. Thomas Minchin ## see here ##
((2)) Jenny Bowles of Salisbury
  (E) Anne Bowles (b 1651, dsp 1677))
  m. (24.04.1671) Robert Clarke (Rector of Burford)
  (F) Elizabeth Bowles
  m. T. Nicholls of Shaftesbury
  (G) Lucy Bowles
  m. Nicholas Daniel of Dinton
  (i) Anne Daniel (bur 1742)
  m. (11.06.1714) Robert Bowles of Salisbury then Heale House (bur 1745) @@ above
  (H)+ other issue (d unm) - Mervin, Mary, Jame, Milicent, Catharine, Honour
  (4)+ other issue - Alexander (b 10.10.1625),,m Henry (b 09.1629, d unm 1697), Elizabeth (b 06.10.1623), Jane (b 04.05.1627)
  b. Mary Bowles
  m. H. Hussey of Ebbesbourne

Main source(s): 'Wilts' (vol 4 (1829), 'Pedigree of Bowles and Davies', p36/321), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Lisle and Bowles of Brackley and Evenley', p612)
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